GlossyBox January 2012

I’m not overly thrilled with this months box, I think the bright pink box makes up for it a bit though. I quite like the Eyeko Skinny liner and the FAB Body Moisturiser (although the card says I have the body wash which is a little strange!) which I rubbed into my hands because they are so dry they actually hurt! Im really impressed so far and my hands are so much softer after just putting that little bit on so I have high hopes for that.

The Murad primer looks as though it’s going to be nice although it is a little dark so I’m a bit worried about that as I’m quite fair but hopefully it’ll blend nicely.

I’m not sure I will use the Clarins Firming Creams because I have nothing that needs firming! I’m only just 21! There doesn’t seem to be very much in them either and only one tube had a seal on!? I might give them to my Mum though.

Love the pinkness of the box but not that impressed with the contents at first glance but I will give them all a chance to be fair.

Today has been interesting! Discovered my kitten, Binx is actually a boy. That’s what you get when my sister is left in charge of bringing kittens home! Keep calling him a she so I think he’s a bit confused himself! Argh! It’s so strange calling her a him!

Gee x

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