6 July 2017


I have rather an unhealthy obsession with charity shops, eBay and second hand things in general. My best ever bargains thus far are probably a huge tub (and I mean a HUGE XXL tub) of Duplo for £3 and a Cath Kidston cappuccino mug for £1. My weaknesses are mainly vintage baby clothes at the moment, Lily has a plethora of Sarah Louise dresses which are literally the most beautiful things ever. I love the modern vintage style bits and pieces but nothing beats a beautiful vintage dress that resembles a curtain from the 90s.

The above is a vintage 90s romper, originally from Tesco I think (don't quote me on that though) which cost me £5 and it's bloody gorgeous. I love how vintage clothes look on Lily, I think they suit her so much and she just looks bloody adorable. It also has a smocked chest which makes it even cuter and was totally not the only reason I bought it.

The little knitted cardigan cost me £1 which makes me both happy, because it was cheap as chips and sad because someones Nanny probably sat there for hours knitting that for her granddaughter. I crochet so know how much time and effort goes into little things like that and it's worth so much more than a quid on love alone. Lily has more than enough cardigans but I have no self control when it comes to anything hand knitted. I have crocheted  her a few myself but I just love knitted baby clothes and but I can only just about knit a scarf haha! Plus this has cute little dogs on the front panels so I had to get it, right? We love your craftsmanship random persons Nana.

I was a 90s kid and I remember watching Rosie and Jim when I was younger so I totally spend £3 on these socks purely for the nostalgia. I tried to get Lily to like Rosie and Jim but she prefers Teletubbies and those shitty nursery rhymes on Youtube.

The sunglasses are Eloise's and I have previously mentioned them in my June monthly favourites post. I stumbled across them during a vintage baby clothes eBay search which was weird because they're not vintage or for babies haha. They cost a couple of quid and Eloise looks fab in them.

Gee x

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  1. Damn I need that cardigan in my size haha! I love scrolling through ebay and searching through charity shops! You can't beat a bargain! x

  2. That cardigan is so so cute! We found all our knits were just too little and too much for a summer baby! :(

  3. Aww what a cute little outfit. I totally love a bargain too :)

  4. Ah that's so cute. I'm forever spending far too much money, I should become a bargain hunter!

  5. I'm overly cautious with eBay, but you've tempted me to check it out! xo

  6. The pink cardigan is adorable xx


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