29 November 2017


Everybody knows that being the owner of a toddler means that available time for cooking meals is reduced considerably which makes cooking healthy, well balanced meals even harder let alone healthy snacks. Fear not, fellow Mums for if you own a toddler and a combination microwave oven by Panasonic you too can create healthy, Pinterest worthy snacks for your smalls, with minimal effort.

Now I hear you, "how the hell do you make healthy snack in a microwave?!", I know, I know, when I used to think of a microwave I always thought of ready meals and reheating last nights pizza but since having kids and needing to be creative in order to feed them things other than cheesy puffs and chocolate bars (which is all mine would eat given half a chance).

Since starting up my What My Toddler Ate Tuesday blog series and the @whatlilyeats Instagram I have been getting more and more creative in even my sleep deprived state so here I have compiled my favourite three recipes for healthy, microwave snacks for kids:

Fruity Breakfast Crumble

This is a firm favourite of mine, you can pack in a large variety of fruit and some oats for slow release energy in a super easy, minimal effort way. Triple win!

For this you need:

+ Porridge Oats


+Fruit (berries work best, I used strawberries, raspberries and blueberries here)

+ Sugar (optional)

This one is probably the easiest of the three, all you need to do is microwave the chopped fruit with a drop of water for 30 seconds, then microwave the oats and milk and transfer both into a bowl or ramekin. It's that easy! Totally Pinterest worthy.

Root Vegetable Crisps

These are really simple to make and they're healthy too so that's a massive bonus! I have used Sweet Potato, Carrot and Parsnip but things like Turnip, Swede, White Potatoes, Beetroot, Butternut Squash, etc will work too creating a much healthier alternative to your plain Jane crisps and giving you the option to add whatever flavour you fancy.

All you need is:

+ Sweet Potato

+ Parsnip

+ Carrot

To make these all you have to do with thinly slice some root vegetables, cover them in olive oil, places them on a microwave proof plate and let the microwave do it's thing! They take about 5 minutes depending on how many you put in at a time and what setting your microwave is at.

These are bloody wonderful dipped in houmous or any dip you fancy really!

Porridge Biscuits 

These are a hit with even my fussiest eater and so easy to make!

All you need for these is:

+ Porridge Oats

+ Milk

+ Chocolate Buttons

Make the porridge as you would normally in the microwave (add the oats and enough milk to cover them in a bowl and blitz in the microwave until it's your desired consistency)

Spoon the mix onto a plate and shape into round, biscuit shapes.

Microwave for a couple of minutes to dry the oats out.

Top with a chocolate button and leave to cool a bit before giving them to your baby

That's it! Porridge is normally shunned like the plague by my eldest but she ate four of these this morning and if chocolate isn't your thing then you can mi some fruit into the porridge mix before microwaving to make fruity biscuits instead! The options for flavour combinations are endless.



*This post was written in collaboration with Panasonic. All opinions and ideas are my own.

27 November 2017



// Cornflakes
// Porridge Biscuits
// Fromage Frais

I like to give Lily a bit of variety for breakfast these days, she used to just have a yoghurt but as she's got bigger her appetite has too. Most of the time. The porridge biscuits were a hit with Eloise but Lily poked at them rather than ate them which is typical. She actually ate the cornflakes too which was a first, she will normally nibble at them but she actually ate the majority of these!

The little spoon is from Doddl* and is perfect for little hands to grip! Lily has very bendy fingers and she has found these much easier to guide to her mouth than regular spoons.


// Cheese Sandwich Fingers
// Crisps
//Grated Cheese
// Cottage Cheese
// Cucumber
// Kiwi
// Satsuma
// Millionaires Shortbread Bite

I have also been upping the variety of fruit Lily is eating and branching out from our usual, blueberries, strawberries and banana and trying her with more exotic fruits which she seems to be enjoying although slightly hesitant at first.


// Homemade Pasta Bake
// Garlic Bread

This one is from my vegan challenge. Lily absolutely loves pasta. And cheese. So obviously this was a hit, she always finishes most of a pasta dish which is a bonus because normally they're easy as hell. For this pasta bake I used a jar or Tesco pasta sauce and added some courgettes and red peppers, even Eloise liked it. Definitely one I'm going to make again.

Check out last weeks post here.





There has been a lot of talk about advent calendars across social media lately, mainly Zoella's but let's not talk about that one. Here we have a HUGE personalised photo advent calendar from Fotoinsight! I'm a sucker for personalised things and this is something I'd never come across before and I'm excited! 

I always find it so hard finding a slightly more "grown up" calendar for Ben that isn't boring and isn't covered in Santas, reindeers, and festive Peppa Pig. This is the XXL Photo Advent Calendar* from Fotoinsight is great for those looking to spend a more on a luxurious calendar with a personal touch. It costs £29.99 and is filled with 24 Ferrero Rocher and Raffello chocolates which was enough for me if I'm totally honest. That and the fact it has my beautiful Eloise on the front which she was very excited about and has asked me everyday since it was delivered if it's advent yet haha!

The XXL calendars rock in at 48×36×3.5 cm which is the prefect size to hang on the wall and with a festive themed personalised photograph, it makes for a beautiful addition to your Christmas home decor. There are a wide range of border choices, clipart and the option to add your own text so it really is about as personalised as you can get! There are also smaller versions by Kinder too filled with the Bon Bons (which are also amazing!), Kinder Bueno and Kinder Country priced from £18.99.

These would also be great to let the kids go wild designing some Christmassy artwork, scan it in and have their wonderful creations on the front if a photograph isn't your thing. There are many possibilities and the opportunity to get creative!

December 1st can't come quick enough!



*This post features samples but all opinions are, as always, my own.

26 November 2017



//  Strawberry & Banana Innocent Smoothie

You can't beat a shit load of fruit for breakfast can you? It's the ultimate healthy kick although smoothies never fill me up for long. Innocent are my favourite smoothie brand though, I normally go for the Passion Fruit one but this was just as nice!


// Violife Cheese, Cucumber and Crisp Sandwich
//Ten Acres Pastrami on the Rye Crisps

This sandwich was amazing and the crisps were top notch and lets face it, a crisp sandwich is amazing anyway. Lunch I'm finding really easy, breakfasts I'm finding harder not because of the free from foods but because I'm finding it hard to find inspiration for awesome vegan breakfasts that don't take approximately 97 years to make. 


// Homemade Pasta Bake with added Courgettes and Red Pepper topped with Violife

Firstly, Violife melts like shit but it's still nice. The outside kind of goes crispy but under the crispiness it's all melty and kind of gloopy. Looks kind of gross if I'm honest but it tasted lovely. I doesn't have your regular cheesy taste, it's a bit plain tasting in comparison but it's nice all the same. This is definitely a recipe I'm making again, everyone cleared their plates which is rare as rare gets. 




24 November 2017


How is is only a couple of months before my baby is 2 years old!? Where has the time gone!? Lily has really shone this month and has really began to form a strong attachment with Eloise and it has been wonderful to see them become the best of friends. Not that they weren't close before but since Eloise has been at home more they have really began to solidify their little bond and will spend ages playing together, not hindered at all by their age gap. 
Clothes Size 
Same as last month really. I bought her a new coat in 9-12 so she's still very much a tiny dot.
For the past couple of days Lily has been going all day without boob and has quite happily drank out of her Munchkin 360 cups although it has to be juice or she won't drink it. Nights haven't been quite so bad since we have no school run to do now Eloise is at home so everything has just been more relaxed and Lily has been sleeping a bit better and has been having maybe a few feeds during the night lately. Weaning at 2 years is beginning to look like a possibility now although I don't want to speak too soon haha!


Lily is definitely beginning to develop tastes for certain food (crap) and will poke and pick at a lot of the healthier foods she used to love these days. She tried Nutella for the first time this month, I have always been anxious about introducing nuts as there are allergies in my family but she was fine so the addition of hazelnuts to her diet will certainly give me more scope for food ideas (and I get to eat Nutella off the spoon, ahem). I have also set up an Instagram a week or so ago where I post the meals Lily eats as well as my What My Toddler Ate Tuesday posts if you want to have a look see:


Still cutting the 4 canines. Still DEFINITELY know about it.

Sleep has been slightly better this month purely because we don't have alarm clocks for the dreaded school run anymore. I find that if I'm not stressing so much about how little sleep I'm going to get I end up sleeping better although no lie ins because we have only been sticky eye free for about a week. Damn did that conjunctivitis stick around! It took 2 lots of antibiotic eye drops and nearly a month of eye bathing although I'm sure that it was the Johnson's Baby Shampoo that god rid of it in the end. I will be keeping a bottle of that handy from now on. 

Lily is understanding a lot lot more now, she will bring certain things to me now and is following instructions a lot more confidently now. 


Ben's old toy car - she likes to put shopkins and other little plastic animals inside
YouTube Kids - This app means she can choose videos herself which she loves doing, there are still some dodgy looking Peppa Pigs and things so definitely keeping an eye on what she's clicking on.
Colouring - She will colour for England, actually scrap that, she will colour for the universe. Any scrap of paper within Lily height will be coloured on. She particularly likes felt tip pens as they are easier to make a strong mark with. They also draw well on carpets, coffee tables and hands which lest face it, is what every toddler wants.
Stickers - She loves sticking random ones on her feet and then walking around the room whilst staring at them.
Pink 'n Whites - She loves peeling off the marshmallow and eating it/covering herself in it.
Pointing at EVERYTHING - she will point and say "whats that" (hass aaa) and look at your with the most inquisitive and excited face ever and it is the cutest thing. 
Playing in Eloise's room - We have been leaving the door open lately which give her free access to Eloise's room and she has been loving it. They will spend ages in there playing with El's toys.
Tucking people up - She fucking hates blankets at night but during the day she will take great joy in tucking herself, Eloise, Ben or Me along with her Carebear in various blankets and also the occasional wet tea towel. 
Rearranging her food - I tend to put her food on her plate in a semi aesthetically pleasing way for photographs but apparently this is not aesthetically pleasing for Lily who takes everything off and arranges it in various orders.

Fireworks - We took the girls to their first firework display earlier this month and both of them loved it, Lily's reaction was priceless and I'm so glad I caught it all on video.


Being woken up - Waking Lily up when she isn't ready to wake up is kind of what I imagine waking the devil to be like. 
No boobs - I have been saying no to boobs a lot during the day and she fucking hates me for it. 
How am I feeling?
Pretty good really, everything has been a lot more chilled since we took Eloise out of school and although I have random panics where I feel totally out of my depth and drowning in self doubt, it's going well and everyone is much more relaxed and it's shown through Lily too. My counselling sessions are also well on their way and they've allotted me the maximum amount which is great! 

Catch up with her other updates here.




21 November 2017



// Crumpet with Vitalite Spread

Lily joined in with my Vegan Challenge for breakfast and had Vitalite on her crumpets instead of butter. I really like this spread and Eloise hasn't noticed it's not Clover yet. Ben thinks it tastes like shit purely because it's vegan though. 


// Falafel, Cucumber and Houmous Sandwich Fingers
// Cottage Cheese
// Ten Acre Pastrami on Rye Crisps
// Plum
//Apple Slices
//Chocolate Buttons

Got to have that cottage cheese in there somewhere, Lily will literally shovel handfuls into her mouth/down her top. It's her second favourite food with yoghurt of any description taking the winning spot. She quite likes plums but wasn't so sure about the apple which is weird because apples are the only sure fire fruit Eloise will touch that isn't a berry. The sandwich was tossed aside after being poked and nibbled at, she really doesn't seem like a sandwich kind of baby. Not even nutella sandwiches can sway her but she does tend to pick bits of the filling out so there is that I guess.


// Saag Masla Quorn Curry
// Chapattis 
// Poppadoms

Lily is a poppadom fiend. Mainly because she thinks they're crisps though. Since she's had 4 teeth cutting through at the same time she's barely eaten anything but milk and crap. She picked at this but pretty much only ate the chapattis and poppadoms. She was missing out though because this curry was bloody amazing.

Catch up with last weeks post here.




20 November 2017


I stress about the smallest things, the tiniest details most wouldn't even have cross their mind and it drives me mad! I have honestly spent the past month looking for the "perfect" coat for Lily. I have looked in Next, Morrisons, Tesco, Asda, Matalan, eBay, pretty much every online shop you can think of and still couldn't decide on a bloody coat. I mean it's a fucking coat, it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things and it's fate is inevitably to get covered in mud and sand at the park so who cares, right? Well, apparently me.

I must have crawled through hundreds of coats online, screenshotting them and sending them to Ben for him to say they're shit and he hates them and the ones he liked I hated and so it went on. Over a month this went on for. Over a fucking month. Also one thing I noticed whilst judging every coat currently on the market is that coats aimed at boys are far more practical and generally less shit that ones aimed at girls. They have the little cuffs that keep their arms warm and are thicker in general, why the hell is this? Do boys get colder than girls? What a load of shite. Anyway, we found a lovely navy jacket in the boys section of Next but obviously they didn't have Lily's size so on with the search which was getting so old I was contemplating just shoving Lily in a pillow and hoping for the best.

By this point I was actually worrying that she was going to end up freezing to death because the only coat we have that fits her is a little pink gilet and it was getting far too cold for her to be wearing just that. I entered stressed out mode and took to twitter for coat recommendations and my beautiful friend Zoe suggested Zara.

Zara is a shop I love, I own several pieces from there and even blogged about one of their coats back in 2014 so how the hell I managed to forget they existed is beyond me. Anyway, after exhausting every store in a 5 mile radius off to the online depths of Zara I went. It wasn't long before I came across this little perfect navy blue number which screamed Lily to me. Ben also liked it too which is a miracle in itself.

We went for the Planets Puffer Jacket which is £19.99. It has cuffs, something that was on the top of my must have list, super soft fleece inner which I could stroke all day. It's the softest thing I ever did touch and lastly, it's zip fastening, ain't nobody got time for buttons. The coat is a lovely dark colour with white dots scattered over it to look like stars with light pink, blue and purple circle shaped "planets" which I thought were just plain colours but they have a very moon like texture to the colouring which made me love it even more.

Size wise they they seem to run true to size. I did used to buy quite a bit from Zara for Eloise but I can hardly remember my own name most days let alone how certain clothes fitted several years ago. I ordered 9-12 months for Lily who is 21 months old, 21lbs, 74cm tall and in mostly 9-12 month clothing (although some 6-9 still fit her) for reference. I literally spent an hour stressing about what size to get over Facebook messenger to Zoe haha! But it fits perfectly! Thank fuck.




19 November 2017


Dorset Cereals American Road Trip Muesli with Oatly - Not a huge fan of this combo, the oat milk I forgot to shake before pouring and it was just like slightly cloudy, watery yellow liquid (piss water basically) which put me right off it. I tasted it (pre shaken) and it was actually alright but the fact it looks like toilet water has put me off drinking it again, so it's back to the drawing board with milk substitutes. I've heard a lot of good things about almond milk so I think that will be my next port of call.

Houmous, Cucumber & Cauldron Falafel Sandwich with Pumpkin and Sunflower Seed Cob - Houmous and falafels are two of my favourite foods so this was destined to be an amazing sandwich. It had everything, the crunch, the softness, the flavour. Best sandwich I've had in aaaages!

I've found sandwiches are pretty easy to veganise and are actually nicer.

Tesco Mediterranean Cous Cous with Cauldron Falafels & Violife Cheese - This is a meal I love anyway so this was pretty simple to veganise. The Violife Cheese is kind of like a thick McDonald's cheese slice and it pretty difficult to grate but I just about managed it. It tastes kind of nothingy though, I can't pin point the exact flavour but it doesn't taste much like normal cheese. I made Ben try it and he spat it out...lame. That being said it was nice on the cous cous but on its own it's not the nicest.

Hippeas and Houmous - Snacking has been mainly houmous and various crisps. This is the best combination ever. Game changer this one, plus I finally found the big bags of Hippeas (which are fucking amazing). Bit awkward to dip but I've eaten 3 tubs of houmous with them today, mainly because the expiration date was today also but mostly because it's amazing.

This week, again, I have eaten a bunch more than a days worth of vegan meals. The only awkward thing so far have been things like topping a vegan meal with different cheese for just me or buying 2 different types of milk and them all not fitting in the bloody crappy fridge we have. Just little annoyances but food wise has been okay and I think in total, this week the meals I've eaten have been mostly vegan. I need to swap out some other bits like the Quorn pieces for the vegan ones or supermarket brand because they appear to be mostly vegan and work out cheaper anyway. I'm still not sure if I could do this full time but for the most part it's going alright!




18 November 2017


If you read my blog, you'll probably know that Lily is tiny, which means finding anything that has anything to do with size pretty difficult. We have had a couple of different ride ons and pre balance bikes which have either been too big or too heavy for Lily despite her being within the targeted age range. We were recently sent this lovely little Toddlebike2* to put through it's paces and it became a firm favourite almost immediately! We have been testing it out for about a month now and not only has it taught Lily the word "bike" it has provided a lot of fun for not just her, but her entire toy box, who have all been given a ride too.

It's light enough for her to pick up and move about herself, she can actually reach the floor which is the issue we had been having previously and there hasn't been a day that's gone by where she hasn't toddled about on this little bike since!

It's super lightweight at only 0.8kg meaning little ones can easily pick it up and move it about, Lily has attempted many dare devil tricks with hers and is unbelievably chuffed that she can carry it to wherever she wishes.

Suitable from about 18-36months or whenever your child can walk and stands at 34cm high and has 4 wheels meaning even the littler ones can have a go without being so high off the ground they topple off. This has been the main thing we have loved about the Toddlebike2 is that it's low enough for Lily to actually touch the floor properly and light enough for her to get it moving, all whilst still being sturdy. She's a small 21 month old standing at only 74cm high herself and I just wish we had known about these little bikes last Christmas!

She has also entered the stage where she absolutely hates the pushchair after approximately 5.9 seconds of being in it she will exorcist turn and scream AT us. Family walks are normally cut short because she is either screaming or one of us is near death from lugging a 21lbs toddler around. Eloise has recently started learning to ride a proper bike again which leaves Lily toddling along after her desperately wanting to hop on and have a go, so this little bike has been fantastic for her to join in the bike riding fun. It is also small and light enough to chuck on the previously mentioned pushchair when the little ones decide they want to play with a stick or other random object they find...Or in Lily's case, to look at sheep haha!

The Toddlebike2 comes with a little tag explaining the stages at which children start to get to grips with riding it which has been incredibly helpful and accurate. Lily started out by pushing it around which progressed to sitting at the front of the bike on the frame rather than the seat and using each foot separately to move forwards in a walk like fashion. As she became more confident, this walking gait became much faster until finally, she started seating herself further back on the seat itself. I think she found this position difficult at first because she is still rather little for a toddler not long off 2 years old. She still wears 9-12 clothing to give you an idea of just how little she is. The video below gives you a little more of an insight into the progression from fit sit to getting the hang of it.

Lily hasn't got the steering quite down yet but as the bike is so light she will pause, stand up over it and lift it back on track easily. Getting on it she finds easy but needs a little help getting off sometimes because she isn't quite tall enough to swing her leg over the back easily yet but other than that she's adjusted well and I've seen an improvement in her balance since she's been using it daily!

Lily has well and truly put it through it's paces and has ridden it over various terrain including grass, patios, fields, tarmac, a wooden train (yep), down hills, up hills, wood chip, laminate flooring, carpet, and lino. All were a success although grass riding was testing but she just about managed it!

The motion of the feet and legs when riding the Toddlebike2 encourages and develops the action children need to progress onto a regular bike and great for helping little muscles develop.

They are available in Pinky Pink, Racing Red and Midnight Blue for £23.95 with free shipping and a 3 year guarantee! Click here to order yours.



*This was gifted to me for review purposes. All opinions are as always, my own. 

14 November 2017



// Peach Fromage Frais
// Pan Fried Cinnamon Banana Coins
// Brioche Banana French Toast

Lily bloody loves banana so I thought I'd jazz it up with some cinnamon for her. Of course she didn't like it and mainly prodded it with utter disgust. The brioche is also a firm favourite at the moment and she at least tried this, sort of...

To make the Brioche Banana French Toast I mashed some banana on a plate, mixed in some cinnamon and a splash of milk and placed the sliced brioche in it and coated it evenly. I added some coconut oil spray into a frying pan and then fried the brioche for a few minutes on either side over a medium heat. Simple, and makes you feel like one of those Pinterest Mums when in reality, all you did was throw some cinnamon at a banana. 


// Cottage Cheese
// Kiddylicious Veggie Straws
// Cheesestring
// Cheese & Apple Mini Tortilla Pizzas

This lunch was a hit because of the cheesestring, every kid likes a cheesestring, cheesestring = win. The cheese and apple pizzas were eaten by Eloise but not Lily which has got to be a first and the cottage cheese and veggie straws are guaranteed to be eaten.


// McDonald's Fries
// Chicken McNugget
// 1/4 Veggie Burger
// Ketchup

This is Lily's first official McDonald's meal. She has pinched the odd bit here and there but after the Fireworks Display the other week we got back at 9pm so a quick, minimal effort meal was needed and I got major Mum points for this one.

Lily has got to be the only child I have ever come across who will not touch a McDonald's chicken nugget. To absolute fuckery was she going to eat that! The veggies burger she loved and I gave her a bit of my bun too which she had a good go at. The fries were her favourite though and she pinched much more than is on her plate.

Catch up with last weeks post here.


13 November 2017



Tesco Crumpets with Vitalite Spread - Super easy breakfast that you won't even guess was vegan. Ben thought the spread "tasted like shit" but both me and Eloise (who is the fussiest fuss that ever did fuss) liked it. Plus he automatically turns his nose up at anything vegetarian or vegan yet will happily eat it if I don't tell him. Yeh Ben, take that.


Tesco Value Tortilla Chips with Houmous - This has been my go to lunch for about 2 weeks anyway so this was super easy. I really love these little pots of houmous that Tesco sell, they are the prefect size for snacks too. They sell this Mediterranean selection and also a spicy trio which has Jalapeno, Harrissa and Peri Peri flavours which are nice too! I could eat this combo all day everyday! Plus the tortilla chips are 46p a packet so you cant really go wrong can you.


Linda McCartney Vegetarian Country Pie, Tesco Sage and Onion Stuffing, Roast Potatoes and Sweetcorn - This roast Ben said, and I quote "this is the best roast you've ever made". I also did roast sweet potatoes too and they were bloody amazing, game changers they are and if you haven't tried that already then I definitely recommend it! Eloise loved the pie too and everyone ate most of it! Couldn't be more of a win if I tried.


Snacks included:

Paprika Pringles - Pringles automatically enter the awesome food category. I believe other flavours are vegan too but these were just the ones I picked up!

Oreos - Yep, Oreos are vegan. 

Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate - I have Orange and Almond and Sea Salt flavour both of which are vegan and also amazing.

Alpro Dessert Moments - These were kind of crap, it's like a watery version of a chocolate pudding. It also didn't taste much like hazelnuts and was a bit of a let down and I will be buying the regular Alpro Desserts my Grandad used to buy which are amazing. 

Quinoa Chips - These were a hit with the girls and were mostly stolen by them. I also got the Hummus chips which are the perfect shape for dipping!

Walkers Ready Salted - These are my favourite crisps ever and I can quite easily eat a 6 pack to myself. Most ready salted crisps are vegan as are a bunch of other flavours.

I will point out that those are more than one days worth of snacks although I could easily eat all of them in one day though. 

After setting myself the goal of going vegan for one day a week in my November Goals post, I asked on twitter if I should share my meals weekly, or as a round up at the end of the month and you guys chose weekly so here I am! All in all, I haven't found it that hard so far. The random sneaky milk in pretty much everything is the worst though and so frustrating when the product doesn't even need milk yet they just ram it in there anyway. Also things may also look vegan, but they aren't, as I found out with some Tesco Chicken Gravy earlier this week. The ingredients all look vegan on the packaging but talking to Tesco it's apparently not suitable for vegans although they couldn't tell me why...Useful. 

The thing I'm finding hardest is cutting milk products out, I don't eat meat often at all anyway and was vegetarian for 3/4 of my life before moving in with Ben so meat is not something I miss much if I'm honest. I have a lot of anxiety around meat products anyway and cannot be near raw meat so it's something I have avoided anyway I guess but milk is another story. I wish they made vegan cottage cheese!

On the whole I'm finding it easier than I thought. I've found I have eaten a lot more than a days worth of vegan meals and I've actually been really enjoying it! I've switched up my buttery spreads for Vitalite which is lovely, I've got some Oatly milk which Lily had on her cornflakes this morning and even she liked it. I've been swapping most of my chocolate intake from milk to dark and I've not really missed it. I find I eat less of dark chocolate anyway so that's a bonus! 

If you have any vegan food suggestions or recipes, please throw them my way!


8 November 2017


My beautiful blogger friend Caitylis has created this fantastic linky giving everyone the opportunity to share the wonderful photographs they have gathered over the last month! 

I am forever taking photographs which very often succumb to the inevitable fate of life on a portable hard drive. I don't use websites like Flikr and some photos just don't fit anywhere else so they die and untimely digital death, never to be seen again. This linky is absolutely perfect for me because I now have somewhere to share the random snaps I take to save them from their digital deaths. Here are a collection of mainly pumpkin based photographs I have taken over the course of October ranging from our day out to Packwood House, my make shift school photos with Eloise and an autumnal walk with Lily and her stick. 

I feel like this linky has given me a reason to go out, camera in hand and take photographs of everything and not just things that "fit" in blog posts and really get my photography vibes flowing again because I've been slacking! 



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