28 February 2012

Review: LUSH Rocketeer

"Rocketeer wants to break your bath through the earth’s atmosphere and take you to other worlds."

 I will start by saying that I only used 1/4 of this as the bath was for my 1 year old (as you can probably tell from the tiny feet and mini hands!) so she has less water so less product is needed but the colour and fizz quality is amazing for such a small amount! 

The dry smell of Rockteer is very misleading to me, it smells quite unpleasant at first with a scent I can't quite put my finger on but once it's in the bath and fizzing it smells like sweets! Candy sticks to be precise! It fizzes and froths as soon as it hits the water leaving a blue and yellow swirl in the water as it floats about. The yellow is in the middle so if the whole ballistic was put in the colour would be blue at first and take a little longer to get the yellow streaks.

This has an amazingly strong colour to it which is perfect for kids and the popping candy in the middle was a massive hit with Ellie! The 1/4 that I put in was still fizzing happily after 10 minutes despite being squished and playing with by a toddler so lasted a lot longer than her usual Ickle Baby Bot.

As usually with LUSH her skin was left amazingly soft, she has quite dry skin at this time of the year and I always notice a difference in it's moisture when she has something from LUSH in her bath.

As for using LUSH products with little ones, I have previously asked in my local LUSH store whether their products are suitable for littlies and they assured me that all of their bubble bars, ballistics, etc are perfectly fine to use with babies over 6 months (apart from obvious things like the scrubs, etc!) but obviously it is ultimately the parents decision as to what they use with their children but from my experience with my daughter, we've have no problems at all with the products I've tried with her and I am very selective with the products I do choose for her and check ingredients beforehand (which is just common sense really!). The main ones I've used with Eloise are The Comforter and Ickle Baby Bot and I have been using those since she was 9ish months old in case anyone was wondering.

Have you tried Rocketeer? What's your favourite LUSH product?

26 February 2012

Sunday Portrait: #005

Now I've really cheated this week as the photo this was drawn from was taken about a year ago but I really wanted to share it with you because I love it. It was drawn by the amazingly talented Jeff Dehut @ Explosive Limes. I love this drawing so much! I love the style so much, so unique and wonderful.

This week has been a bit of a breakthrough for me, I went for a walk around my village for the first time in 3 years, not that probably doesn't sound very amazing to most people but when you suffer from agoraphobia, it's probably close to being the equivalent of jumping out of a plane to a normal person. I went to the park with my daughter and the village shop too! I also went to Boots and Pets At Home today which is a massive thing to me because weekends mean the shops are busier which makes me more anxious but today I didn't feel too panicky which was nice. Hopefully I will have more weeks like this where my anxiety isn't so bad. I'm just waiting for something to knock me off balance though.

I filmed my February favourites video today and the entire thing is 30 mins so I have some cutting and editing to do! On the blogging front I have a million and one things coming in the post so lots of reviews and a collective haul coming soon! I'm also shopping for my daughters 2nd birthday so I might do a haul video and post about that too in the hope having to show you all might make me spend less and not go insane like I have for previous Christmases and her 1st birthday! I want to do some baby posts but not sure whether to do those on a separate blog or integrate there here somehow, any feedback you have on that will be greatly appreciated!

I will stop rambling now! Again, any feedback you have regarding baby posts please!

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather!

23 February 2012

GlossyBox: February '12

Paul Mitchell Round Trip // Como Shambhala Invigorate Lotion // Pure-Castile 18-in-1 Soap // BM Beauty Eyeshadow in Storm Cloud // Duwop Lip Venom in Buttercup

This has got to be my favourite Glossy Box yet, I love every product in it and will definitely use them all!

I have included a video in this post but I will give a written description for those of you who prefer reading rather what watching a video.

Paul Mitchell Round Up - I love Paul Mitchell products! I have been using his Super Skinny Serum for 5 years now and am yet to find one that performs as well or smells are good. This product smells amazing too, lovely and fruity with a distinct pear smell to it. This is meant to define curls which is right up my street since I bought my Enrapture Encode Styler. 

Como Shambhala Invigorate Lotion - This claims to soften your skin with essential oils of Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lavender and Peppermint. The scent is lovely, with the Peppermint and Geranium being the strongest scents which is nice and girly without being over the top. The consistency is quite watery but not slippy and it just comes with a screw top so I can see a lot of this getting wasted which is a shame.

Dr Bonner's Magic Soaps: 18-in-1 Hemp Eucalyptus Pure-Castile Soap - This is the product I am most excited about with it being 18 products in 1. I got the Eucalyptus one but there a many other scents available including Lavender, Rose, Almond, Citrus and even a Baby/Sensitive kind to name just a few. It smells lovely,pretty much exactly like Liz Earles Hot Cloth Cleanser so nice and refreshing.

BM Beauty Eyeshadow- This is a mineral eyeshadow and comes in a simple little pot similar to ones you can buy to put your own things in for travelling so nothing special. The shade I got is called storm cloud which is a charcoal colour with a hint of a foresty green colour. Not sure how keen I am on this but it's mineral which I love so we'll see!

Duwop Lip Venom - I was so excited to see this in my box! I was looking at buying one of these lip glosses this week so I was so pleased to see this little beauty in there! It's called Buttercup with is a nude shade with a pretty subtle golden shimmer. It smells a bit like Lancomes Juicy Tube in Fraise (I think).

Overall I'm incredibly pleased with this box and I'm excited to try them all out. Expect some reviews over the next few weeks! I am still reviewing products from past Beauty Boxes and have two on the way so looks like I'm going to be incredibly busy this next month! 

What did you get in your GlossyBox?

20 February 2012

Eating Disorder Awareness Week: My Story

 WARNING: This post mentions eating disorders and self harm, if you are triggered by either I suggest you don't read any further and just visit BEATs website here x

This week it is Eating Disorder Awareness Week and as this subject is something that has affected me for the last 13 years of my life I felt the need to share this with you all in the hope that it will help someone, somewhere. 

The main eating disorders are: Anorexia Nervosa; Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder. There is also a category called EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) or ATypical Eating Disorder. People can also suffer from other forms of eating distress. The following links will take you to the Beat website where you can read a description of each of the following:

I have suffered from various eating disorders since I was about 8 years old and this is the first time I've spoken out about them and I apologise in advance if this is a bit strange to read but I am still quite uncomfortable talking about it yet alone on something so public but I feel that after 13 years of this shit, it's about time I stood up to it so I'm going to be brutally honest. I will feel uneasy about this being published, probably for a while and will have to try extremely hard not to delete this post because for me, this disease is a secret. I say what people want to hear, I lie, I sugar coat everything.(I felt a wave of disgust when writing the word sugar then but I feel as though, if I say a word associated with food, it will appear as though it came out naturally and doesn't affect me at all and I didn't even so much have second thoughts about saying it and therefore appear normal. But I did.) 

I don't really remember how it started but I remember it didn't start as a classic eating disorder "normally" does. It started when I was in year 4, I got ill and from then on I refused to eat breakfast and lunch and would only eat the same thing for dinner. School used to enjoy embarrassing me by making me announce that I didn't want my lunch to get their permission to go straight out to the playground and skip the lunch hall. This carried on until I moved schools in year 6, I actually ate when I went there and everything started looking up...and then I started High School and everything went down hill. I ended up moving schools again but that only made everything a million times worse and I ended up developing severe OCD which started off the peak in my eating disorder. I looked like a zombie. I looked vile. I hated school so intensely that my Mum finally came to the decision that I would be taught at home for the remainder of High School. She later told me she took me out because she thought I was going to die.

 During this time I saw various therapists which either patronised me or came to ridiculous conclusions. I got steadily worse and then better and by the time I started college in 2007 I was a decent weight and although I never ate at college it was manageable. In 2009 anxiety hit me like a bitch for no apparent reason and everything got worse from there, I was diagnosed with Agoraphobia and Panic and Anxiety Disorders which I still suffer with now. My coping mechanism was to control my eating and self harm and so I wouldn't eat for days on end, chew and spit anything I did eat and spiralled downwards. 

My saviour was my daughter, when I fell pregnant with her there was finally something stronger than the disorders voice in my mind and I managed 8 months eating normally and was nearing content with the way I looked, being a Mum was more important to me (although I do not in any way suggest getting pregnant at all for this reason alone) I breastfed my daughter which in time helps you lose the baby weight and so I did and then some. I am now over a stone below my pre pregnancy weight and this isn't my lowest (I won't be mentioning any numbers in this post because I feel number are too triggering) and I am classed as dangerously underweight (although I don't look it). 

I have problems with my blood sugar now and I drink high glucose drinks because they make me lose weight even when eating a semi normal diet. It's ridiculous and I don't want to be like this anymore but, honestly, I'm so terrified of gaining weight and I feel I would be wasting peoples times by asking for help because there are so many people far worse than me out there who deserve the help way more than I do. I know I shouldn't think like that and if anyone were to say that to me about themselves I would tell them not to be so silly and everyone deserves help. This is where the quote from Alice In Wonderland comes in handy:

"I give myself very good advise but I very seldom follow it"

As I have got older I understand eating disorders more and I know when they are controlling me and can recognise the traits I have, I even think how stupid and unnecessary what I'm doing really is but as anyone with an eating disorder knows, that makes little or no difference. These traits become habit and the habit becomes instilled into your very core to the extent that you become the disorder.

Anyway, enough about me...

Beat is a charity very close to my heart and they offer such a great amount of information and help for everyone affected by an eating disorder, whether you are the sufferer or a family member or friend.

Donate to Beat and help them continue to help those affected by eating disorders. Every penny counts, below is a break down of how your money can help:

  • £2 enables Beat to provide online support to a young person struggling with an eating disorder
  • £5 enables Beat to answer a question on the helpline message boards
  • £10 enables Beat to give a sufferer the opportunity to talk to a support worker
  • £25 enables Beat to run our helpline for half an hour and change the lives of people affected by an eating disorder 
  • £50 enables 10 parents and carers to support one another in one of our Beat Carers' Forums
  • £100 enables Beat to train a Young Ambassador to talk about and raise awareness of eating disorders in the national media
Don't suffer in silence.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask me please tweet/DM or email me at giamay@hotmail.co.uk
So this is me breaking the silence.

Sorry if some of this doesn't make sense or isn't written to a high standard and not very detailed but I couldn't check it through because if I do I know I will just delete it. This has taken me over 2 hours to psyke myself up to post this.

19 February 2012

Review: Lily Flame Scented Candle

These candles are a new discovery for me and I absolutely adore them! They come in a little tin although you can but glassware ones but I figured a tin would keep the smell stronger for longer and the packaging was so bright and caught my eye immediately.

This particular candle smells like raspberry which just so happens to smell pretty much exactly like The Body Shop Raspberry and Pomegranate oil which I LOVE. I was kind of hoping it'd smell the same and I was so pleased when I found out it smelled exactly the same to me.

I love the raised coloured wax on the top, really adds a unique touch to it and I always love the little details.

These tin candles retail at £8.50 which is about average for a good quality candle and I will definitely be buying some more scents. I have my eye on Fairy Dust, Comfort & Joy and Coffee Galore.

What's your favourite scent?

18 February 2012

Weekend Wishlist: #004

001 I have actually kind of already bought this but I thought I'd include it anyway! Hopefully I will be making some Youtube vidoes with this soon so stay tuned! I'm so excited about it!!

002 I love these colours way too much not to buy them! I love mini polishes too, I love being able to try polishes before I buy the full sized versions because I've acumulated so many products I never use from buying the full size straight away and not liking it so anything mini is my kinda thing!

003 I have wanted this blush for so long now and it's getting silly! I can't not buy it after wanting it for so long!

004 Sometimes I have real trouble getting to sleep and I'm not a fan of pills of any kind so this sounds like a great alternative to help me sleep.

005 Everyone seems to rave about this foundation and I really want to give it a try! I absolutely love my Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation though so I don't think I will be replacing that but I just want to try this out!

What's on your wishlist?

17 February 2012

Review: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer

Left- With Concealer // Right- Without

Most of you probably either own this or have heard about it numerous times before but I feel that it is too good for me to not post about!

This is one of the things I posted about here in my Boots haul the other morning. I can safely say they this little concealer really does live up to the hype! It is amazing! And for £4, it's more than a steal.

I got the lightest shade as I have quite a pale skin tone and it's a perfect match. It blends really easily and is beautiful and creamy, usually I find that the more creamy concealers don't give as much coverage but this is wonderfully pigmented and masks even my Mummy dark circles (as the photograph above proves!). In the photograph I am only wearing the smallest amount on my right eye (your left) and you can really see the difference! I applied it on over the top of my Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation (review here) as soon as I got home because I literally couldn't wait to try it. 

It feels slightly heavy under my eyes but that's most likely because I'm not used to wearing a creamy concealer (I normally either don't wear any or use a mousse) but after wearing it for a while I forgot about it.

This is by far the best concealer I've ever tried for dark circles and will definitely be re buying it. 

Have you tried Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer? What did you think?


13 February 2012

Review: eBay False Eyelashes


I got these lashes from an eBay seller in Hong Kong on a bit of a whim. I had seem other bloggers posting about them and after spending an mass amount of money on brand name false eyelashes I thought I'd give them a whirl. The cost a whole 99p for 10 pairs with a huge list of various styles, I bought styles 063 and 018.

They took about 3 weeks to arrive which is a pretty average amount of time for delivery from Hong Kong to the UK and they dispatched them within 24 hours.

The packaging is simple but effective, at 99p you can't be expecting flash packaging though and although it's pretty basic it's very easy to store. I was actually very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the lashes themselves! They don't compare to Eylure but once they're on, you can't really tell the difference. The application is what gives their price away though, they feel slightly crispy and stiff, if you happen to pinch them in the wrong place they fold badly but nothing too drastic.

These particular ones don't come with glue which doesn't bother me because I only use Eylure glue as I find it to be the best. So overall as long as you're careful they are absolutely fine and for 99p they're a steal and I love them!

Have you tried eBay lashes? How did you find them?

12 February 2012

Sunday Portrait: #003

I kind of cheated this Sunday because this photograph is from the other day but nevermind! I'm thinking of starting a "My Week In Photographs" post using various snaps I've taken mostly likely on my iPhone or from Instagram, a lot of other bloggers seem to do it and it's something I really like looking at, what do you guys think?

So my week has been pretty samey, spent way too much money on make up and such items! Nothing new there but you'll be seeing verious review posts on them soon!

I'm also working on properly setting up a youtube account and posting videos to go along side certain blog posts, like nail and make up tutorials, my make up collection, that kind of thing so that's exciting! Debating what to film them on at the moment, I have a choice between my Canon 600D which will film in HD but takes longer to upload, my Flip Mino which also films in HD I believe but for some reason uploads faster, my iPhone which is pretty rubbish quality but good enough for things like Vlogs if I decide I like doing videos or go mad and buy a camcorder which I have wanted for ages. Hmmm...

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen my cats went into the vets to be neutered on Thursday so this weekend has been spent fussing over them and taking them back for check ups. The other two kittens have doubled in size, I'm not even joking! My house seems to be overrun by cats these days!

That's pretty much it! I will love you and leave you with a few links to the bloggers and youtubers that I am loving this week -

Catherine @ Catherine's Loves

10 February 2012

Review: Elf Studio Matte Lip Colour

L-R Tea Rose // Praline

I got these two little lip pencils in my latest elf haul last week which I posted about here. The shades are a little darker than I would normally go for but I've wanted to try some lip pencils for a while but never seemed to get round to it and if you've read my blog for a while you'll know how much I rate elf products so I thought "why the heck not!?".

These ones from elf were only £2.45 each which is a bargain I think! The texture is incredibly smooth to apply without being slippy and they are very pigmented. I found application a little strange as I'm used to just normal lipstick and going from something thick to a thin pencil makes my hand feel wobbly but once I got used to it I actually got better, more precise results which I love.

I'm not really sure the colours suit me, I perhaps should have gone for one of the other two shades which are slightly lighter but I'm hoping these ones will grow on me.

Have you tried elf lip pencils? What did you think?

8 February 2012


I am literally buzzing with excitement as I write this! I have actually lost count on how many different foundations I've tried that didn't agree with my skin and it had kind of got to the stage where I had lost all hope in finding a one that had a good amount of buildable, natural looking coverage without blocking my pores that is, until I took the plunge and tried this!

My skin is quite unpredicable 50% of the time. At the moment the skin around my forehead is normal, my nose and cheeks are a combination of oily/normal and are prone to dryness and my chin is normal and I get occasional blemishes on my cheeks around my mouth which I believe are due to hormones (boo!) which makes sense because my skin was pretty much flawless when I was pregnant. It can also get quite sensitive if I'm not careful about what I use to apply/remove my make up so finding a foundation which caters for my half a million skin types is pretty difficult. 

Illamasqua Skin Base is suitable for all skin types which make umming and ahhing about whether it's suitable for your skin pretty none existant. It is inspired by the asian cult market BB creams, to read more about where the idea of Skin Base came from see here

The texture is lovely and creamy and is amazingly easy to blend, I have been using my fingers to apply it with amazing results (by accident, I misplaced my sponge and my brush needed a wash so it was fingers or nothing really). Usually I end up in a complete mess applying foundation with my fingers which results in having to take it all off and start again so I was very impressed at how easy it was to apply. It is medium coverage but could be built up to near enough full coverage pretty well if needed. The finish is amazing, the only way to describe it would be to say it looks like my skin, only better. Not only this but it doesn't block my pores at all, if anything it's made my skin healthier although I can't 100% say it was this and only this that contributed to the massive improvement of my skin as I have changed my skincare routine pretty recently too but this has definitely had a positive impact. 

It is also relatively easy to colour match online as they have a fantastic shade comparison chart which includes various other foundation brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, YSL and NARS although if you have a Illamasqua stocklist near you it's best to go and get matched but if, like me there isn't this is a great alternative that is pretty accurate. I think shade 6 is a little dark for me at the moment but I didn't want to buy it too light with Summer just around the corner but I will probably be buying a lighter shade so I can mix a perfect shade for my skin throughout the different seasons.

The only negative thing I can say about it is that the shape of the tube makes it quite hard to squeeze the foundation out of, especially with false nails on but nothing major that will stop me from using or re purchasing.

If you want to see some photographs where I'm actually wearing this foundation to get a better idea of what it looks like on I'm wearing it in posts here, here (in this photograph I mixed it with Chanel Matt Lumiere) and here.

I adore this foundation and at £25, it's a lot cheaper than the Chanel one I was previously using so that's a bonus for me. I absolutely love this foundation and have been wearing it everyday since I got it. If you haven't tried this yet I urge you to! My skin has never agreed with a foundation so well before let alone be improved by one! 

 Have you tried Illamasqua Skin Base? What did you think of it?

7 February 2012

Feel Unique Beauty Box - February

Clockwise - Philip Kingsley Maximizer // Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Hand and Body Wash // Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico // Decleor Phytopeel Natural Exfoliating Cream // Nuxe Multi Use Dry Oil with Golden Shimmer // Leighton Denny Nail Polish in Pink Diamond

This is my first Beauty Box from Feel Unique, I've been super excted about this for ages after seeing how good some of the bast boxes have been so I had high expectations for this little box!

I love the box itself, it's a little semi matt black pull out draw with a hot pink interior and a little purple ribbon as a handle. I love a good box. The products are sitting in a little nest of shredded black paper which is so sleek and lovely. I can think of so many uses for this so top marks packaging wise.

The products themselves look as though they are going to be good but nothing really grabbed me straight away. I haven't heard of anything before apart from the Philip Kingsley Maximizer and I am always up for trying new things.

Right, so on to the contents! I was a bit put off by the colour of the Elemis hand and body wash, it reminds me of iodine for some reason!? It smells like something my Grandad would use but I will try it and see how it goes. Can't knock it 'til I try it can I! I would have prefered it to not smell of ginger though.

The Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance I actually had to seal into a bottle and throw away because the smell was SO not my cup of tea and people in the house were complaining. I would probably insist my boyfriend washed immediately if he wore this. The design was really nice and attractive though but the writing was a little hard to read at first.

The Decleor Exfoliator I'm excited about as I have run out of exfoliator and this looks lovely and creamy although the smell isn't that pleasant but you can't always have it all, right? I think my sense of smell is really sensitive or something!

The Nuxe Dry Oil looks interesting, I love the idea of the golden shimmer too although I would have preferred an opaque bottle because I don't like things that look similar to the colour of iodine. Don't know why, maybe I'm just weird.

The Leighton Denny polish looks so pretty, it has a gorgeous girly iridescent pinky colour which I love. I don't usually go for anything shimmery these days, it's either glittery or plain so this will make a nice change.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the contents although not so much with their scents. Will let you know how I get on which these beautys.

What did you think of this months box?

6 February 2012

Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara

    Before                                                                                                     After                                                                                           
I got this as a free gift with the latest edition of ELLE magazine and I love it! The brush kind of reminds me of Benefits BADgal Lash Mascara, I love a fat brush.

I love the packaging of Soap & Glory products, it's always so quirky and girly. The brush is lovely and I like the fact that when I pull it out I don't have to wipe the end before applying it to avoid clumping (which is seriously annoying) so top marks for that!

It doesn't have a scent to it which I like because I hate that chemical mascara smell some have (Lancôme Hypnôse Drama, I'm looking at you!). The application was easy and made my eyelashes really thick, and fast (see what I did there!? Haha) but seriously, it's great. I find it really difficult to find a mascara that will hold the curl in my lashes and it's honestly the bane of my life but this is still holding up after 9 hours wear which is really impressive for me! Even some of the really expensive mascaras can't hold my lashes for more than 5 minutes!

It retails at £10 which is about the average price for a mascara and performs better than high end brands I have tried at less than half the price. I can see this becoming my daily mascara it's that good!

Have you tried Soap & Glory mascara? What do you think?

5 February 2012

Sunday Portrait #2

The snow has melted here already so massive sad face because of that. I would have liked to take the small one out again but there isn't a scrap left outside! I didn't even manage to get some nice photographs either because my battery was on charge when it started yesterday. Boo! I love snow, it always makes everything look so pretty.

I have some video post ideas which I haven't decided whether or not to actually film because I feel/look a bit stupid talking to my camera and come across like I have a gun pointed at me or something. Going to work on that anyway because I would love to make some videos, no idea why I get nervous really, I'm okay on stage. Please tell me I'm not the only one!

I have a massive pile of products I'm reviewing so I feel there will be rather a large amount of beauty posts next week! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you (yes you beautiful people reading my blog right now!) for taking interest in my little piece of the internet! You wonderful, lovely people, you!

Hope you are all having/had fun in the snow!

4 February 2012

Weekend Wishlist #2

Woah! This is a seriously long wishlist this week! My bank isn't going to know what's hit it on pay day.

001 I got a small bottle of this in this months GlossyBox (review here) and I cannot descibe how much I love it. It's brilliant. Get some. 

002 I don't actually own one of these beautiful YSL Volupte lipsticks and I really feel I'm missing out so one of these is coming my way pretty soon. 

003 I love big baggy jumpers for lazing around at home in and I've wanted one like this topshop one for ages and I definitely need to stock up on warm clothes for this Siberian freeze that's apparently hitting the UK over the next week or so. Brrr!

004 I have wanted to read The Perks Of Being A Wallflower for a while now but they don't do a Kindle version so I ended up reading other things but I've pretty much finished May I Have Your Attention Please By James Corden (Get it!) so I need a new book in line pretty soon. I love the cover and I'm kind of missing holding a real book so this will be a nice break from technology.

005 I really want to try Topshop make up and this shade of corally red is perfect for summer and there is nothing like shopping ahead!

006 Everyone raves about this concealer and my ones getting a bit manky so what better time to try it?

007 I love this Parma Violet nail polish! I hate everything about parma violets but the colour is gorgeous. Probablt my favourite shade of purple ever.

008 I love the packaging on this Estee Lauder lipstick and the shade is gorgeous. I love a pink lipstick! Everyone loves a pink lipstick.

009 I love Paul and Joe so much! Plus this eyeshadow is in the shape of a cat. Enough said.

010 After a veeery long time deciding between various nude shades I ended up choosing Hue which I think is my favourite, at £13.50 MACs lipstick are quite pricey but I've paid nearly double that for Chanel ones so why the heck not?

011 I love golden brown shades when it comes to eyeshadow. I think it suits my green eyes better than other colours and I love NARS packaging so I wanted this as soon as I saw it. I'm terrible, I have about a million shades nearly the same as this but no, I still need it.

So there you are my lovelies! My second weekend wishlist!

What's on your wishlist this week?

3 February 2012

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler

Firstly, I would very much like to say that this little thing is the most amazing hair styler I have ever had or seen in the whole world ever! It's brilliant, to be blunt. The idea is that each section of the barrel corresponds with one of the numbers and so you can control the heat setting in each section to create different effects.

I have had numerous hair curlers before and I have never really liked any of them, they all seemed to take about a decade to actually curl my hair and then the curls would fall out in a matter of minutes which was incredibly annoying after having spent about a hour getting it to curl in the first place but these babys are amazing!

They come in the most gorgeous deep blue metallic magnetic box which is seriously beautiful. They had me as soon as I saw the box if I'm totally honest. I was so sad to see all the corners have been bashed in en route though! They also come with their own heat proof case which is a bonus because I can't stand having wires and things everywhere. 

They heat up so quickly and curl my hair effortlessly. They take less than 10 seconds to create a ringlet which in my hair, which is blooming amazing! Usually I'm stood there for a good minute or two with my old tongs so needless to say I was very pleased!

The wire swivels as you style which makes is SO much easier, I didn't think it would make a lot of difference but it really does. To change the settings you literally twist the dials round to whichever code you want and off your go! The dials are a little stiff and sound like something is getting filed down inside (if that makes sense) like you get with cheaper models but it's only ever so slight but perhaps that could be looked at in terms of improving in the future but that's actually the only negative thing I can say about this styler. 

L-R 1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3

The photograph above gives you an idea of how the heat setting differs with each number. I just used three of the same numbers for each curl holding the styler upright and using the flipper (I think this way gives you a better idea of the contrast between the heat settings). The first curl is done on the lowest setting, 1-1-1 and is a lovely beachy loose wave which I love. The second is using the code 2-2-2 and is a tighter, more defined curl and finally the last one is done using the highest setting, 3-3-3 which produces a nice, tight ringlet. You can be more creative with the codes or change the angle of the styler to make endless different looks.

Same as above but after running my fingers through each curl

If you want to see a better idea of what my hair looks like when I've used this see here. This look I did in about 5 minutes just playing around with it. I think my favourite combination so far is 1-1-1 but there are so many combinations I've not tried yet so I'm sure there will be many more favourites! 

 It retails at around £74 depending on where you buy it from which is on the expensive side but I feel personally, that it is entirely worth the money. The packaging is well thought out and beautiful and the actual product lives up to the claims, what more could you want? 

Do you have the Encode Totem Styler? What do you think of it? 

1 February 2012

GlossyBox January 2012

I'm not overly thrilled with this months box, I think the bright pink box makes up for it a bit though. I quite like the Eyeko Skinny liner and the FAB Body Moisturiser (although the card says I have the body wash which is a little strange!) which I rubbed into my hands because they are so dry they actually hurt! Im really impressed so far and my hands are so much softer after just putting that little bit on so I have high hopes for that.

The Murad primer looks as though it's going to be nice although it is a little dark so I'm a bit worried about that as I'm quite fair but hopefully it'll blend nicely.

I'm not sure I will use the Clarins Firming Creams because I have nothing that needs firming! I'm only just 21! There doesn't seem to be very much in them either and only one tube had a seal on!? I might give them to my Mum though.

Love the pinkness of the box but not that impressed with the contents at first glance but I will give them all a chance to be fair.

Today has been interesting! Discovered my kitten, Binx is actually a boy. That's what you get when my sister is left in charge of bringing kittens home! Keep calling him a she so I think he's a bit confused himself! Argh! It's so strange calling her a him!

Gee x
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