Since I tried the Seanik shampoo bar I have been a real LUSH shampoo convert! I have tried a few shampoos from LUSH before but these two have been my favourites. So before I go off on one and gush over how amazing their Seanik bar is I shall get back on track and tell you how amazing their Big shampoo is!
I was a bit wary of using shampoo with so much sea slat in it thinking my hair would just dry out and frizz up like no end but I am pleased to say I was very wrong! This makes my hair so unbelievably soft! It cleans so impeccably well and lathers like a dream, oh how it lathers! I used about a 50p sized amount which was more than enough for my hair which falls just above my bum so a little goes a long way with this! The lather is like no other! It is the creamiest feeling softest, biggest lather I have ever encountered with a shampoo before and I am in love!
The grains of salt are pretty hefty and I was expecting them to be a bit scratchy but again, wrong! They really help make my scalp and hair feel squeaky clean! I even skipped a conditioner and my hair is still super soft and shiny!
The scent is quite strong at first but it does go once your hair has dried. It quite an odd scent to describe but to me is smells like orange blossom and the ocean. I’m not overly keen on it but I don’t hate it either, I can see it growing on me though! As for volume, my hair was bigger even when wet! I have quite flat hair and the length of it make it appear even flatter but this adds some much needed oomph!
This is just a bit over £10 which is pretty average for LUSH and I will definitely re purchase! If you are looking for a cheaper version of this then check out Seanik! They do smell different though, Big smells both ocean and floral whereas Seanik just has the ocean scent about it. This is definitely up there in my top shampoos!



  1. May 30, 2012 / 10:45 pm

    i really have to try this! im always after bigger hair! xo

  2. May 31, 2012 / 9:21 am

    Its so lovely! I hear Rub Rub Rub is a good alternative and slightly cheaper 🙂 x

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