October 6, 2013


This post has been long long long overdue what with me being a bit rubbish keeping on top of things but for the past year or so these two have been my go to products and I thought it was about time I shared these two amazing cleansers with you guys!

I will start off by saying my skin is pretty difficult to keep happy. I have normal to oily skin which can be pretty dehydrated a lot of the time too especially as the temperature gets colder. It is also pretty sensitive and will have a massive strop and break out or dry out completely with not much in between and I also suffer a bit from hyper pigmentation so I’m always a bit apprehensive about trying new cleansers. However, I have been unable to go wrong pairing these two up and it’s even sorted my monthly skin freak out.

What I do is I use the Liz Earle Cleanser and Polish to remove my make up if I’m wearing any that day, I use a flannel with it instead of the muslin cloth because I just think it feels nicer and then follow up with the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Scrub (or the wash which is just as great). Some days I will skip the Liz Earle if say, I wasn’t wearing make up as it’s pretty pricey (for some reason I seem to get through a tonne) and just wash my face with the Neutrogena scrub.

I cannot fault either of these apart from if I’m having a dry skin day the scrub can be a bit to harsh and so I just use the cleanse and polish but aside from that paired together these are amazing and I love them and my skin if a whole less rubbish so everyone is happy. Only took me 22 years!!

Have any of you guys tried these?

6 responses to “MY HOLY GRAIL CLEANSERS OF 2013”

  1. Jess says:

    ah I was so happy to see a post from you Gia. Hope you're well. I've never tried either of these but I'm really interested in the Neutrogena one, it looks nice.x

  2. Great post! I've used both of these in the past and you've just reminded me of how great they are! Ill be repurchasing when my current cleansers run out!


  3. Heather says:

    I had the cleanse and polish years ago and I liked it at the time x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  4. Epic Thread says:

    Great post!
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  5. These sound like some really good products, they may not be too harsh for me as well because i have oily as opposed to dark skin. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Daena Be says:

    I've tried that Scrub its gorgeous! I love the cream face wash as well!

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