24 July 2012

Review: Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Conditioner

This was a bit of a mistake buy, I was meant to pick up the shampoo but somehow being the ditsy girl I am I grabbed this instead! I'm glad I did as it smells amazing, as Soap & Glory products do.

It claims to de tangle, gloss, protect and strengthen and I did notice my hair was slightly more glossy after using this but not amazingly so. As for the other claims I can't really comment as my hair doesn't tangle an awful lot and I haven't noticed whether my hair has strengthened since using this but it smells amazing and doesn't weigh my hair down in the slightest!

I would recommend this if you have quite limp, oily hair as it doesn't leave any residue on your hair to weigh it down but if your hair needs a bit more TLC then this probably won't be nourishing enough for you.

Gee x

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  1. I assume this smells the same as the shampoo, to which is gorgeous :) I'm not a huge fan of the shampoo personally but I haven't given it a go I guess. I'd love to try it out with the conditioner although I think I'd be smelling my hair all day long.

    Rache, xo

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    1. P.S. I have just nominated you for The Versatile Blog Award ~ Have a look here for more information.
      Rache, xo

  2. this sounds so good, im actually really lame and didn't even know they did shampoo and conditioner.x

  3. packaging looks so sweet :)


  4. I have to admit that I wasn't overly impressed with this product. I am a huge S&G fan, so I was a bit disappointed! x

  5. the packaging looks cute and interesting. Well, I think i wanna try it out together with the shampoo. I hope it could make my hair shiny with less tangles.

  6. left my hair feeling heavy and greasy. will never use soap and glory products on my hair again as took me twice as long to get ready as i had to rewash! not impressed


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