27 November 2017



// Cornflakes
// Porridge Biscuits
// Fromage Frais

I like to give Lily a bit of variety for breakfast these days, she used to just have a yoghurt but as she's got bigger her appetite has too. Most of the time. The porridge biscuits were a hit with Eloise but Lily poked at them rather than ate them which is typical. She actually ate the cornflakes too which was a first, she will normally nibble at them but she actually ate the majority of these!

The little spoon is from Doddl* and is perfect for little hands to grip! Lily has very bendy fingers and she has found these much easier to guide to her mouth than regular spoons.


// Cheese Sandwich Fingers
// Crisps
//Grated Cheese
// Cottage Cheese
// Cucumber
// Kiwi
// Satsuma
// Millionaires Shortbread Bite

I have also been upping the variety of fruit Lily is eating and branching out from our usual, blueberries, strawberries and banana and trying her with more exotic fruits which she seems to be enjoying although slightly hesitant at first.


// Homemade Pasta Bake
// Garlic Bread

This one is from my vegan challenge. Lily absolutely loves pasta. And cheese. So obviously this was a hit, she always finishes most of a pasta dish which is a bonus because normally they're easy as hell. For this pasta bake I used a jar or Tesco pasta sauce and added some courgettes and red peppers, even Eloise liked it. Definitely one I'm going to make again.

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