31 October 2017



// Raspberry Wheats soaked in milk
// Strawberries

I tried a new approach with the raspberry wheats and soaked them prior to giving them to her to avoid the inevitable spilling of the milk EVERYWHERE. She loves strawberries at the moment and they have replaced blueberries completely which kept getting discarded to the floor and general surrounding area.


// Wholemeal Pitta Bread Cheese & Tomato Pizza
// Cottage Cheese
// Cucumber
// Red Pepper Hummus

She ate the cottage cheese and practically licked the hummus. The pitta pizza was left untouched and Eloise told me she didn't like the bread. HOW DO THEY KNOW? How can they tell it's wholemeal? It's covered in cheese and I made sure to ensure no healthiness was obvious?!

Cucumber also wasn't touched. Her teeth are just breaking beginning to break the surface this week so Lily has been next level picky. 


// Hasselback Potatos with Laughing Cow Cheese, Herbs and Spring Onion
// Cottage Cheese
// Roasted Sprouts
// 1/4 Onion Bhaji Burger
// 1/4 Mexican Bean Burger

I gave her cottage cheese again because it's all she finishes at the moment, the potato got poked at and so did the burgers. Both burgers are from Tesco, the Onion Bhaji ones I've been trying to get hold of for a while but they were always unavailable on the delivery day and were substituted but I finally got some. They are pretty good! The Mexican bean burgers have considerably more kick and Lily picked at this one a bit more. The sprouts were left to die alone. 

Check out last weeks post here.

30 October 2017


Something I've noticed, especially since becoming a family of 4 is that despite the fact we are all together most of the time we actually spend very little time as a family. We are even in the same room  90% of the time but chances are we are all doing our own thing; Ben will be doing game related stuff, I will be Mumming about or blogging, Eloise will be playing games and Lily will be, well, doing Lily stuff. I think when you're busy with running a house, business, looking after kids, whatever, on little to fuck all sleep your priorities end up being about staying upright rather than spending quality time with your family. It becomes about the motions of everyday life and less about quality time and sometimes it's totally fine to do your own thing together, but taking time out from life and putting time into each other is more important than the dust on the picture frames or the recycling bin.

So this half term I have been putting a lot more effort to actually do things as a family.

Curry Night

Normally I dish up food in the kitchen and we will eat together anyway, Eloise will occasionally eat in her room but most of the time we all end up in the same room, sat together.  I normally have to cook slightly different things for everyone but today I decided to mix it up a bit and make things more fun and serve it on the coffee table in front of the fireplace. I normally make a Tikka Masala but it's too spicy for Eloise so I opted for Butter Chicken so we could all have the same thing and she liked it! Sounds pretty boring but we were all eating together, enjoying a meal (which was the same for everyone) as a family. I think sometimes quality time really just boils down to the simple things in life.

National Trust Packwood House  

We have had a membership to The National Trust for a little over a year now and it's one of the best things we have ever bought. We hadn't used it in a while and have hardly left the house in a month due to cold after cold after flu so it was about time we all got out and breathed fresh air. I have been to Packwood before with my Grandparents but I was pretty young so didn't really remember it but it was nice to take the girls when all the pumpkins were out! They have a cute little pumpkin patch with sunflowers which were unfortunately a bit over now but beautiful all the same. Lily absolutely loved running around the kitchen garden and Eloise enjoyed exploring the house.

Pumpkin Carving 

Can't really go wrong with a couple of pumpkins from Morrisons! haha. Eloise designed this Frankenstein pumpkin and I think she did fantastically well! I did most of the stabby things but she scooped the guts out and the design is exactly how she drew it. Lily enjoyed helping by trying to grab the pumpkin tools, mainly the sharp ones, obviously. We also cracked out the decorations we used for Eloise's surprise Halloween Family Disco that we threw for her after school last year. We haven't put them all up yet because quite frankly,  cleaning up pumpkin goo knackered me out.

Halloween Filmathon

Me and Eloise had a mini filmathon on Sunday, which was sadly the last day of half term! Major sad face there. Lily an Ben were invited but they didn't appreciate the glory of Hocus Pocus. Considering disowning them because let's face it, Hocus Pocus is WAY up there in the best Halloween films of all time. Eloise had always loved this film and sat there with her popcorn for the entire duration. I love that now she's older she will actually sit and watch something without losing interest after 0.5 seconds.

"Time spent with family 
is time well spent."


29 October 2017


This is only a mini haul, I feed her more than carrots and rice obviously but whenever I find new food I get ridiculously excited because, well...food. I had been looking for these little packs of rice for ages but found them in Morrisons on offer for £1 so that was a double win. Since she started cutting another 4 (yes, 4) teeth at once, Lily's been very picky with her food and only really eats shite these days.

I have been searching for food that I can pass off as non healthy and/or that is so cool looking so the girls can't help but want to eat it.

Rainbow Carrots

Not much to say about these other than they are rainbow. I got some rainbow cauliflower for M&S not long ago and the novelty wasn't lost on me. I find Morrisons do quite a few interesting looking vegetables and really cute little munchkin pumpkins at the moment but rainbow vegetables 100% do it for me. They also had purple potatoes!

Napolina Red Lentil Penne

My kids are basically pasta fiends! Pasta Bake, Pasta with cheese, Macaroni Cheese, Spaghetti Bolognese, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Pasta with sauce, Pasta Salad, Pasta with Pasta. They would live on pasta if I let them, especially Eloise. I also picked this up in Morrisons and I'm hoping to be able to pass it off as regular pasta to make the meals just that little bit healthier.

Tilda Kids Rice Pouches

As these were on offer, I had to by several. It's the law. I got Sunshine Vegetable, Vegetable & Wholegrain and Cheese & Tomato, all except the cheese and tomato are gluten free and dairy free. They also do a curry one which looked nice too and I will be grabbing that too next time. These make for super quick meals because you can literally just stick them in a microwave, they're also smaller than your normal rice pouches which means less food to pick up off the floor! Yay!


28 October 2017


I have wanted to try one of the Lush Jelly Bath Bombs for ages and what better than a spooky, Halloween themed one, so I went with Ectoplasm. I sent Ben out to get it and I sat excited about the jelly possibilities and general awesomeness that must come with a jelly bath bomb.

It had a very subtle citrus scent, a lot softer than most both bombs which tend to have a very strong aroma about them so I thought, okay, maybe the scent will pick up when it's wet. It's not my favourite scent, although it did become more noticeable once in the water but it was a bit eh. I chucked it and it sort of farted a bit and then oozed for what seemed like 500 years.

I have to be honest, it was more disappointing than when McDonald's forget to put in the sauces with your fries. The fizz doesn't really fizz, it's more of an ooze. The pale coloured ghosts and dots turn a fluorescent yellow which looked kind of cool until the surrounding water started looking like when someone has a sneaky piss in a swimming pool. It just sort of floats there, oozing and bubbling.

I took it out and sort of squashed it a bit because to be perfectly honest, I got fucking bored. It was like picking up a slimy turd. The jelly glop wouldn't wash off my hand and stuck itself under my fingernails so much I contemplated chopping them off.

At this point I was thinking "well fuck putting my body in that" but of course Eloise was fascinated and was LOVING the grossness so in she jumped. She had gross globs of purple stuck to her, splashing around with me shouting "don't get it in your hair whatever you do!" at her every 3 seconds. She didn't want to get out. 10/10 from her.

After the bloody thing finally dissolved, it left the bath looking like a brown, gloopy, mess. Slightly like puke but certainly not like ectoplasm. It looked more like an alien had sharted in the bath.

So in conclusion, it's more of a kids one I reckon. I don't know an adult who would find sitting in that relaxing and I shudder just thinking about the texture. Sorry Lush!


27 October 2017


If you are the owner of a toddler, or have been within a 12 mile radius of a one then you will probably know that there are a lot of seemly innocent things you had no idea could piss another human off to such a high degree. 

In the adult world, you can piss someone off by stealing their food, not replacing the bog roll, poking them in the eye or entering into general dickheadishness, but in toddler world, the wrong coloured cup can set off a lengthy momentum of fuckery and completely ruin someones day. 

I have been a Mum for nearly 8 years and over that time I have probably fucked off my kids approximately several thousand times, but here are a collection of things I have done recently that have fucked Lily off:

// I wouldn't let her eat my packet of Revels like a dog.

// I sat down.

// I stood up.

// I asked her Dad a question.

// She was hungry but then didn't want her food.

// I wouldn't let her play with used sanitary towels. 

// I gave her block back to her.

// I wouldn't let her stick her head in the toilet bowl. 

// She bit me. 

// I wouldn't let her carry on eating the clump of mud and/or actual shit that she has picked off the cats paw.

// I wouldn't let her touch the scalding hot oven.

// She hurt me so I said ouch.

// She hurt her Dad so he said ouch.

// I stopped her from exposing both tits in the middle of Morrisons. 

// I wouldn't let her sit on my knee whilst I was having a shit.

Here are some things that have pissed other bloggers toddlers off:

// Broken bread sticks. Every time. Both my daughter and now my son are epically outraged if I offer them a bread stick in two pieces! - Jodie @Maidenhead Mum

// I wouldn’t let our one year old go for a walk with the dog at 2am in the rain. What a mean mum! After twenty minutes of shouting ‘walk’ and the dogs name, we had the mother of all meltdowns!  - Hayley @Devon Mama

// Mine regularly has a melt down on the kitchen floor because I won't let him go through the kitchen bin! - Lylia @Lylia Rose

// My little girl got angry at me while shopping in Sainsbury's and shouted at me saying that she wanted to go to Asda not Sainsbury's. - Emma @Devon Mum

// My toddler gets annoyed if i take the banana out of the banana skin. - Amelia @Amelia Salmon

// My daughter strops (big time!) because I wont let her splash in the cat water...or put her toes in the cat food. - Simone @Married To A Geek

// My daughter, then aged 3, cried for four hours because a sheep looked at her as we drove past a field one day. - Laura @Five Little Doves

// My son once had a 30 minute screaming fit because his ice cream was "too cold". - Katy @Hot Pink Wellingtons

// My 2 year old daughter was very mad with me because it was my birthday, not hers! - Emma @Free From Farmhouse

// My toddler threw a massive strop because he didn't want to drink the milk I gave him because there was a shark in it. - Gareth @Daddy Giraffe

// Ava had a full on meltdown because I didn't think it was appropriate for her to lick a rubbish bin! - Amy @Mama Mighalls

// My son when a toddler used to throw an absolute fit if his elder sister dare look out of his window while we were in the car! The world was quite literally ending! He would scream loud enough for the space station to hear him, and then hurl a hot wheels car at her! How a window didn't get broken, or my daughter end up with a black eye, or me with a perforated ear drum I'll never know!! - Nathalie @The Intolerant Gourmand

// I’m hated daily because I won’t let her drink from the dogs water bowl. - Stevie @But First, Tea

// Cutlery was too cold. I'm serious. - Clare @Wild Mama - Wile Tribe

// Bethie was really annoyed the other day that I had taken my friends little boys potty off her and wouldn't let her play in his wee! - Cheryl @Mummy Of 5 Miracles

// The 2 best from my daughter were once in *popular coffee chain* (cafe Nero lol) I bought her a chocolate coin and she threw her self to floor because it was too big. Yes. Too big. But the absolute best was when she freaked the *^%* out because her shadow wouldn’t stop following her Aleena @Mummy Mama Mum

// My daughter hates it when I stop at traffic lights. - Robyn @Catching Up With The Clarkes

Basically, anything appears to have the potential to fuck a toddler off. They should come with an "approach with cation" sticker to warn people of the very high risk of tantrums and general stroppiness. Who knew you could totally fuck someone's day up by giving them the wrong cup?

What have you done to piss your toddlers off? Points for the most bizarre reason!


26 October 2017


 Another month another Pink Parcel. I seem to be way off on my cycle these days because they never arrive at the right time anymore (my period AND my Pink Parcel). I need to shake up the dates I think! Can we also just take a moment of appreciation to whoever packs the little boxes up because the products are always arranged in such a neat, satisfying way. It's like Tetris with make up! So a shout out to whoever packs these beauties up!

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait

I love the packaging on this one, the lipstick case is cardboard so much more eco friendly than your regular lippy. I got the shade Exotic Fruits which is a very light nude. Probably a bit too light for me as the colour is quite strong but with a bit of lip gloss it'll be nice.

The formula is so creamy and lovely though!

Urban Veda Facial Wash

I got the Daily Purifying Facial Wash which is a combination of wild mint, eucalyptus and witch hazel to help sort out problem skin. This smells kind of like Olbas Oil and I so wish I had this when I was suffering from sinusitis earlier this month!

It left my skin feeling super clean but not tight at all which is a problem I normally face with purifying skincare. So far I love it!

T+ Teabag

Green tea with added vitamins in a tiny pink packet? Yes please. I love cute little teas, I need to get a little pot for all of my pretty, fancy teas because our cupboard is literally so messy it's not even funny! This one is a blend of green tea, raspberry and pomegranate with a nice sprinkling of vitamin B!

Cougar Mineral Eyeshadow

I will start by saying I love the colour, but I hate the packaging. These little shaker pots for eyeshadow just don't do it for me at all! I find them so hard to actually get the product out of without getting it absolutely bloody everywhere.

I also have no idea what shade this is, I may be just being thick but I can't seem to find the name anywhere on the pot!?

Blank Canvas Face Brush

Hold your horses, sit down and put down your mugs because this is is probably one of the softest brushes I ever did touch. It's worth £14.81 alone so that in itself is more than the entire box which is something I love about Pink Parcel; you always get your moneys worth!

The bristles are anti bacterial which is something that stood out to me being the massive germophobe that I am. This face brush can be used with wet or dry products and will distribute your foundation perfectly across your beautiful, beautiful face.

Raw Halo Chocolate Bar

You can't lose with chocolate can you, really?! I got Mylk + Pink Himalayan Salt which sounds oh so indulgent. The packaging is also right up my street!

This chocolate is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan friendly and is made using the finest organic cacao from Peru and cashew nuts which are sweetened with vanilla and coconut sugar.

MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Blush

I could touch this forever! It is so unbelievably soft and pillowy and I have never stuck my finger in anything so amazing.

The colour I got is called Hedonic which is quite a bright, candy pink so I'm not sure how much wear I will get out of it but the formula alone makes me want to buy more and with a tiny £3 price tag that's totally doable!

I really loved this months box! My favourites have to be the Raw Halo chocolate and the Urban Veda face wash! I am yet to try the Blank Canvas brush but I can see it being a future favourite.

P.S Check your boobs!


25 October 2017


On Friday we went on an impromptu visit to The National Trust Packwood House which is slap bang in the Midlands near Lapworth. 

I had visited before with my Grandparents as a child but I can't remember what day it is these days let alone something that happened 15 odd years ago. Anyway, off we went, armed with various cameras and various lenses to take some pretty autumnal photographs. Naturally I got landed with my Canon which has a knackered auto focus and let me tell you, manually focusing on a feral toddler is hard.

I love our National Trust Membership, it's probably one of the best things we have ever bought! For £9 a month we can visit any property we like. They hold various activities for children over the course of the year including Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween Trails and the likes! There are lovely little cafes on site and they make for fantastic days out at any time of the year.

Lily thoroughly enjoyed the Kitchen Garden which is quite like a maze of beautiful flowers and pumpkins at this time of year. She has a whale of a time making me chance after her as she legged it towards steps and attempted to climb over bushes. She had a good long look at the "kins" in their little pumpkin patch which had the cutest little wheelbarrow full of fancy pumpkins surrounded by sunflowers which had just gone over which was a shame. They also had a beautiful display of munchkin pumpkins which she was fascinated by and it took great effort on my part to stop her grabbing every single one off the neatly arranged shelf and generally being a heathen.

If you are planning to visit I would recommend not bringing the pushchair and dig out a sling instead. In fact I'd recommend doing that with any of the National Trust properties actually because it just makes it a whole lot easier to get around and you won't miss out on the off road bits and bobs. Not only that but pushing a pram on grass or stones is bloody difficult at the best of times. My legs ACHED the next day! I do normally take Lily in the Connecta but as this visit was very last minute I wasn't prepared at all haha. 

We decided that because we had the pushchair, that Ben and Eloise would go Dalmation hunting around the house, and me and Lily would go off exploring the grounds. Obviously this ended up in us losing each other and also losing signal so that was super fun haha. The grounds were beautifully scattered with autumn leaves which the girls loved walking through them and kicking them about.

I shall leave it here with a little vlog of the days antics. 


24 October 2017



// Toast
// Raisin, Cranberry and White Chocolate 
// Mango & Passion Fruit Smoothie

Today's What My Toddler Ate post is being kicked off with some good old toast. I had to make this under the grill because our toaster decided to die midway through toasting a hot cross bun. She left the toast, most likely because she knew it took great effort on my part to make. The raisins, cranberry and white chocolate are a Whitworths Berry & white chocolate shot which cost 50p from Tesco. I find these a great way of making breakfast more interesting and normally add them on the top of cereal. The only effort involved was tipping them out of the packet which of course meant that Lily ate them all. 


// Pizza Wrap
// Quorn Chicken Tikka Strips
// Dino Cheese
// Strawberries

The pizza wrap is basically tomatoes and cheese in a wrap. I called it a pizza wrap to get Eloise to eat it haha! 

The Quorn tikka strips I made, I love the ready made ones they do, but my local supermarkets never have them in stock so I just put the plain roasted Quorn fillet strips in a bag and shook them about with some tikka masala spices.

These dino cheeses are so cute and only about a quid from Tesco. Lily loves stabbing them with her finger before eating them....*ahem*.


// Quorn Tikka Masala Curry
// Garlic & Coriander Naan Bread
// Poppadoms

Curry is always a winner, unless you're Eloise. Although last week I made a Butter Chicken curry which she actually ate so there is hope! Everyone else prefers a curry with at least a little bit of kick and a tikka is normally as mild as we go but Lily appears to like spicier ones and Eloise likes the mildest of the mild which just has to be the way doesn't it. Lily is a poppadom fiend, since her teeth have been coming in again she's been ridiculously fussy so pretty much all she ate was the poppadom and a bit of the curry. Teething is the pits. 

Catch up with last weeks post here.


23 October 2017


The king of all pumps; Lush Pumpkin is what October baths are all about for me. This little guy is scented with spicy cinnamon and sweet vanilla goodness with a hint of orangeade?! All of those make for an amazing smelling bathroom! Like an autumnal bakery! Out of all the Halloween collection, this guy was the one I was most excited for.

He may not look as sparkly or as interesting as other bath bombs, but he makes up for that in every other way. This one is rather a fast fizzer, my one even more so as he was a little bit on the crumbly side so was probably a bit faster than the less geriatric pumpkins, but it was pretty short lived all the same.

It leaves the water a beautifully bright orange, kind of like you're bathing in a giant vat of Fanta, nothing special at first glance but don't judge a book (or a bath bomb), by its cover. The water it leaves is so beautifully moisturising and this is by far my favourite out of the Halloween collection!

This pumpkin king costs £4.25.


22 October 2017


I discovered this #littleloves linky a while ago and it has sat in my drafts for forever and I thought it was about time I actually posted it. I really love this idea and I think it's always a good thing to reflect on the little things you've loved throughout the week because all too often they get forgotten or overshadowed by the mundane, everyday bullshit. 

Here are mine:

I've been really loving these blogs this week:


The Mist! I've been hooked on Jane The Virgin for a while now and fancied a change and this was the first thing Netflix suggested and it didn't disappoint! I actually spent all day binge watching the first season and it's amazing! It's based on the book by Stephen King and looking online it didn't get a very good review but I loved it!

Technically I made this a while ago now but it's only just started getting cold enough for Lily to wear hats, much to her displeasure. This little bunny hat is the first thing I have crocheted since fucking up my wrist back in April. I'm really pleased with how it turned out considering I wasn't working from a pattern. I lined the inside of the ears with Liberty of London fabric which I think is so pretty. Quite proud of this one.

Technically not something I wore but there little Kickers are so cute! I had been on the hunt for decent shoes for Lily for a while, we got Clarks at first but the fit was crap and she couldn't walk properly in them so after much thought we went for Kickers. They are the first pair of shoes that she has walked outside confidently in and they were also recommended by the physiotherapist for her bendy ankles and they seem to be helping so I'm really pleased with them!

Storm Brian is currently shaking the place up where I am as I'm writing this. There is something about the rain that calms my soul. Although, my love for storms is very much a love hate one, I love the beauty of nature but the destruction that comes hand in hand with Mother Nature is just awful.

We had a family day out to Packwood House on Friday to get the autumnal vibes going with their pumpkin patch. We had a little photography session with the kids which was challenging to say the least haha. Me and Ben studied media and photograph together at college and it's quite rare these days that we both get out cameras out at the same time but it was so nice to whack up the nostalgia by taking the cameras out along with the bustle of switching up lenses. Saying that though, taking photos of a running toddler with a camera that doesn't auto focus is a bitch.

So that's my little loves for this week! If you want to join in then click on the link below for all you need to know <3

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat
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