14 January 2014

Molecule 01 // Escentric Molecules

After reading countless reviews on this little bottle of goodness where pretty much everybody was raving about how amazing it is and that every man, woman and child was pleading with them to reveal their scent secret I finally caved and bought it.

I was a bit dubious initially and was half expecting not to like it as I hadn't even so much as sniffed it before! I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't hate it but was also a bit "meh" when I first sprayed it. Don't get me wrong I did like it but after all the hype I was expecting magical angels tears or something.

Straight out the bottle it has a nice warm, relaxing woody scent. I find sometimes I can't wear my other perfumes because on some days they are just too sweet or too floral and so on this, on the other hand, is light enough for me to be able to wear whenever.

Now the magic (or science really) to this is that it contains just one molecule which adjusts itself to your natural scent to create a unique tailor made fragrance just for you that everyone and their cat will love. I tested it on my sister who initially said it reminded her of old people and she wasn't keen at all but half an hour later she was asking me where she could buy it because it was "the best smell ever".

For me it goes on as quite a distinct woody scent which disappears and turned into a very subtle but amazing fruity kind of scent.

I got the travel size refill one which was £27 from here.

Has anyone tried this? What does it smell like on you?


  1. So glad to see you back!

    I have been tempted by this for ages and as much as id love people to tell me I smell amazing, i would also want to be able to smell what they smell (if that makes sense) haha x

    1. Thank you :)

      Yes! I'm always curious what it smells like to other people. x


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