Week In Photos: #001

Mini stock up on sweeties // New sweater from Forever 21 // Revlon Lip Butters // Finished Cbeebies Birthday Card for Eloise // Pretty Daffodil // Little tootsies // Me pulling stupid faces // Puffy Painting with Ellie // My top 10 lip colours for Spring sneak peek!
I thought I’d try something different this week, I usually post a Sunday Portrait but I was getting a little bored with those so thought it’d make a nice change to post my week in photos so here it is! A random bunch of snaps from this week.

This week has been pretty productive in terms of making changes, if you don’t already know I suffer from Agoraphobia, Anxiety and Panic Disorder and going out is something that creates a lot of worry for me. I have suffered from Anxiety most of my life but the Agoraphobia I have only had for a few years and that’s a few years too long in my books so this week I made a couple of mini breakthroughs! Firstly I went to a little village shop and spent over £10 on junk food and a scratch card (I didn’t win, boo! Haha!) and secondly I went shopping in a little outdoor centre near me and went to NEXT, Boots and Pets at Home to be precise. I bought Baby Wipes, Natural Collection Blush and Lip Gloss in Boots and Rabbit Food in Pets at Home to be even more precise but that basically meant I had to stand in line twice. now that probably doesn’t sound like a big deal but standing in line to me is a MASSIVE deal. I hate it. It makes me panic and my breathing goes mental and I feel like I’m going to pass out but I did it. Twice. Still find myself waiting to be knocked down again though but oh well!

Have been doing lots of arty crafty things with Ellie this week, she really enjoys drawing and painting at the moment so I try and do as many fun activities with her as I can! 

I have rather a few videos and posts lined up for the coming weeks so if you have any requests please do let me know! I have a What’s In My Bag video and post coming up soon along with my Top 10 Lip Colours For Spring (which is also a video and a blog post) my new high street teeth whitening find which I don’t think I will ever go back from and a few tag videos! Really enjoying this Youtube lark! If you beautiful people have any questions you want me to answer I shall write them all down and do a video answering them, I love answering random questions haha! It’s like being 15 again on myspace!

I will stop rambling now and let you all get on with whatever you were doing beforehand! Thank you all for reading my blog/watching my videos and leaving lovely comments! You’re all wonderful!

Gee x

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