30 April 2012

LUSH: Happy Blooming Bath Melt

 This has got to be my absolute all time favourite product from LUSH, it out shines everything I've ever tried and I've tried some bloody amazing things from LUSH before so that's quite a big statement!

It's nothing special, it doesn't do any fancy spinning, no popping candy or hidden messages it's just a plain bath melt that sinks to the bottom of the bath and turns the water a creamy pink shade with an ever so slight shimmer on to of the water but it smells amazing. Oh the scent, it's the most amazing thing I've ever inhaled in my life! If there was a perfume of this, I'd buy it.

It smells just like a cherry yoghurt's to me, such a beautiful, indulgent scent and if I had to choose just one product from LUSH this would be it.

You get 3 baths out of it and as you can see from the photographs it has grooves that section it off into 3 pieces to make it easier to break. One of the sections easily colours my entire bath and leaves my skin so soft, moisturised and smelling amazing!

It does leave a pinky dust to the bath once you've pulled the plug out but a quick swill sorts that. I absolutely adore this bath melt and it's got to be one of my favourite products ever ever ever!

26 April 2012

Review: Boots 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive

This little thing is fast becoming another favourite of mine! It's 17's Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive which is such a gorgeous pinky nude colour and is quite similar to MAC Hue which is also another favourite of mine although Beehive is quite a lot more glossy than Hue.

It's one of Boots 17 Mirror Shine Lipsticks which have never really caught my eye before but after reading many a great review of this little number it had to be mine. It's got a lovely texture, rather similar to the Revlon Lip Butters with it's creamy, glossy feel about it although slightly thinner I'd say texture wise.

It has pretty good pigmentation considering the shade and gives your lips a lovely wash of pinky nude goodness. It's not sticky although is is very glossy so if you have quite long hair it will stick to it but not that badly. It lasts reasonably well for a very glossy lipstick, I get about an hour or two before it needs touching up which is pretty average for me.

Have you tried 17 lipsticks? What's your favourite shade?


25 April 2012

Life: Make Up Storage

I'm sure this storage idea has been done many many times before but I thought I'd give you guys a peek into my main make up drawer!

I have used various beauty boxes for this as you can probably see! You can spot GlossyBox, She Said Beauty and Feel Unique here! I did originally have a JolieBox in there too but it was just that little bit too small to be accepted in here my my OCD haha!

The She Said Beauty Box has all of my false nail bits and bobs like glue, boxes of nails, nail wheels, etc which works nicely as the lip covers the contents up as I don't feel false nails are particularly attractive looking when they're not on nails so I try to keep them hidden. On top I have my Tangle Teezer and a box of Lancets which shouldn't actually be in there...

The three GlossyBoxes along the back contain my lip products, mainly glosses and lipstick boxes, my face products like blush, bronzer, highlighters, that sort of thing and lastly my eye make up such as mascara, eyeliner, little eyeshadow, brow kits, you name it!  Along the bottom I have a less neat array of products. At the far end I have a little collection of foundations and BB creams and I also keep a couple of my special pieces of jewellery in this box. Moving along we have a huge Vaseline storage tin with a bunch of my lip balms in, I have so many they need their own tin! Haha! Next is a little tin box which contains the little Bedtime Bears that Eloise has in her bath and surrounded by the said tin are a little collection of lipsticks. Lastly we have a Feel Unique Box! I have taken the draw out and put it on top of the outside of the box to make a sort of cubby hole underneath the box which I keep my random brushes, Deodorant and other random bits in to keep out of the way then I have an array of skincare bits in the box on top. These are mostly from beauty box samples but there is an Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and a tube of Kamillosan in there too.

So all that along with some random bits of paper, my Naked Palette and a couple of LUSH things is the contents of my main make up drawer! I have done one hell of a make up cull so this is pretty much all I use at the moment although I do have other make up that I don't use, probably never will use but can't bear to throw away too, please tell me I'm not the only one that does that!! 

23 April 2012

Review: NYX Lipstick in Strawberry Milk

I adore this lipstick so much! It's my first NYX Lipstick and I can see these becoming a firm favourite with me! I find their formula similar to Barry M Lip Paints with both being very creamy and pigmented with Barry M just slightly taking the lead with the creaminess.

This lipstick is called Strawberry Milk which is a beautiful pastel pink which is perfect for the upcoming Summer months and would look amazing with sun kissed skin. The finish is matt but I would be inclined to say it leans slightly more to a satin finish rather than a flat matt. I love how perfect it makes my lips look and the overall feel of it is lovely and not drying in the slightest which can sometimes happen with the more matt lipsticks so I was very pleased with this little thing!

The colour is very pigmented and creates an opaque finish with just one swipe but the only downside I can find to this is that the colour doesn't last very long. About an hour at most for me before the colour starts fading so there will be touch ups needed with this but it's totally worth it for the gorgeous colour it gives.

I can see myself wearing this a lot over the Spring/Summer along with Topshop's Coy which has the same pastelliness to it but in a creamy peach colour. I find that those two combined make a beautiful pastel pinky peach which is the most amazing Summer shade!

22 April 2012

The Sunday Post #1: Brush Cleaning

So today my brushes got a well deserved deep cleaning! The sun was shining and their little drying spot on my window sill and was perfect for drying them nicely so I though "what better time?".

I'm not as in to brushes as I used to be, I generally use my fingers to apply everything except blush, contour and highlight because not only is it easier but I don't tend to wear a great deal of make up on a day to day basis so my eye brushes rarely get a look in these days! Although having said that, I have a tutorial coming up soon so they'll be celebrating! haha!

I use a little selection of different products to clean various brushes and I have a little post lined up on that so I won't go into  a great amount of detail now but depending on how dirty they are: if they are relatively clean I will just use my Savon De Marseille Olive and then swill but if they are particularly grubby I will pre wash them with Dr. Bronner's Eucalyptus Castille Liquid Soap then condition with the former both of which I used today. I always wash them using cold water which makes the cleaning process a little longer but saves my brushes getting damaged.

As I write this the sky has clouded over and little tiny raindrops are flitting down so that's my cue to round this post up and go and rescue them from my window sill!

21 April 2012

NOTD: Essie Peach Daiquiri

I've not posted any NOTDs or any photographs of my nails for quite a while and with good reason! After many a month of using acrylics and my nails suffering as a result I decided it was about time I quit the fakes and got my natural nails into better condition. They were peeling, cracked, broken and just plain horrid and it's taken so long for them to grow out! Argh! I have a post on how I've got them into better condition soon but this has been the reason my nails have been in hiding for so long.

This is my newest edition to my ever growing Essie collection, it's called Peach Daiquiri and it's the most beautiful creamy red coral with pink tones to it. It's such a lovely bright colour which will be so perfect for Summer!

It's an easy polish to work with and only takes a couple of coats to deliver the goods, nice shine, great formula. Essie just come out tops for me every time. I will say though, with this polish, give it a good top coat or really let it dry else you will end up with annoying little fabric prints all over your nails!

I buy my polishes from US sellers on eBay because they work out a lot cheaper even with postage and packing on top than buying them over here but if you don't want to wait the 2 or so weeks to received them Boots are selling a collection of their most popular shades for £7.99.

19 April 2012

Review: Topshop Sunbeam - The Pefect Summer Highlight?

I had been lusting over this for a ridiculous amount of time before I finally caved and bought it the other week. It cost me a hefty £13 with delivery from Topshop online which made it pretty pricey for a highlighter but it's such an amazing colour I just had to get it.

It's the most beautiful golden shimmer, not too shimmery, not too gold, just perfect although I will say that it is quite easy to apply too much as this stuff is very pigmented.

I only use this on my cheekbones as a highlight along with my Collection 2000 Shimmer & Shade which i then use to highlight the rest of my face (brow bones, down my nose and a tiny bit on my chin) because this is a bit too golden for an all over face highlight for me. Perhaps when I'm more tanned I can get away with using it other places but for now I feel it looks nicest on my cheekbones.

It gives me a lovely golden sun kissed glow to my cheeks which is lovely as I'm not usually one for bronzer because I am quite pale so finding one that is right for my skin tone isn't very easy but this gives me a golden glow without making my skin look tanned, just lovely and glowy.

 The packaging is also super cute with little doodled stars over the lid in what looks like it was drawn with charcoal pencil, so sweet! The rest of the packaging is an off white smooth matt finish which is nice and looks lovely on my shelf!

17 April 2012

Review: Revlon Lip Butters in Cupcake and Berry Smoothie

I went into Boots the other day and spotted these little beauties staring right at me and I had to get them. I originally wanted Peach Parfait rather than Berry Smoothie but someone had tried out the last one instead of the tester (eww) so opted for this one instead. I hate it when people don't use the testers and grot up all the other ones, yuck! Anyway, I got these two and a L'Oreal Caresse Lipstick (post coming soon!) in the Boots 3 for 2 offer so saved myself £7.99! I now own 8 soon to be 9 of the Revlon Lip Butters and they are by far my favourite lip product at the moment!

Cupcake is a gorgeous blue toned pink which is such a beautiful shade! If Gumdrop and Strawberry Shortcake (which just so happen to be my favourite two so far) were to have a baby Cupcake would be it which makes me love this shade even more! The formula is so creamy and nourishing and I just love everything about it really!

Berry Smoothie is a bit darker than I usually go for, I'm more of a light pink kinda girl but I have seen swatches of this all over the Internet and couldn't decide whether I loved it or not so picked it up on a whim really! I am pleased to say I really like it! It's not particularly special, it's pretty much my natural lip colour so it just adds a gloss and even out my lips really but I do like it! It has very very subtle silver and purple shimmer to it which is really pretty. For some reason this shade smells different to all the others I have which I'm not particularly keen on but that's just me being picky.

I completely adore these Lip Butters and if you haven't tried one I urge you to because they are just such a lovely product!

15 April 2012

Life: My Make Up Space

Having a less than large bedroom in the first place and adding a baby into the mix means very little space I can tell you! I have had to think of pretty creative ways round storing everything I need to whilst keeping things out of toddler reach all whilst leaving enough space to get myself and Eloise sorted and it's not an easy job!

I originally had a desk, various chests of drawers, a corner television cabinet and a double bed but all of that minus one chest of drawers and the double bed had to go to fit a cot in so I have had to think of many ways round storing my copious amounts of make up and give myself room to apply it without little grabby hands running off with my expensive bits and fingers being poked into lipsticks (and not the cheap ones might I add!)

So the photograph above is my new dressing table...Or rather dressing shelf! It's just a cheapy Ikea Floating Shelf that cost about £9. I have it positioned about rib height which keeps it low enough to make reaching for things easy when applying make up whilst making it high enough to keep little hands from getting into things they shouldn't. It works out about just above Eloise's head height so she isn't going to bump herself on them anytime soon. I have a nail polish display thing above it which is mirrored which is convenient to say the least!

I keep mainly my big everyday products and new things (although I had a bit of a sorting out sesh before I took this photo so it looks a little bare!) I haven't found space for yet on here along with a jewellery stand, a little tiny set of wooden drawers and a metal floral carrier with things I don't want to lose (L'oreal Telescopic Waterproof for example, a photo strip of me and Eloise, etc) or just want to be easily accessible.

I have a collection of ideas for posts showing you guys how I store things and just general little snippets of my space. Is this something you'd be interested in seeing?

So this is my little make up applying space for minimal space! What do you think?

13 April 2012

Dupe: Topshop Lipstick in Innocent

Now there isn't a great amount of price difference between these two but for people like me who have to order online from Topshop because there are no nearby stores the £4 delivery charge adds a hefty amount to the original £8 so I thought I would show you guys a dupe which is more readily available in places like Boots!

So I will start with the differences which are very few and easily adjusted but the main difference being the texture and finish. The texture of the Topshop lipstick is more creamy and has a sheen whereas the Revlon Matte lipstick is, well, matt! I actually prefer the finish of the Revlon on but if you wanted to add a bit of a sheen you can just apply a bit of Vaseline or other lip balm and they look pretty much identical!

In the photographs of both in the tube the Revlon one looks slightly darker because it's a matt lipstick but on the lips you can hardly tell the difference even when applied side by side it's really just the sheen to the Topshop one that gives it away.

So that's my little dupe! I 100% prefer the Revlon lipstick over the Topshop one, it's just overall nicer to apply and wears better in my opinion but the shades are pretty identical.

12 April 2012

Review: Pearl Drops Party Sparkle Whitening Toothpaste

I'm sure I'm not the only girl on the quest for Hollywood white teeth and I have tried countless whitening toothpastes and my next stop was the Crest Whitening Strips but I came across this on amazon for £2 and thought "why the heck not!?" and I must say I am extremely impressed with the result of this toothpaste!

I have tried other variations of Pearl Drops toothpaste and really liked them but I have never noticed a result quite as good as this after literally one try! As you can tell from the colour swatch photograph above  the different is pretty good after just a quick test brush to check out the taste!

The formula is a lovely aqua colour with a gel like consistency which foams up really nicely to give a really deep clean feel afterwards which is something I really look for in a toothpaste so top marks so far. The taste is a nice spearmint flavour that isn't too strong but at the same time isn't too weak so it still gives that cool fresh feeling afterwards.

The after colour photograph was taken literally after a quick 1 minute brush in the middle of the day for a quick taste test (I hate certain variations of mint flavour so I always test a new toothpaste before I use it properly, please tell me I'm not the only one!?) and the results really surprised me! I wasn't really expecting to be able to see a noticeable difference after using this for a month let alone just once! I have tried many whitening toothpastes before but none have them have really made a difference at all even after using them for months on end so naturally, when I noticed an actual difference after a quick brush I was seriously impressed! So far so good!

Have you tried this toothpaste? What did you think?

10 April 2012

Dupes: MAC Watch Me Simmer

I was lying in bed the other night thinking about lipstick, as you do and came across this dupe for my newest MAC lipstick Watch Me Simmer! It is pretty much identical with the only visual difference being the finish as my dupe for it is Revlon's Matte lipstick in Pink About It.

Now I believe that Pink About It is a limited edition shade but it is pretty easily found on eBay for a few pounds so thought this was worth mentioning!

Both shades are a pretty corally pink colour with the MAC one showing up slightly brighter because of the sheen it has. I think I actually prefer the Revlon lipstick actually, I'm not usually a fan on matt finishes but somehow Revlon seem to make it work for me. If you want a finish that looks the same as MACs creamsheen then adding a bit of lip balm into the mix will give it a nice sheen if matt isn't your thing.

The scents are different too with MAC being a light vanilla scent and the Revlon pretty scentless. I always prefer an un perfumed lipstick over a scented one anyway! They are both pretty highly pigmented with MAC slightly taking the lead because of the creamier formula.

Both are pretty sturdy packaging wise with Watch Me Simmer being slightly more compact but when it comes to lipstick, I'm not overly fussy about what the tube looks like usually. Price wise, seeing as you can pick the Revlon Lipstick up off eBay for a about £3  there is a good £10 difference which is a pretty brilliant saving! I have checked eBay and currently there are plenty available!

9 April 2012

Review: Bioderma Sensibio H2O

If you've seen my post/video about the TAAJ Miceller make up remover you'll know I was on the hunt for a similar product that wasn't as harsh on my skin and after a lot of googling and review reading I went with a product I have wanted to try for ages and that is the Bioderma H2O Micellar Solution. Bioderma is a French brand which isn't particularly expensive over there and is easily found on eBay but not without the hefty price increase! The one I got is for sensitive skin which I though was my best bet because my skin does seem to dry up if I use products intended for oily skin.

This is a really nice gentle but thorough cleanser. I would say it takes a bit more work to get my make up off with this conmairped to the TAAJ one but it's a small price to pay for not having my skin dry out completely.

It has no scent to it at all so great for you sensitive skin types and the consistency is basically water. The idea behind micellar waters is basically water with molecules mixed in which break down your make up rather than smear it around your face. Sounds great, right!?

This will happily remove all make up (although you will have to hold a cotton pad soaked with the solution over waterproof mascara for a good minute) and I can remover all of my make up using 3 small round cotton pads quite easily. Sometimes though I feel this is a little bit too gently and I will to do a second cleanse with a facial wash after but if you're not like me who needs to splash my face with straight water for it to feel clean then using just this is enough to remover all traces of make up.

There is no need to rinse your face afterwards but the instructions do say to make sure your face is patted dry so great for days when you're in a rush or just can't be bothered to do a complete skincare routine!

Overall I really like this product! It's effective without being drying and gently but controls the oily patches on my face and keeps me shine free all day. I bought the 250ml bottle in the photograph from eBay for about £9 and have been using is for about a month everyday and have used up half of it so it's lasting pretty well being I'm definitely not sparing with it! I will definitely be buying the bigger 500ml bottle to stock up soon.

8 April 2012

Review: L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick in Fashionista Pink

After the massive hype going on in the blogging world about these little lipsticks I finally caved and bought one in Boots the other day. I had seen people compare them to the Revlon Lip Butters and as you probably know by now, I love the Revlon Lip Butters so it was that which made me buy this really!

The colour is called Fashionista Pink which is a beautiful barely there milky pink which looks lovely swatched on the back of my hand but I was pretty disappointed with the look it gave to my lips. These aren't meant to be very pigmented but it still just didn't look right on my lips. The texture is somewhat similar to the MUA Shade 4 lipstick with it's watery feeling but just not as nice as the MUA one which at 7 times the price, I wasn't expecting.

The shape of the product is quite nice in terms of application but I feel you aren't really getting much product for your money but having said that, the lipstick itself is quite hard she it's not going to go down as fast as other, softer products but it makes it not as nice to apply.

The packaging is nice, it feels nicely weighted and sturdy which I love and the product is easily twisted up and I can't fault it at all but I really don't think it lives up to the hype for me. I will try a couple more shades and perhaps they will change my views but for this shade, I'm not overly impressed but maybe it'll grow on me!

Have you tried these lipsticks? What shades would you recommend I try?

7 April 2012

Review: MUA Lipsticks

All lipsticks in the photographs are in numerical order as follows: 2,3,4,5,6,12
These are probably some of my favourite lipsticks of all time, they are amazing and the fact that they cost just £1 each makes them even more so!

This is just a collection of my favourites and they do have several other shades. The consistency and texture differs between each lipstick so I can't just describe it as a whole but I will do my best to describe the different textures I've come across with this little collection.

All of these lipsticks have a glossy finish, some more so that others. The texture of the glossy none shimmery lipsticks is very smooth and glides onto your lips easily although the lighter the colour the more you have to apply to get a stronger colour pay off which is fair enough really. The more shimmery shades have a slight gritty texture to them and you can really feel the glitter particles on them as you apply it to your lips, this is quote a strange feeling but not off putting. The glitter tends to be very small silver particles which are very pretty and not over the top.

They aren't particularly scented although I would say they have a typical plastic lipstick smell which isn't unpleasant and isn't noticeable after about 5 minutes.

All of these are nice and hydrating and do not dry my lips out in the slightest, the glitter shades are perhaps a little less moisturising but still gentle on the lips. My favourite shade has got to be number 4 which is a beautiful baby pink shade and is probably one of my favourite lipsticks of all time and I am actually contemplating whether to buy another one to keep in my handbag! At £1 you can't really go wrong!

Have you tried MUA lipsticks? What is your favourite shade?

5 April 2012

LUSH: Fizzbanger

This bath ballistic smells just like Hot Cross Buns to me! The scent is incredibly strong and fills the whole house with it's cinnamon scent! It isn't the most attractive looking LUSH bath ballistic but don't let that put you off!

When it hits the water it immediately starts frothing and fizzing with popping candy that soon follows along with a blue hole that forms in the side. This hole then starts frothing mass amounts of blue foam out turning the bath water a bright green colour and spinning around which Eloise loved! She liked poking her finger in it and prodding it, haha! (You will see her doing this in the video above).

After the blue has stopped you are left with a yellow shell which slowly melts away. Keep your eye out for the little note inside because I missed Eloise's and only found it by chance when I washed my hair after!

This ballistic was very moisturising and Ellie's skin felt super soft afterwards and her skin was quite heavily scented afterwards which lasted quite a while which she isn't fussed about but if you're looking for a bath ballistic that will leave a strong scent afterwards then this is your one!

Overall we both liked this bath bomb although she did lose interest with it after a while because it took quite a while to fizzle out but that's because she's just under 2 and has a short attention span so if you aren't a toddler that wont be a problem! The house still smells like Hot Cross Buns!

4 April 2012

Review: Soap & Glory Foam Call

If you aren't keen on the signature Soap & Glory scent then grab a bottle of this because it smells nothing like their normal musky fruity scent! This is more of a light fruity almost tropical scent without the muskiness which makes it a lot more refreshing and personally, I love this scent so much more than their original! It's called Frutigo and has a lovely orangey, fig fragrance to it which is a lot more Summery smelling to me! I would even go as far to say it's quite a unisex fragrance which I wouldn't usually have thought I'd like but I do. A lot.

It shares it's Fruitigo scent with Butter Yourself and Pulp Friction for those of you who are wondering! I will definitely be picking those two up for myself because it really is an amazing scent!

Now I don't know about you but when I saw it was called Foam Call I automatically thought it would come out as a foam rather than a liquid which kind of threw me a bit but it does foam up when you start rubbing.

This cost me £6.50 for a whopping 500ml so this is going to last me a while so you really do get your moneys worth which this beauty!

It leaves my skin fragrant and considerably softer than most other body washes I have which is nice and it can be used both in the Bath and Shower which is a massive bonus for people like me who  use both. I love the design as with all Soap & Glory products and particularly love the pump nozzle as it keeps everything that little bit cleaner which is nice.

I will be buying the other 2 Fruitgo fragrance products next time I'm in Boots!

What do you think of this and the new Fruitigo fragrance?

3 April 2012

She Said Beauty Box: April '12

Products mentioned:

Filthy Gorgeous Nail Polish
Comfort Zone Body Expert Kit
Mischa Barton Luscious Lips in Pink Pop
Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Champagne
Bharti Vyas The Ultimate Therapy Face and Neck Polisher
Erno Laszlo The Hollywood Collection
Lindt Lindor Chocolate Egg

Filthy Gorgeous Nail Polish: This looks a really bright orange red in the bottle but once you actually apply it the colour is more blue toned which is really strange! It also shows up on camera as a blue toned red which is really odd because in person it really looks orangey! Not really my colour and I'm not keen on the round bottle, looks like of cheap to me, not really sure why but the formula is nice and it applies really nicely. 

Comfort Zone Body Expert Kit: I'm really OCD about trying these because of the mix up with out of date samples being put in last months box and I'm really weird with things like that so I'm not sure I will use them! They look interesting though so perhaps I may give them a go and ignore my OCD thoughts haha! I particularly like the sound of the Fruity Peel Exfoliator and Tranquillity Cream.

Mischa Barton Luscious Lips: I love the colour of this and it's a shame it doesn't show up at all on the lips! It literally looks clear to me. It's a really lovely hydrating texture and makes my lips feel nice too but it smells a bit too much like a little kids lip balm I had when I was in primary school so the £12 price tag seems a little steep to me. The packaging is a bit boring too, I think it would look nicer a slightly flatter, wider shape but perhaps that's just me! I will probably use this but don't think I would buy it otherwise because of the smell.

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder: This is such a gorgeous Champagne colour and the shimmer is so flipping lovely! I was hoping to use this as a face highlighter but I think it's a but too shimmery for that which is a shame so I will probably be using this as an eyeshadow or something. If you wanted something to highlight your collarbones, etc on a night out this would be great too. The colour reminds me of a more shimmery version of Urban Decays Virgin so this would look lovely with the original Naked palette.

 Bharti Vyas The Ultimate Therapy Face and Neck Polisher: I love the smell of this and the walnut flakes in it really appeal to me as I love the texture of nut shavings as exfoliators. I used to use a shower smoothie with almond flakes in it and loved it so this really caught my eye. It smells amazing too, can't quite put my finger on it but it's a nice subtle creamy smell which I love. I love how it wobbles in the pot too! Haha! (see the video for wobbling!)

Erno Laszlo The Hollywood Collection: This is such a lovely bonus item! All the samples are way out of my budget so I could never hope to re purchase them should I like them but I love the fact I have the opportunity to try them!

Lindt Lindor Chocolate Egg: It's chocolate. Enough said.

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