17 January 2018


I've not done one of these for years, mainly because I just haven't bought myself anything haul worthy for so long but since Ben said I could choose some beauty bits for my birthday and I also had a wisdom tooth yanked out I felt like I 100% deserved these. One of my goals for 2018 is to bring back the beauty themed blog posts, these sorts of posts are taking me back to my blogging roots and I must say, I'm rather loving the nostalgia of it all and the utter chaos that is filing beauty videos! Our bedroom looks like Feel Unique had exploded in there!

On to the haul!

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

This is a mascara I have heard so many good things about, I normally don't stray far from my L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara since my Lancôme Hypnôse Drama one gave up the ghost. I haven't found many mascaras that will hold my lashes unless they're hardcore waterproof ones so when I tried this, I was pretty damn surprised at how well it holds even the straightest lashes. It doesn't keep the curl as well as waterproof, obviously, but it does a damn good job! The brush is amazing, it really gets in there and separates the lashes leaving them looking almost fake (but in a good way).


Soap & Glory The UltiMelt 

This is going to be my new favourite cleanser! I have used the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish for years now but I fancied a change. I know I know, this isn't much of a change with them both being hot cloth cleansers but oh my God! I was not expecting to love this quite as much as I do, I hold cleansers up to Liz Earle and didn't think this would come close but it's actually better!? I've only been using it for a little while so can't comment on if it's going to be as great long term but it certainly gets eye make up off much better! It literally melts off my lashes, I was so so impressed!

It also appears to kill spots, I had one of those gross under the skin spot that feel like a mini Satan is trying to erupt onto my chin and the morning after using this it was dead. No swelling, the redness had pretty much gone and Satan showed no sign of reemerging.


Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Champagne

I saw The Sunday Girl blog about this and automatically knew I needed it in my life. I'm more of a powder girl when it comes to highlighter, I normally find liquid a huge ball ache to apply but I actually really like this. It's trickier than powder and I think I prefer it applied under my foundation but I'm sure it wont be so strange after I've got used to it.

Another point I should make is that it isn't glittery like most cheap highlighters, which was a nice surprise, it's very shimmery, obviously, it's a highlighter afterall, and the shimmer is a bit larger than higher end products but it is a long way off crossing the line into the glittery hot mess territory.


Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define in C1

Another beauty from Makeup Revolution, this is probably one of the best concealers I've ever tried. A big statement I know but honestly, this stuff is amazing! It doesn't lose it's coverage as you blend it and it doesn't crease under the eye. I am in love with this stuff! The only bad points are the shade selection; there are a LOT of light shades and about 2 dark shade so if you have a darker skin tone you'll struggle with this brand, especially if you're looking for a contour shade which is such a shame because it is bloody amazing in every other aspect!


Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Pillow Talk

This lipstick is amazing. Repeat: Ah-may-zing. I won't go too in depth because I've already reviewed it here but honestly, this is probably the nicest lipstick I've ever tried. My only bug bear is that the bullet wobbles a bit and the casing leaves marks in the product but that is just my perfectionism talking but still, it makes me cry a little inside all the same.


The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer

The bottle is a dropper and if you watched my video, you'll know how much I love these types of bottles. The smell is kind of chemically but it doesn't stick around. The consistency feels very much like silicon but that's what makes it so brilliant and also so velvety soft on the skin. I've honestly never tried a primer as great as this at blurring my pores. It's brilliant and I'm really loving using this!


Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Cleansing Wipes

These aren't that interesting, although slightly more so than using a questionable baby wipe at the end of the day I guess. These are meant to shrink your pores, can't say I've noticed that happening but I've not used the long enough really. They're quite dry for my liking and in terms of removing make up, they aren't the best.


I Heart Make Up Palette in Golden Bar

Hold your horses guys because fuck me! This palette is literally amazing. I know I've said amazing approximately 950 times in this post but seriously, wow! The pigmentation in these eye shadows, for only £9 is insane! I compared these to the Urban Decay Naked Palette and the colour pay off is actually better, proof in the video! I cannot tell you how much I love this palette! The only negative point I will make is that it's advertised to have matte shades but the shades that are meant to be the matte ones are still actually ever so slightly shimmery, but not so much so that they look terrible. I'm wearing shades from this Golden Bar palette in the video and they look amazing!


I have uploaded a haul video featuring all these bits and bobs, if you fancy watching it, click here.


15 January 2018


Can we just take a moment out of this drizzly Monday afternoon to talk about how absolutely beautiful this Charlotte Tilbury lipstick is!? It's in the shade Pillow Talk which is probably one of the brands most famous shade and I can totally see why! It is absolutely beautiful! This is my first venture into the brand and I definitely think that Pillow Talk was a wise choice for my very first toe dip into the Charlotte Tilbury pool.

From the Matte Revolution collection, Pillow Talk is probably one of the most iconic nude lipsticks on the higher end of the market. It's is a stunning, dark rosy pink that isn't too peachy or too dark, making it perfect for any skin tone. For real. There are swatches on every skin tone on the Charlotte Tilbury website and it looks perfect on every single one. With the most uniquely creamy texture which is almost like cashmere; I haven't found a lipstick formula quite like this before, it is honestly amazing, texture alone.

Described as a "modern", soft satin matte which is unlike any matte I have ever tried. It's not dry and flaky like many characteristically matte lipsticks end up, it remains smooth with a subtle matte finish without drying your lips out, making it extraordinarily unique.

Now I'm dying to get onto the topic of the packaging which I'm sure you will agree, is amazing. A luxuriously beautiful, rose gold metal, that has that lovely quality weight to it and is stunning before you even look at the product inside. The shape of the bullet is the only thing I'm not sure on, it's squared off which meant it was quite tricky to apply because I'm so used to pointed or doe foot liquid lipstick applicators. I'm sure once I've got the hang of it then it won't be an issue application wise, I do love the look of it though!

I can see this this fast becoming my new favourite lip colour and I will definitely be buying more from the brand and if this is anything to go by, I won't be disappointed! I have my eye on Bitch Perfect already which is another beautiful nude. I really cannot get enough of this lipstick already and it's giving my previous faves, MAC Hue and Shy Girl a run for their money!


13 January 2018


Another month, another linky, although I'm a little late with this "Sightings From", in fact, I'm pretty late with most of my monthly posts this month. I didn't take many photographs in December because, well, let's just say moving house just before Christmas is not an easy task to say the least! Although we now have a beautiful garden so Lily was able to enjoy her first (proper) snow in her very own garden. We also have a beautiful little robin who comes to visit which i absolutely love and it is perhaps my favourite thing about having a garden so far. I'm a proper old person when it comes to feeding the birds and robins are my favourite. 

We also managed to get the house somewhat straightened up in time for Christmas and I have covered almost every inch in various plants and flowers including this rose I got for £1 at M&S and a beautiful bouquet from Prestige Flowers! There are still one or two boxes I need to unpack but everything is starting to fall into place, finally! Christmas Eve called for a Lush bath, obviously. Christmas is aaaaall about the festive Lush products, am I right? The girls chose perhaps the most glittery bath melt of all which covered us all in silver glitter for a good week after. 

Despite taking very few photographs over the Christmas period I did however, have a mini photo shoot with Eloise at the skate park to test out her new Mini Rodini Leggings from Alex and Alexa. I may or may not have had to edit out a dick in one of the photos. Not a real dick, a spray painted one. Just thought I ought to clarify that. She looks so grown up in these photographs and it pains me to think she's going to be 8 this year. 

Someone kick me up the arse to take more photos for the January linky. 


11 January 2018


Happy New Year everyone! I realise I'm literally so late in with this but I hope you all have a brilliant time seeing it in and weren't too hungover! We had a quiet one at home in our pyjamas and Lily managed to stay up until midnight...just. Although disappointingly, there were no fireworks around here, I think we are too out in the sticks for fancy shows now. 2017 was a weird one for me, with it came Lily's 1st Birthday, Eloise's 7th birthday, the relaunch of this little blog, the purging of toxic individuals, a mental health relapse thanks to previously mentioned toxicity, the start of our home education journey, and finally, saying goodbye to our little flat and hello to our very own house!

I have compiled a little list of goals for the whole of 2018, they're not really resolutions or "new year, new me" type BS because 1. I'm fab as I am, obviously *ahem* and 2. we all know they will have been forgotten about before the end of the second week.

These are goals I want to work towards, and if I don't get there, that's fine, but having them written down will at the very least remind me of where I want to be, and what I want to do. I will still be doing my monthly goals with smaller bits and bobs each month to keep me on the right path.

Invest more in my blog - by this I mean buy a decent theme. I have technically already done this one but I had this listed before I bought my new theme and I'm one of those people who like to put at least one thing I can tick off on the list to make me feel like I'm bossing it already, haha!

 I had the same old basic, boring blogger theme for like 6 years and since my blog has started to grow it's little wings the past 6 months I really wanted to jazz it up and make it look fabulous. I bought the theme Crystal by Pipdig and I bloody love it!

Bring back the beauty posts - This blog, once upon a time 6 years ago, started as a beauty blog. I blogged about skincare, make up, posts videos on YouTube of make up looks I had created along with Lush hauls and OOTDs and quite frankly, I miss it. I have posted the odd beauty post since relaunching but I really want to up my game this year and concentrate on me stuff rather than just Mum stuff.

Get married - We have been majorly slacking on the marriage front and have been engaged over a year now so it's about time we put things in motion. This one may well make it's way into next years goals but I'm being ambitious and putting it in this years in the hope it will give us a kick up the wedding planning arse.

Learn to drive - I've seen this on quite a few peoples lists this year and it's been on mine for a while now. At the moment Ben is designated driver but I think it would help us a lot if I could drive too, plus I would love to have the freedom of driving myself. Whether my anxiety will let me is another question but I really don't want to hit 30 and still not be able to drive! I'm only just 27 so I have a full 3 years to pass my test...that's doable right?

Up my art game - This is something I don't really talk much about, mainly because I haven't been doing it for far too long but that's about to change! I'm mainly a watercolour and typography kind of person, although I do enjoy the odd pencil portrait and I have dabbled in digital art in the past. Anyway, my goal is it consciously make an effort to paint more.

I'm feeling positive that I will be able to really work on these things but we are only 11 days in so lets see what happens 'ey? Ha!


9 January 2018


I came across Desenio when trawling the net choosing artwork for a house which is probably one of the hardest things about interior design, for me anyway! I generally like to source my artwork from small, independent artists as well as creating pieces myself but when you've got a whole house worth of interiors to buy, the budget often doesn't stretch far enough! This is where Desenio come into play!

Desenio was founded in 2010 has now spread their interior wings across 33 countries already, is the perfect place to find beautiful, affordable, Scandinavian designs! You are bound to find something perfect for every room at an equally perfect price, you can get prints from as little as £2.95!

Their posters and frames come in various sizes from as little as 13cm x 18cm to as big as 70cm x 100cm with frames available for ever size in a selection of from white wood to oak, gold and copper plus many more!


The low prices certainly don't mean low quality either! When I saw prints from as little as a few quid I did have my doubts as to whether the quality would reflect this but worry not! Each piece is printed on 200mg uncoated, age resistant paper with an ever so slightly matte finish; in layman's terms, they're bloody good quality!

Desenio are probably one of the most versatile websites I've ever come across, interior design wise. They have prints that cater for any home with minimalist quotes to beautiful floral prints, and themes such as nature, fashion, nautical, with a whole section of prints for children's rooms too. There really is something for everyone!

The website itself is fabulous, easy to navigate your way around with a whole section for inspiration and coordinating prints; even the most clueless of us can find the perfect print set up. I absolutely loved this feature, it lets you see posters in action and really get a feel of what certain prints look like as a combo.

The prints themselves come packaged so beautifully and securely inside a poster tube in addition to being protected by a branded sleeve fastened with a little thank you sticker. I'm a sucker for well thought out packaging! The frames by Desenio are also faultless with high quality perspex instead of glass meaning they travel better so no broken glass from heavy handed couriers or worrying about little ones getting hurt by shards. The quality of the framed prints is just as good as glass so don't worry about losing quality there. They also sell poster clips and tape incase you fancy something a little different, this is how I hung a few of the prints in Eloise's room.

The code geegardner gives 25% off Desenio posters* between 9th-11th January!
*except for handpicked/collaboration posters and frames


8 January 2018


2017 has been one hell of a year with magnificent highs and soul crushing lows. Along with it came Lily's first ever birthday, the re launch of this little blog, Ben and I's first engagement anniversary, the beginning of Eloise's home education adventure, and a brand spanking new home to name a few.

My little old blog has found it's wings again and I'm so proud of where I've got over the past 6 months, and despite some hiccups, I have met an absolutely amazing group of women through my little blog space (shout out to my queens!) 

Anyway, the point of this post is to have a little round up of posts from 2017 that I'm the most proud of:

Breastfeeding in Public - Dear Dickheads...

"Mums should be able to feed their babies however and wherever they need to, without a flock of cunt puffins flying down to shit their unwanted and ridiculous opinions on them. We probably already have enough shit covering us from the poonami earlier, thanks very much.
So, until we all start whacking both knockers out and lie spread-eagled on the floor of the fucking M&S Cafe singing “dooooo my tits hang low” whilst spraying milk in the air creating some sort of milky rainbow, to feed our babies, then other people can sure as shit keep their opinions to themselves."

Stand Up To Bullying // Tips For Self Care

"Distance yourself from any and all negative farts. Block, unfollow, delete, leave, throw their number in the ocean, quit your job if you have to, whatever."

"Brave isn't jumping from tens of thousands of feet out of an aeroplane; brave is having to constantly fight with the very thing that keeps you alive. Every. Single. Day. It's getting out of bed despite still being in the dark and walking out that door and carrying on with your day. Brave is staying in bed because your body and mind need that rest. It's admitting you need help. It's taking that bite of sandwich despite that voice in your head screaming so hard at you that your head feels like it could burst. It's walking out that door or picking up that phone even though your heart is beating so hard you're sure it's going to fly out of your chest at any given moment. Brave is putting down that blade, putting down those pills or stepping down from that ledge because you are worth everything you think you aren't."

Why I Dislike #FedIsBest & #BreastIsBest

"one thing I've noticed about breastfeeding is that everyone is told how easy and wonderful it is and how it doesn't hurt one bit etc etc. Well they're all fucking liars. It is exhausting and bloody HARD, but so is getting up every 4 hours at night to make up a bottle of formula, pumping for hours upon hours or dealing with tubes. Being a parent in general is fucking hard. We all have different battles, that's just the way life is, but playing parenting top trumps and dragging each other down is a bullshit way to be."

"People seem to be under this strange impression that to be able to be body positive you have to be a certain size or a certain weight and basically those people are wrong as wrong gets. Body confidence and body positivity is not restricted by health; health has nothing to do with it and saying that only healthy people can love their bodies is ableist and wrong as hell. We all care about health but whether someone is overweight and body positive or naturally slender and body positive we should celebrate with them because EVERYONE deserves to be able to love and embrace their body shape without being criticised for it. Size 24 or size 4? It doesn't matter. We all deserve to feel allowed to love ourselves."

"I can set up a Pinterest worthy sensory table with fibre optic lights and tulle or stick Peppa Pig on the iPad so I can go for a piss in peace or drink that luke warm coffee I put in the sun over an hour ago so it didn't go colder that a snowman's bollocks."

What My Toddler Ate Tuesday is another thing I'm really proud of! I've taken a few weeks off because of moving house/Christmas/New Year but fear not, these posts will be resuming soon. This series has been one of my most popular posts and I even started up the Instagram @WhatLilyEats.

Speaking of Lily, I have been pretty consistent with her monthly Baby Updates, although she is very much a toddler now and will be 2 years old in less than a month....wow, that's terrifying. 

I also, by some miracle, managed to complete Blogtober. I say miracle because I last minute decided to join in then came down with the flu a day later. So yeh...that was fun.

So that's my little round up of last year, I'm planning on putting parenting posts in the back seat this year as I reignite the beauty blog heart of this little web space but that's a whole other blog post. 


5 January 2018


Technically it's not my birthday today, it was on Tuesday but I couldn't not share photos of the beautiful cake my Mum and sister got for me (it's from Sainsbury's for those wondering!). On another note, I can't believe I'm 27! I feel so old just saying that because I feel no different to when I was 18 and I still get IDed for alcohol. I'm really beginning to get to the stage where I dread my birthdays because that big 30 is creeping closer and closer and I remember so well when that felt so ancient to me.

Anyway, enough age related moping! I had a wonderful day minus being on the phone for a large part of the morning putting in an indemnity claim on a direct debit our old landlord took out for the rent on our old place (dick). I ate copious amounts of bruschetta, cake and Guylian Chocolate Seashells and put on approximately 56lbs in 24 hours.

I got spoilt and showered with wine, make up, chocolates homey bits and food in general with a free pass to go on a mini make up and skincare shopping spree at some point so I have been spending today filling up wishlists with some lovely new beauty bits which I am so excited about because it has been ages since I've bought myself some new make up! I have my eye on some bits from Glossier and the amazing looking Make Up Revolution Liquid Highlighter I saw The Sunday Girl talking about, the shade champagne looks beautiful!

The cake is now all gone, props to Sainbury's because it was amazing although I do have some chocolate seashells left to eat! Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday on Tuesday, I'm officially requesting that future birthdays my age goes down instead of up! 3 years off 30 sounds terrifying!


4 January 2018


Eloise was lucky enough to be sent this toucanBox to review which she has been extremely excited about cracking open! toucanBox is a super flexible crafty subscription box for kids aged 3-8 filled with everything you need to make your craft, from Jellyfish to Nature Bags, along with illustrated instructions, an activity booklet and stickers to collect for a free gift!

Each box is personalised with your child's name and fits perfectly through your letter box, so no missed deliveries or trips to the post office!

Inspired my Montessori Learning, each box is built by educational experts which is right up our street since Eloise started Home Education!

Eloise's box contained everything we needed to make a nature bag! The instructions are illustrated as well written, making it easier for younger children to follow. Eloise is 7 and was able to read and follow them independently with very little input from me other than supervising the scissors because we can only ever find the kitchen scissors which are HUGE and quite frankly terrifying in the hands of a 7 year old haha!

There are three sizes: petite (1 craft delivered monthly or fortnightly), grande (2 crafts, delivered monthly), and super (4 crafts, delivered monthly) meaning they can cater for larger families or childminders too!

Check out Eloise's unboxing and demo video below! 

We absolutely loved our box! It added such a lovely twist to Eloise's lessons, providing a variety of different topics of learning, not just craft, making it perfect for home ed families.

On that note, what better way to start off the new year than with a giveaway! I've teamed up with toucanBox to give you guys a chance of winning a 3 month subscription for your child! That's 6 boxes in total! Click the image below to head over to twitter to enter (full T&Cs below)!

Want one now? Use my code geegardner2018 to get a free box (+ £1 delivery).


// Open to UK and Ireland residents only.
// No cash prize alternative
// The winner will be chosen through a random number generator.

You have until 18th January 2018 to enter! Good luck everyone!



*In collaboration with toucanBox

2 January 2018


I think it's fair to say that the majority of the population got pretty smashed over the holiday season and even the best of us are probably feeling a little worse for wear right about now and are definitely in need of a little pick me up (and no I don't mean hair of the dog)! So here is a little list of things to help you get back on the horse of adulthood after spending the last couple of weeks in a cheese coma.

Lush Christmas Pud or a bath product of your choosing. There is nothing better than a lovely hot Lush bath when you're feeling run down and even better when you are accompanied with an extra pretty, moisturising bath bomb.

Chirp Softnest Hair Mask, you're probably sick of me talking about this now because I am harping on a little but for good reasons! This is the best bloody hair mask I ever did see and it's perfect for revitalising hair that has been exposed to a lot more hair spray and heat products than it perhaps should have been.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is my holy grail product when it comes to cleansing. I have loved this for knocking on 6 years now and it is by far the best I've tried. Definitely my favourite blogger hype of all time and I can always rely on this to get my skin sorted out in no time no matter what state I've let it get into.

Beautaniq Beauty Radiant Glow Face Mask is a great next stop when it comes to skincare. It contains Naicinamide which is fabulous for congested skin and after the 6 inches of foundation, concealer, powder, highlighter, contour along with 2 weeks of Bailey's and cheese board: your skin definitely needs some decongesting!

Vitamasque Fruit Slice Mask are great for resting tired (hungover) eyes! Just pop them in the fridge for a bit of an extra soothing effect along with lovely fruit extracts to help those eyes look more sparkling and less piss holes in the snow.

Nail HQ All in One Oil is here to save those battered nails covered in chipped glitter polish! This is made with Acai Berry and Argan Oil to help strengthen your nails and can be worn under coloured polishes as base coat for some added protection. I really love this, normally I used OPI Nail Envy but I got this in last months Pink Parcel and I've got to say. I much prefer it!

Lush Sleepy to help you relax and let those holiday stresses and late nights partying melt away as you fall into a deep slumber. Or if like me, you have a nocturnal toddler, you'll probably get about 5 minutes before you're woken to a small human hitting you.

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