Review: Skin79 Water Drop BB Cream

After trying and falling in love with the Skin79 Triple Function BB Cream a couple of months ago now and converting my Mum as well I spotted this online and had to buy it!

It’s much more watery in texture than the regular BB cream and the coverage is a bit lighter as a result but that makes it perfect for wearing in the summer when the thought of a full coverage foundation makes you wince as you imagine it melting straight off your face! I would say the coverage is sheer to light and this makes it very comfortable to wear.

I do prefer my the other Skin79 BB Cream and I don’t think this will replace that any time soon but it’s definitely worth looking at as a light weight bit of colour for the gym or just lazing around on the beach!

It’s about £7 from eBay, there are many reputable sellers and some, not so great so be sure to check reviews before you buy!


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