Lancôme Juicy Tubes

Left to right- Fraise, Lychee, Pamplemousse, Marshmallow Electro

I bought this little set of glosses in the House of Fraser sale for £12 down from £18. I have wanted to try Lancôme Juicy Tubes for a while now but could never settle on a shade so this set was perfect for me to try before buying a full sized tube.

They are lovely thick glosses with glitter particles in each shade. Although they look quite pigmented just looking at them through the packaging they are actually incredibly sheer and so subtle that it’s hardly noticable. This particular set includes a 7ml tube of Marshmallow Electro, Pamplemousse, Lychee and Fraise although annoyingly the individual tubes dont actually tell you which shade is which so if, like me you need to know the shade you have to refer back to the box it came in or look at internet swatches.

Left to right- Marshmallow Electro, Pamplemousse, Lychee, Fraise
As you can tell from my swatches, there is very little difference when actually applied to the lip compared to on the back of my hand. If you compare Marshmallow Electro and Fraise you can sort of see a tiny difference I suppose but not enough to write home about. Despite this I like them all and to me, it just makes chosing which full sized tube to get much easier. 
The texture is quite thick and sticky and is one of those glosses that makes me feel like I need to pout when im wearing it because of the thickness of it. If you get what I mean? They are a little waterprooof (those swatches took so washing off!) and really hydrating which is great as some glosses dry my lips out like no end.
On to the scent! They all smell pretty nice! I think I prefer Pamplemousse which smells a bit like oranges and Fraise which smells a bit like strawberries which a hit of satsumas to me. Lychee smells like raspberries rather than Lychees and Marshmallow Electro smells like, yep! You guessed it! Marshmallows. All of the scents smell pretty natural and don’t have that horrible artificial, overly sweet smell which is a massive bonus to me because I hate artificially smelling lip gloss. They all taste of fruits too which is nice but kind of annoying if you’re eating something that fruity marshmallow doesnt compliment. 
I really like this lip gloss and will be purchasing the full sized version in Pamplemousse which this mini one runs out. 
Have you tried Lancôme Juicy Tubes? What did you think? What’s you’re favourite shade?


  1. January 29, 2012 / 9:24 pm

    I like juicy tubes, I've got a frosted white one that i've had for ages so I think they are really worth the money X

  2. January 30, 2012 / 9:02 am

    They smell so nice too! The frosted white one looks lovely! x

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