13 January 2018


Another month, another linky, although I'm a little late with this "Sightings From", in fact, I'm pretty late with most of my monthly posts this month. I didn't take many photographs in December because, well, let's just say moving house just before Christmas is not an easy task to say the least! Although we now have a beautiful garden so Lily was able to enjoy her first (proper) snow in her very own garden. We also have a beautiful little robin who comes to visit which i absolutely love and it is perhaps my favourite thing about having a garden so far. I'm a proper old person when it comes to feeding the birds and robins are my favourite. 

We also managed to get the house somewhat straightened up in time for Christmas and I have covered almost every inch in various plants and flowers including this rose I got for £1 at M&S and a beautiful bouquet from Prestige Flowers! There are still one or two boxes I need to unpack but everything is starting to fall into place, finally! Christmas Eve called for a Lush bath, obviously. Christmas is aaaaall about the festive Lush products, am I right? The girls chose perhaps the most glittery bath melt of all which covered us all in silver glitter for a good week after. 

Despite taking very few photographs over the Christmas period I did however, have a mini photo shoot with Eloise at the skate park to test out her new Mini Rodini Leggings from Alex and Alexa. I may or may not have had to edit out a dick in one of the photos. Not a real dick, a spray painted one. Just thought I ought to clarify that. She looks so grown up in these photographs and it pains me to think she's going to be 8 this year. 

Someone kick me up the arse to take more photos for the January linky. 


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  1. I love your December pictures ! I moved in a new apartment with my boyfriend and our 3 cats a few months ago so I totally understand why you are running out of time lately �� do not hesitate To have a look at my December pictures as well ! Can't wait to see your next post �� #SightingsFromLinky


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