3 June 2014

A life ended before it began

I am finding this so very difficult to write about. I have only told close family because I can't bring myself to actually say it but I so desperately want to remember, I want my baby to be known, I want every emotion that comes with it to be raw and never forgotten; Saturday, 31st May 2014 was the day a life ended before it began. Saturday, 31st May 2014 was the day I lost a baby, my son or daughter, Eloise's brother or sister. 

My heart is broken. 

The world may never notice

If a Snowdrop doesn't bloom
Or even pause to wonder
If the petals fall too soon.

But every life that ever forms
Or ever comes to be,
Touches the world in some small way
For all eternity.

The little one we long for,
Was swiftly here and gone
But the love that was then planted
Is a light that still shines on.

And though our arms are empty
Our hearts know what to do
Every beating of our hearts
Says that we love you.

Author Unknown

10 February 2014


When Revlon came out with a brand new line of these pretty little things I must admit I was rather excited. After the release of their Lip Butters (which are amazing) a couple of years ago I had high hopes for the new line of balms.

Vivacious is a warm pinky red shade with a highly pigmented balmy texture and a lovely sheen. I can see this becoming a favourite in Spring and Summer. It comes in the form of a chubby pencil which makes application more precise than a regular lipstick type bullet. It has a light peppermint scent which I'm not quite sure whether I like yet as I was hoping for a similar scent to the butters as that was lovely.

Overall I am pretty impressed with this one!

Have you tried these? What did you think? Any shade recommendations?

7 February 2014


I don't even remember when I last did one of these and I always love seeing what everyone else carries around with them. I have a tendency to carry mostly junk and things I don't need around with me but this is a relatively new bag (from next) so it hasn't got to Mary Poppins depth yet.

One of my favourite magazines, love the compact size. 

I suffer from low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia so I carry this in case I need to check my glucose levels.

This was a few pounds off eBay and I just think it's so cute! I almost wish I had one for myself although I'm not sure I could pul it off quite like my daughter.

I think every girl carries a lip balm in her handbag but Eloise has pinched this at some point as there are some tell tale mini finger marks in it…

I always pop in some form of sugar if I'm going out in case I get caught out with my blood sugar levels.

Same as the above. Eloise normally claims one more times than not.

Not really sure why this is in here yet because here in the UK it's been nothing but rain and wind for months and I can't remember what the sun looks like. 

Just boring old keys with a tonne of key rings attached. Oh, and a Tesco clubcard.

I love these polaroid prints! I am currently working on a polaroid wall in my room of all the photos on my instagram - geegardner91 if anyone wants to follow me.

Pretty self explanatory. I never usual carry cash because I just end up spending it just to get rid of it. I much prefer good old plastic.

I love these style of hair ties, they're much kinder to my hair and leave less of a kink to it once I take them out. PLus they come in so many lovely designs.

Got to have my anti back with me. I either have gel or wipes. 

Not really sure why I need two hand sanitisers in my bag but two is better than none.

Just bog standard Apple headphones that came with my iPhone. Nothing interesting really.

I prefer to carry perfume samples rather than a bottle because I'm always afraid of breaking it. Not only that it's so much lighter.

This isn't actually meant to be in here. I have a feel in it either fell off my desk into my bag or somebody small put it in there.

I recently started using disposable cameras which I'm loving so much! I really love having printed photos to look at because it's always so much nicer to see something in the flesh father than on a computer screen or phone I think.

I have had these in my handbag for ages and haven't used them because they're so pretty! Ha, I'm totally sad like that.

I've had this for years now and it's looking a bit worse for wear. About time I invested in a new one really.

Another mystery product that wasn't meant to be in here...

4 February 2014

Valentine's Day // Lush Prince Charming

Can I just stop and say that this is perhaps my most favourite thing ever right now! I don;t think I have loved a LUSH scent as much as this one since Happy Blooming (LUSH if you're reading this pretty please with cherries on bring that back)! Can you tell I'm excited?!

Prince Charming is one of the limited edition valentines offerings from LUSH. It smells, and I kid you not, JUST like Fry's Turkish Delight. You know, the one covered in chocolate. Mostly the turkish delight than the chocolate but my goodness this is amazing. Not really sure where the pomegranate or marshmallow root is because it literally smells like they squished up a load of turkish delight and put it in the bottle. It lathers well, scent lingers for just the right amount of time and I just feel like I'm in a massive turkish delight box when I use it.

Only thing I don't like is that it's limited edition and I will more than likely forget to stock up before it's gone.

2 February 2014

Products I've Used Up #1

I don't think I've ever done an empties blog post before, mostly because I'm completely rubbish at finishing an entire product up and just end up with a bunch of half full lotions and potions hanging about the place. I actually ran completely out of shampoo the other week. That NEVER happens. I usually have at least 3 on the go at once so just goes to show I've been really good with using everything (some) up.

Anyway, enough of the rambling introduction! Here's what I used up:


I love Herbal Essences, I find that if I'm ever stuck choosing what shampoo to buy I tend to go for one of their variations. This on it Tousle Me Softly which is intended for wavy hair, mines pretty straight on the whole but I guess it does have a slight wave to it…maybe. I really loved this, it smells amazing and left my hair feeling super soft and easy to manage. I would probably buy this one again but as you have so much choice with Herbal Essences I do like to switch it up a bit.


I adore this scent, it reminds me a bit of Lacoste Touch of Pink which I loved back in college. It leaves a lovely lingering scent to the skin for a good while after. It is a beautiful pearlescent pink colour which feels lovely and creamy but lathers well and also makes for a good bubble bath. I will definitely buy this again.


First of all VO5 products tend to be on offer quite a lot in supermarkets and drugstores so they are well worth getting your hands on, if I remember correctly this huge bottle was only about £2 from Tesco. I really liked this shampoo, it smells like apples to me and does just what it says. My hair always looks shiny and hydrated after using this. It does build up on your hair a bit so a bit of a mix up once a week would probably keep that at bay.


This came in a set when I bought One Directions perfume and it smells just like it. It's not particularly moisturising or anything it just scents your skin with a lovely sweet, girly scent with a hint of citrus.


Not the most glamorous of products but this studs seriously lasted ages. At least a few months. Smells quite fresh and possibly unisex. I suffer from quite bad anxiety so the fact it says it provides "extra protection in stressful situations" appealed to me and well, it works.


First of all I hated the smell of this and then it almost because nostalgic and then I loved it and now I don't like it again. Not really sure why but it's a sweet lime scent with a hint of almond to it. Incredibly moisturising and as with most S&G products the scent lingers on the skin so you can smell yummy for longer.


I adore adore adore this scent, I'm not really one for strong coconut products but this is somehow softer and with something else added in there scent wise that makes it oh so amazing. It's super hydrating and you hair is guaranteed to smell amazing after. This is a scent I have loved for a good 4 years now and is definitely a must try if you haven't already.

Have you tried any of these? What did you think?

1 February 2014

DIY // Fabric Photo Frame

I was originally just going to fill this with photographs but it's been sitting in my room for months now so I thought I'd finally do something creative with it and this is what I came up with! I hope you like it!


Multi aperture frame
Fabric samples

This is super simple and I almost feel like I don't even need to explain how to do it but I shall anyway. 
I first cut out each of the two aperture sizes out of the backing cardboard. I then placed the cut outs on the back of each of the fabrics (I used some beautiful Cath Kidston cut offs I had lying around from when I made Eloise a patchwork quilt) and traced round it with a pencil. Next I cut the fabric shapes out and placed them in each of the spaces, put the frame pieces back together and voila! Super simple, quick and easy fabric frame!

Please send me photos of your frames if you try this out! 

30 January 2014

Monthly Favourites // January 2014

It's been quite a while since I've posted my monthly favourites and I felt a bit un organised when deciding what to include but after about 3000 years I narrowed it down to this. I've included a few random favourites too because I always enjoy seeing randoms being included.

27 January 2014

Valentine's Day // Makeup Tutorial


Whenever I think of Valentine's Day I think of a statement red lip (and also the episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch where Harvey gets turned into a frog). Valentine's Day also tends to include romance and romance is likely to have kissing somewhere on the agenda…Or a big tub of ice cream but either way the thought of covering my date or my huge tub of ice cream in bright red lipstick makes me shudder a bit! Here is a little make up look I put together with a neutral lip so as to avoid covering somebody or your tub of cookie dough (which I think would be worse) in lipstick.

I started this look with my usual base, a nice peachy blush and filled in my brows which I won't go into depth about as the main concentration here is the eyes, nothing dramatic, just a nice neutral shimmer.

I started by grabbing my original Naked Palette and sweeping the shade Sin (a lovely shimmery champagne with a hint of rose) as a base to even things out a bit. Next I took the shade Half Baked (a coppery bronze with a frosty shimmer) and swept it over my lid taking just a little up into the crease. I then blended the shade Naked (a matte medium to light brown) into my crease and popped a bit of Virgin (a pale shimmery champagne) on my brown bone as a highlight. 

Next move is eyeliner, for this look I chose to use a liquid liner for an ever so slight winged look. I first took a small angled brush and lined the top of my eye with the Shade Creep (a shimmery charcoal) staying as close to the top lashes as possible. I then took my No7 Amazing Eyes Liner and went over that line. You can skip the eyeshadow liner and go straight in with the liquid if, unlike me, you are good at applying winged liner. 

I then applied mascara, eyeliner and lastly blended Half Baked into my bottle lash line with a small brush, quick lip balm application and Voila! A pretty Valentine's Day look that leaves no risk of second hand lipstick transference. 

Happy Val Day Sab! (I should really stop watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch box sets…)

25 January 2014

Close-ups // The Chaos That Is My Makeup Bag

Just in case you are wondering what a makeup bag looks like if you don't go through it in over a year,  the above photograph will give you a pretty good idea of the chaos that is a disorganised makeup bag.

I did you all a favour by not including the watch strap links, bobby pins, ear plugs, toy ladybird (Eloise's input) and various receipts (who keeps receipts in their make up bag anyway). As you can see I appear to have about twenty million blushes and not a lot else! Truth is i've been stuck in a bit of a make up rut and probably actually use eight of these products and haven't touched the rest in a good 6 months.

So here is a little insight into the main products I've been putting on my face for the last goodness knows how long now:


I love this foundation ridiculous amounts. I have reviewed this here so I won't go on and on about it but I have loved this since I bought it and it's the only foundation that seems to be able to cope with the various extremes my skin goes to throughout the year. The shade range is the best I have ever come across and I will forever go back to this. Did I also mention I love it?

You can buy it  for £27 here.


I'm sure you've probably heard everyone and their cat rave about this mascara and rightly so because it is one of the best mascaras i've used. I don't normally get on with plastic wands as they tend to cause my lashes to lose their curl as soon as they touch them but as long as I don't go and slap a load on at once then I have no problems. The bristles on the tip make getting those corner lashes a doddle. I currently have the sample size but I will be buying the full once I run out.

You can buy it for £19.50 here.


Again, another beauty blogger favourite! I've been using this for the last 2 years and I love it. It covers dark circles, scarring, blemishes, redness, the lot.

You can buy it for £4.19 here.


I'm not really a massive fan of MAC face products because the Studio Fix foundation kind of put me off a bit when it made my face smell like a bonfire. That being said, everyone does deserve a second chance and I'm really glad I went ahead and bought this powder because it's amaze. It doesn't look caky, even after touch ups, sets my makeup and controls any oils whilst still looking natural. No bonfire scent either luckily.

You can buy it for £22 here.


These are the King, Queen and the entire royal family of all eyelash curlers. I cannot fault them in the slightest, I have long, straight lashes that take quite a lot to get a curl to hold but these curlers can keep them perfect until the morning even without mascara.

You can buy them for £20 here.


I have this in the shade light and it's the first actual contour powder i've owned (I used to use Benefit Hoola Bronzer before) and I like it. Nothing particularly special, doesn't break me out and just does the job really. It comes with a highlight too which I don't really like because I feel like it's not even noticeable so I don't tend to use it.

You can but it for £6.49 here.


I bought this a while ago and reviewed it here expecting it to be as amazing as everyone said but I found it a bit "meh". It's a peachy pink with a golden shimmer which I do like but I feel it's a bit too shimmery for my skin tone at times. I put this in here just so I would use it as it wasn't cheap!

You can buy it for £21.50 here

So that's pretty much all i've been using! I occasionally dig out my original Naked palette which I have rekindled my love for over the past few months. I think it's time for a mix up!

What products do you always go back to?

23 January 2014


I think most people have heard of these award winning brushes from Real Techniques Brushes by now! And if you haven't, you're really missing out! All of the brushes featured in this post I use on a daily basis (as you can probably tell, they're a bit grubby and in need of a deep clean).


This is your standard big fluffy powder brush really, what I love about it is that it's just so soft! I've gone through a fair few different powder brushes in my time and nothing has been as soft as this one.


This is a little multiple wonder which I use as a blush brush and occasionally a contour brush. All you have to do is pinch the bristles and voila! The perfect shape for contouring your cheeks!


For contouring funnily enough, perfect size for everywhere on the face that you could ever wish to contour and I don't know what I'd do without it now!


My number one favourite of the bunch. Lovely thick and soft bristles which buff in my foundation perfectly, once you try this you will not know how you managed without it I promise.


Now I used to use this to apply my base (before I purchased the Core Collection which includes the Buffing Brush) and I loved it but since getting the Buffing Brush I feel the shorter bristles to this one feel a bit "stiff" when applying my foundation. These days I use it mostly if I'm wanting to use a cream blush or highlight and it works a treat, the perfect size for the job.

What are your favourite face brushes?

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21 January 2014

DIY // Banana And Oat Facemask

Let us just stop for a moment and admire how fabulous I look….Ha ha! I jest. The things I do for you guys. Now I'm over the fact I have just uploaded a photograph with what looks like baby food all over my face for the entire Internet to see I shall explain myself.

My skin does not like winter, it doesn't like central heating, it doesn't like the cold wind in fact, it doesn't like anything about the cold full stop. It looks dull, dry and generally very sorry for itself and I am yet to find a moisturiser that can completely combat the dryness and not clog up my pores in the process. Usually I only go for face masks during the summer when I need something to control the opposite end of the skin type spectrum and mop up excess oil. Anyway, here is what I did:

What you'll need is half a ripe banana and a tablespoon of rolled oats or oatmeal. You can also add olive oil if your skin is really dry or lemon juice if you want a bit more of a brightening treatment or go crazy and add both.

All you have to do is mash the banana up so it forms a paste, mix in the oats and slap on your face that's really all there is to it! I left it on for 20 minutes the used a flannel to buff it in a bit as I removed it to exfoliate my skin a little.

To say I was surprised with the results would be an understatement and I've tried pretty high end moisturising masks in the past with little or no effect but my skin looked brighter, felt moisturised and even my pores were dramatically reduced (they weren't big to begin with but I could still see a difference) all from putting a bit of banana and a few oats on my face which are as cheap as chips (or cheaper in fact!)

Have you got any other DIY face mask recommendations you'd like to share?

19 January 2014


Everybody loves a parka right? I remember having one when I was about 12 that drowned me but I loved it. I don't know about you but I always have a tough time trying to find a coat I love that ticks all the right boxes and initially I wanted the Topshop Borg Parka but after seeing it on I didn't love it as much as I first thought so on went the search until I came across this beautiful number. It wasn't too long, has a removable fluffy faux sheepskin inside so I can wear it into the spring without baking, plenty of pockets (which are always useful as I always have my 3.5 year old in tow), a fluffy trim around the hood (detachable also) which is a must with a parka in my eyes and just wonderful quality all round as with all Zara items. It came in at £89.99 which is cheaper than the Topshop Borg and that is what I have been telling myself every time I remember I spent that much on a coat! Ha!

I saw it in the Zara sale not too long ago down from £89.99 to £49.99 so may be worth checking out if you love it too.

14 January 2014

Molecule 01 // Escentric Molecules

After reading countless reviews on this little bottle of goodness where pretty much everybody was raving about how amazing it is and that every man, woman and child was pleading with them to reveal their scent secret I finally caved and bought it.

I was a bit dubious initially and was half expecting not to like it as I hadn't even so much as sniffed it before! I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't hate it but was also a bit "meh" when I first sprayed it. Don't get me wrong I did like it but after all the hype I was expecting magical angels tears or something.

Straight out the bottle it has a nice warm, relaxing woody scent. I find sometimes I can't wear my other perfumes because on some days they are just too sweet or too floral and so on this, on the other hand, is light enough for me to be able to wear whenever.

Now the magic (or science really) to this is that it contains just one molecule which adjusts itself to your natural scent to create a unique tailor made fragrance just for you that everyone and their cat will love. I tested it on my sister who initially said it reminded her of old people and she wasn't keen at all but half an hour later she was asking me where she could buy it because it was "the best smell ever".

For me it goes on as quite a distinct woody scent which disappears and turned into a very subtle but amazing fruity kind of scent.

I got the travel size refill one which was £27 from here.

Has anyone tried this? What does it smell like on you?
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