June 5, 2012

REVIEW // LUSH : Dragon’s Egg

I’m not massively keen on orange so this didn’t really float my boat by my toddler, she loved it! It starts off with the most foamy looking frothy fizz that smells just like sherbet.

The outer fizzes off and exposes a hole in the side which sends it spinning leaving an orange trail and popping candy. The orange looked a little too much like blood  for my liking but my 2 year old loved it! There are little rainbow coloured dragon scales that float off and sit on top of the bath water too which is a nice, fun addition. It turns the bath water bright orange but be warned about the 10 tonne of gold glitter than has sunk to the bottom of the bath! haha!

What’s your favourite Lush product?

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2 responses to “REVIEW // LUSH : Dragon’s Egg”

  1. Oh her cute little chubby hand holding it… she is too precious! x

  2. Niki says:

    i have to try this one! love lush bath bombs!

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