Sunday Portrait #2

The snow has melted here already so massive sad face because of that. I would have liked to take the small one out again but there isn’t a scrap left outside! I didn’t even manage to get some nice photographs either because my battery was on charge when it started yesterday. Boo! I love snow, it always makes everything look so pretty.

I have some video post ideas which I haven’t decided whether or not to actually film because I feel/look a bit stupid talking to my camera and come across like I have a gun pointed at me or something. Going to work on that anyway because I would love to make some videos, no idea why I get nervous really, I’m okay on stage. Please tell me I’m not the only one!

I have a massive pile of products I’m reviewing so I feel there will be rather a large amount of beauty posts next week! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you (yes you beautiful people reading my blog right now!) for taking interest in my little piece of the internet! You wonderful, lovely people, you!

Hope you are all having/had fun in the snow!


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