I know, I know, I know I keep doing these posts basically saying I’m back and I will be posting and uploading videos and so on and so forth and then more weeks/months go by and nothing. I’m truly sorry I really and and I miss talking to all you guys! I think about ideas for posting but I’m just so exhausted from everything going on at the moment. Only one keeping me sane is Eloise (how grown up is she now!?)
I was meant to be going to see a lovely man who’s going to help me with my anxiety and panic disorder but everything went tits up over the last couple of days and I didn’t have a lift/babysitter so have had to reschedule for next week which he was so so lovely and understanding about but I can’t help feeling like I’ve failed yet again before even starting. Hopefully next week will be different.

Hope you are all okay! 



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