17 December 2017


Christmas is only a matter of days away and I'm secretly crying in a corner at the thought of going last minute Christmas shopping because I have bought the square root of fuck all for 90% of the family (pray for me).

Despite the fact I clearly suck at adulting I have compiled a list of gift ideas for kids to help any last minute shoppers like myself. Please tell me I'm not alone!?

Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls

This book is my absolute favourite book I have ever bought for Eloise. It is absolutely filled with fabulous women who have achieved fabulous things throughout history, breaking the stereotype and empowering little girls everywhere.

This is an absolute must have for girls and boys alike, many a night I find Eloise curled up in bed reading the extraordinary tales about these amazing women. I cannot stress how much I love this book!

Wheely Bright Bike Wheel Lights

Who doesn't want cool lights on their bikes?! These LED wheel lights from JML attach to the wheels, obviously, and create the most cool effects that kids will be sure to love whilst creating a safer riding experience, especially as it gets dark so early in the winter! A win win really; a cool present and safety all in one!


This is pretty much the holy grail of kids games, Eloise is obsessed. It has endless creative, world building opportunities which can be made younger kid friendly by playing in creative mode, erasing combat with creepers and skeletons or peaceful mode which eradicates any enemies.

The Children's Meditations In My Heart 

This book by Gitte Winter Graugaard is so lovely and has helped children all over the world get to sleep. Originally published in Danish, this book is all about love, strengthening your child's sense of belonging and self-love. It has some great messages for children as well as ones they can carry into adulthood.

toucanBox Subscription

toucanBox is a postal craft subscription box that is delivered to your child straight through the letter box! There are various subscription types where you can choose the size and frequency of your child's boxes making it suitable for larger families and childminders too!

Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway and review soon!

My Golden Ticket - Wonderbly

This book is perfect for little Roald Dahl lovers! The illustrations are beautiful throughout and the entire book is personalised with your child's name putting them at the heart of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! A must have for any Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fans!

I wrote a more detailed review earlier in the month, click here if you fancy a gander!


A warm hug shaped like a cute animal? What more could you want? These little character microwave wheat bags are prefect for chilly evenings and for snuggling on the sofa watching Christmas films after a lovely big family dinner. They also have a velcro band making them super easy for the younger ones to keep in place!

Disney's Play That Tune

Disney? Check. Loud instruments? Check? Loooads of fun? Check. This game is guaranteed to be loved, what kid doesn't want a game that involves kazoos? Plus, no Christmas is complete without that little touch of Disney, am I right?

Merry Christmas to you and yours!



* This post contains PR samples

16 December 2017


I was sent these stunning bunch from Prestige Flowers and I swooned a little as I opened the box. Every girl loves having flowers delivered, am I right? The novelty isn't lost on me and I was absolutely thrilled to see such a gloriously festive bouquet inside!

If you follow my blog you'll have probably guessed that I absolutely love flowers. Flowers in my house, flowers in my photos, I even named my second child after flowers. My dream is to own a little florist by the sea side and I always have a bunch of fresh flowers in the house if I can help it. I have been on the look out for some Christmas themed bouquets for a while and this one is by far the most beautiful arrangement I have seen!

I have had many an online bouquet and one thing I have noticed about online flower deliveries over the years is that they are very hit and miss, normally with boxed flowers there will always be one or two knocked flowers heads or the blooms will be mostly fully open meaning they last very little time at all. With these beauties there was absolutely no damage to the blooms, all heads were in place and the lovely vase they came with was intact (although I think this particular bouquet would be more suited to a fish bowl style vase as it was so large that I struggled a bit to fit them in!). The flowers were beautiful but not in full bloom meaning you get more bang for your buck and more time to appreciate their beauty.

This stunning bouquet is filled with the most beautiful Grand Prix Roses, Hipericum and Roselillies, which are not only beautiful and longer lasting but they are also pollen free meaning they are safe around pets.

Prestige Flowers have a magnificent range of winter flowers at the moment ranging from stunning bouquets of Lillies, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Tulips, Gerberas to festive touches such as warming cinnamon sticks, pine cones and beautiful Christmas stars which add such a wonderful Christmassy vibe!

If you would rather have a longer lasting bloom then you have the options of some really gorgeous potted plants including Hyacinths, Orchids, Cyclamen (which are a huge favourite of mine and absolutely lovely this time of year) and many other beautiful blossoms.

Other options over the festive period are wreaths which are bloody marvellous and would look amazing as a centrepiece for your Christmas table.

With the option for next day delivery including Sunday deliveries, with Prestige Flowers you really can't go wrong!

I have used some of these beauties in my blog photography, if you want to see these in action they feature in the following blog posts:

Toddler Christmas Gift Guide 2017

November 2017 Favourites

*I received this bouquet for free in exchange for an honest review

15 December 2017


With Christmas just around the corner, if like me, you have the sudden realisation that you have bought next to sod all for anyone and are planning a panic buying session pretty soon then here is some inspiration for the littlest of family members AKA toddlers.

Grimms Mushrooms

Little stacking and sorting mushrooms made out of beautifully crafted wood and coloured with maple wood and non toxic water based colour stain. These are the pastel version although they are available in bright rainbow colours instead. I absolutely adore these little things!

Organix Goodies Selection Box

This Organix Christmas Selection Box puts a healthy twist on to your regular chocolate ones making it the perfect choice for younger children who can't finish an entire Cadbury's selection box before Christmas dinner (which means more chocolate for you). Inside you get various different Organix treats including their gingerbread men and soft oaty bars.

Grimms Rainbow 

We got Lily this beautiful wooden rainbow for her first birthday and it has been very much loved ever since. There are endless different play prompts for this wonderful toy which sets the little ones up for hours of fun. The quality of the craftsmanship is amazing and it's definitely one to pass down the generations.

Child's Farm Gift Set

Everyone loves smellies for Christmas don't they? Or at least I do! As a child I always got some bubble bath or shower gel and I would love it. These bits from Childs Farm are wonderful as ever, we have had many a product from them and all hard been equally as amazing and have been fantastic for my two who have sensitive, eczema prone skin.


This little bike has become Lily's absolute favourite thing ever since we were sent one to review back in October. She plays with in every single day, gives various toys rides and she just gets so much joy out of playing with it! I posted a full review and demo video last month, click here to check that out!

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name by Wonderbly

This book is absolutely bloody gorgeous! It's personalised throughout with a character designed to look just like your little one along with a personalised dedication and name. This is definitely one to be treasured and would make a fabulous first Christmas gift! I have written a full review here.

OXO Tot Feeding Set 

This set from OXO Tot would be a brilliant practical present for a toddler because lets face it, the littlest humans couldn't give a toss about toys and will probably be playing with the boxes anyway.

The plates feature raised sides and non slip bottoms for less spillages and mess because I think we all know how messy kids can be. The cutlery also has non slip, curved handles which makes it easier for little ones to grab on to.


Books are always a winner and there is nothing like opening a great book on Christmas Day! These are my personal favourite Christmas themed books this year:

One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth

Angels Great Escape by Kirstie Rowson

Stick Man by Julia Donaldson

Merry Christmas to you and yours!



*This post contains gifted items. Opinions are, as always, my own.

14 December 2017


Better late than never right? I've moved house so have been without wifi for nearly two weeks and my blog has taken a back seat because Blogger has quite frankly, shitty apps. There are literally none that are any good and either don't let you upload photos or are just generally a pile of crap to be completely honest! Anyway, here are my monthly favourites from November...In the middle of December! Haha! 

Can we also take a moment to appreciate how beautiful these roses from Prestige Flowers are? I love a good bouquet! 

Glade Cheerful Spirits

This is basically Christmas in an aerosol can, it smells AMAZING and so festive it almost hurts. We actually bought a few of these last year because it's such a nice scent so I have a couple of these knocking about still. I don't normally like fruity scents all that much but this is more festive than it is fruit which is perfect for this time of year.

Chirp Softnest Hair Mask

Actual holy grail hair mask! This not only smells amazing it leaves my hair feeling and looking the best it ever has in its whole life. The plethora of nourishing oils have the most beautiful citrus scent and it smells like a spa on your head. I bloody love this so much!

Badedas Bath Gelee

I posted about the Badedas 3 in 1 in last months favourites and it's remained firm favourite of mine! There is something about the smell that has me hooked, it's so fresh and unique! I find myself just standing there sniffing it in the bathroom like a weirdo. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy

This bottle is a limited edition from years ago and I probably should have thrown it out (does perfume have an expiry date?) either way it still smells just as beautiful as it did when I first bought it! My perfumes have sat in my drawer for the longest time now but I recently cracked them all out and have been loving all of my old favourites! This is a lovely floral, almost vintage scent. Quite heavy but beautiful and long lasting, plus the bottle is bloody gorgeous. 

Child's Farm Strawberry & Wild Mint Shampoo & Conditioner

This little combo smells amazing, Eloise has ridiculously long, difficult to manage hair so we have to be quite careful with what we use in order to stop it ending up completely matted by the morning. These smell like strawberries with a very subtle hint of mint, not enough for you to be able to detect it (which I love because I kind of hate mint) but enough to make the strawberry scent unique.

Mitchum Shower Fresh

This is a bit of a boring one, deodorant isn't that fun is it? I used to steer away from Mitchum because the packaging is a bit boring and I had only ever tried the unscented version which was a bit sucky because I like my body stuff super scented. This was on offer a while back so I thought I'd give it a go and it is now by far my favourite roll on, ever, and it's been my go to for months now so I figured it should at least get a look in this month. It smells like parma violets which makes me love it even more!



*This post contains gifted items. All opinions are as always, my own.
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