25 May 2012

Review: Burt's Bees Beeswax & Banana Hand Cream

When I gave this a whiff in the jar is smelt bloody amazing! Seriously seriously amazing, like a banana split,  and I cannot stress how disappointed I was when I tried this out only to find the smell did not transfer onto my skin at all! Just left me with a weird beeswax scent (which is all well and good if you like the smell of beeswax).

I used this to moisturise my cuticles and my goodness it moisturises alright! I left it on for 3 minutes tops before I couldn't stand the smell any longer and they were so moisturised and smooth it was unbelievable! They looked like I'd just had an expensive manicure cuticle wise! So its moisturising qualities I cannot fault, but the smell...Eww. I washed my hands about a million times with various soaps from LUSH to try and rid my hands of the smell to no avail although I will point out my cuticles were still looking nice after said million hand washes.

I love this but wish the banana scent would stick further than the jar!

Gee x


  1. I need a good cuticle moisturiser. It's a shame the gorgeous smell doesn;t transfer!!
    x x

  2. Shame about the smell! Usually Burts Bees are quite good with their frangrance transfer!

  3. PIty about the smell because it sounds pretty good otherwise.x


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