May 1, 2013

Review: Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean

I will start by saying this stuff smells amazing! Think peaches with a hint of fresh mint. Somewhat similar to Scrub Your Nose In It but peachy! It’s a light milky texture that leaves my skin refreshed but smooth. I don’t think it leave my face feeling as clean as other cleansers but it cleans nonetheless and is great for those days where my skin is feeling a little dry but needs a deep clean.

It isn’t a heavy creamy texture so is relatively easy to wash off but you do have to make sure you don’t miss the dips in your face. The instructions say to rub double on your T-Zone to maximise the purifying actives and it cleans off any excess oil I may have sitting about on my face (yuck!) so top marks for that.

I tend to use this if I have a bath before I apply my make up because I like the way it preps my skin by leaving it smooth and moisturised as opposed to just cleansed.

If I were to use this at night I think I would have to double cleanse as I like to apply a separate moisturiser after cleansing and like my skin to be squeaky clean before hand to avoid break outs from my skin being over moisturised.

This also works really well with the Clarisonic Mia. I find that it works better actually! The milky texture is pretty much perfect as the Clarisonic makes up for the not so cleansed feel as it removes anything anyway. The moisture it offers is also lovely as sometimes my skin just needs that extra protection moisture wise whilst cleansing, especially when using the Mia.

Gee x

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