25 January 2012

Lancôme Juicy Tubes

Left to right- Fraise, Lychee, Pamplemousse, Marshmallow Electro

I bought this little set of glosses in the House of Fraser sale for £12 down from £18. I have wanted to try Lancôme Juicy Tubes for a while now but could never settle on a shade so this set was perfect for me to try before buying a full sized tube.

They are lovely thick glosses with glitter particles in each shade. Although they look quite pigmented just looking at them through the packaging they are actually incredibly sheer and so subtle that it's hardly noticable. This particular set includes a 7ml tube of Marshmallow Electro, Pamplemousse, Lychee and Fraise although annoyingly the individual tubes dont actually tell you which shade is which so if, like me you need to know the shade you have to refer back to the box it came in or look at internet swatches.

Left to right- Marshmallow Electro, Pamplemousse, Lychee, Fraise

As you can tell from my swatches, there is very little difference when actually applied to the lip compared to on the back of my hand. If you compare Marshmallow Electro and Fraise you can sort of see a tiny difference I suppose but not enough to write home about. Despite this I like them all and to me, it just makes chosing which full sized tube to get much easier. 
The texture is quite thick and sticky and is one of those glosses that makes me feel like I need to pout when im wearing it because of the thickness of it. If you get what I mean? They are a little waterprooof (those swatches took so washing off!) and really hydrating which is great as some glosses dry my lips out like no end.

On to the scent! They all smell pretty nice! I think I prefer Pamplemousse which smells a bit like oranges and Fraise which smells a bit like strawberries which a hit of satsumas to me. Lychee smells like raspberries rather than Lychees and Marshmallow Electro smells like, yep! You guessed it! Marshmallows. All of the scents smell pretty natural and don't have that horrible artificial, overly sweet smell which is a massive bonus to me because I hate artificially smelling lip gloss. They all taste of fruits too which is nice but kind of annoying if you're eating something that fruity marshmallow doesnt compliment. 

I really like this lip gloss and will be purchasing the full sized version in Pamplemousse which this mini one runs out. 

Have you tried Lancôme Juicy Tubes? What did you think? What's you're favourite shade?


23 January 2012

Revlon Matte Lipstick

Left to right- Pink About I, Pink Pout, Nude Attitude

These little lipsticks from Revlon I've had for quite a while now (a few years). Infact, Pink About It has been discontinued I've had them that long but you can still pick it up on the internet here and there.

They're Matte shades which give a lovely suede highly pigmented finish whilst still being soft and creamy in texture.

Left to right- Pink About It, Pink Pout, Nude Attitude
Pink About It - This is a lovely pinky red shade with a slight coral look to it. This is my favourite shade out of the three which is typical because it's discontinuted! It's a perfect lipstick for those who want a slightly less bright, red lipstick.

Pink Pout - This is a nudey baby pink shade, quite similar to MAC Hue.

Nude Attitude - This is a peachy nude shade which is a bit too orangey for my skin tone but would suit someone with slightly darker skin i.e not milk bottle white. Quite similar to MAC Myth in colour.

Left to right- Nude Attitude, Pink Pout, Pink About It
With these, like any matte lipstick you need flawless lips, any sort of chapped skin will show through and make them look worse than they are so exfoliating before applying is a must. I use LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub and would highly reccomend it. You could also use a toothbrush or homemade sugar scrub if you dont have a lip scrub.

They are incredibly easy to apply and glide on with very little effort, they are highly pigmented which makes getting an even finish a breeze. I love applying these lipsticks because it actually feels like you're applying velvet to your lips which is just lovely!

Have you tried Revlon Matte Lipsticks before? What do you think?

15 January 2012

Review // LUSH : Ultra Bland Cleanser

This has got to be one of the best things I've bought from LUSH and I have a slight massive addiction for all things LUSH, so that's deifinitely saying something! I've had this small pot now for a few months and due to running out of make-up wipes I started using it more and I'm so glad I did! This has got to be one fo the best make up removers I've used in a long time!

LUSH say it's "A rich, soft, oily cleansing cream that cares gently for all skin types" and they're spot on. I must admit though, I was a bit weary of putting something oily on my face as I have combination/sensitive skin but all my worries disappeared after using it!

You're instructed to use your fingers to apply a layer to your face, the main ingredients (Almond oil and Beeswax) bind to the grease and dirt on your face which you then gently wipe it off using cotton wool soaked in warm water and voilà! Beautifully clean face as soft as a babys bum! It also contains Rose water and rose absolute which help balance and clam the skin, honey which soothes, moisturises and works as an antiseptic. For full ingredients see here. I also rubbed it on my eyes to remover my mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and opened my eyes and waited for the stinging to start but nothing! I always have a problem with removing my eye make-up because everything I've tried to date stings so badly but not even a hint with this so worth it if you suffer for sensitive eyes!

It has a very thick, oily texture which is a pale yellow colour and has rather a strange scent which to me, smells a bit like off honey. I'm not overly keen on the smell at all but it's definitely worth putting up with for a few minutes. The small 45g pot is £6.45 and £10.25 for the 100g but if you go into your local LUSH they will give you a sample to try if you don't want to commit to buying straight away. I will definitely be re buying when I run out!

Gee x


12 January 2012

Review: Mascara Showdown!

Today I'm going to be sharing my review of my two favourite mascaras: Chanel Sublime De Chanel and Lancôme Hypnôse Drama. I've been mentally comparing these two mascaras for a couple of weeks now as I still don't feel i've found "the one" yet, I'm terrible at decision making at the best of times but here we are!

I have been using Chanel Sublime De Chanel for a while now and compared to the highstreet brands I have used in the past this came out top...Until I was persuaded to buy Hypnôse Drama by Lancôme. 
Out of the two I prefer Chanel's design in terms of aesthetic qualitys and Lancôme's in terms of ease of application, I find the squared shape of the Chanel mascara makes it a little more difficult to apply although this is a tiny critisism but a critisism none the less. The actual wands themselves are very different, Sublime De Chanel has a straight plastic applicator which can sometimes leave my lash line feel a little sore if I'm not really careful when applying as it is quite hard and spikey.

Lancôme's wand is made of classic bristles as opposed to plastic which is a lot more comfortable to apply, the brush itself is slightly curved which gives rather a good amount of oompf in regards to curling the lashes.

The consistency of both mascaras is pretty similar and both colours are nearly matching with Lancôme Hypnôse Drama coming up perhaps a tiny bit darker.

 Right: Chanel Sublime De Chanel Left: Lancôme Hypnôse Drama

Chanel Sublime De Chanel:

 Right: No Mascara Left: One coat of Sublime De Chanel

Lancôme Hypnôse Drama:

  Right: No Mascara Left: One coat of Hypnôse Drama

The Chanel gives me thicker, fuller looking lashes but the curl lasts literally 2 or 3 minutes before it starts flopping down and losing it's hold. The Lancôme holds a lot better in terms of curl even after a couple more coats to give me fuller looking more volumous lashes although my only niggle is the smell which takes a bit of time to get used to after using Chanel Sublime De Chanel which has no scent whatsoever.

Both of these are luxury mascaras so come with a hefty price tag with Chanel Sublime De Chanel coming in at £23 and Lancôme Hypnôse Drama £20.50 but both with their pros and cons are worth it in my opinion.

9 January 2012

It's a Bit Windy Here...

The last few days have been long as we've had to say goodbye to our oldest dog who we've had since I was 7. He was an amazing dog and I hope that he is in a better place now, he will be forever missed.

It's rather windy here in England so taking photographs of what I wore today was quite challengng with 20mph winds and a toddler in tow! I was very glad to be wearing that coat though I an tell you!

Coat- Zara // Leggings- Jack Wills // Ring and scarf- H&M // Wellingtons- Hunter 

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