14 September 2013


When I first saw this I knew sooner or later I'd end up buying it as I find waiting for moisturiser to sink into my skin the most boring thing on earth and 100% not what I wasn't to be waiting around for when chasing after a 3 year old and a kitten. I', not really a massive fan of Vaseline products really, I've probably tried most of their lip balms and so forth but nothing has ever wowed me so I wasn't expecting miracles with this one either.

If you're thinking now that I'm going to surprise you all and say i found this fantastic I'm afraid you're wrong unfortunately. It was okay. You have to twist the nozzle to open it which is a plus for handbags and parents with toddlers and it sprayed pretty evenly although not as much of a mist as I would have liked really, I had patches of milky goo which took a bit of rubbing in, much more than the seconds it claims on the can. It wasn't that greasy so good marks there and it moisturised okay. I wasn't a huge fan of this scent though, I chose the pure oat extract one on a whim and sort of wish I'd gone for the cocoa butter one now even though that scent was stronger. It didn't linger too long though but if I sniffed my skin I could smell it.

All in all it was okay and for those days where you're in a rush or just really can't be bothered with slapping a thick moisturiser on then this would be great but if you have particularly dry skin you may find this too light.

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