January 25, 2014

Close-ups // The Chaos That Is My Makeup Bag

Just in case you are wondering what a makeup bag looks like if you don’t go through it in over a year,  the above photograph will give you a pretty good idea of the chaos that is a disorganised makeup bag.

I did you all a favour by not including the watch strap links, bobby pins, ear plugs, toy ladybird (Eloise’s input) and various receipts (who keeps receipts in their make up bag anyway). As you can see I appear to have about twenty million blushes and not a lot else! Truth is i’ve been stuck in a bit of a make up rut and probably actually use eight of these products and haven’t touched the rest in a good 6 months.

So here is a little insight into the main products I’ve been putting on my face for the last goodness knows how long now:


I love this foundation ridiculous amounts. I have loved this since I bought it and it’s the only foundation that seems to be able to cope with the various extremes my skin goes to throughout the year. The shade range is the best I have ever come across and I will forever go back to this. Did I also mention I love it?

You can buy it  for £27 here.


I’m sure you’ve probably heard everyone and their cat rave about this mascara and rightly so because it is one of the best mascaras i’ve used. I don’t normally get on with plastic wands as they tend to cause my lashes to lose their curl as soon as they touch them but as long as I don’t go and slap a load on at once then I have no problems. The bristles on the tip make getting those corner lashes a doddle. I currently have the sample size but I will be buying the full once I run out.

You can buy it for £19.50 here.


Again, another beauty blogger favourite! I’ve been using this for the last 2 years and I love it. It covers dark circles, scarring, blemishes, redness, the lot.

You can buy it for £4.19 here.


I’m not really a massive fan of MAC face products because the Studio Fix foundation kind of put me off a bit when it made my face smell like a bonfire. That being said, everyone does deserve a second chance and I’m really glad I went ahead and bought this powder because it’s amaze. It doesn’t look caky, even after touch ups, sets my makeup and controls any oils whilst still looking natural. No bonfire scent either luckily.

You can buy it for £22 here.


These are the King, Queen and the entire royal family of all eyelash curlers. I cannot fault them in the slightest, I have long, straight lashes that take quite a lot to get a curl to hold but these curlers can keep them perfect until the morning even without mascara.

You can buy them for £20 here.


I have this in the shade light and it’s the first actual contour powder i’ve owned (I used to use Benefit Hoola Bronzer before) and I like it. Nothing particularly special, doesn’t break me out and just does the job really. It comes with a highlight too which I don’t really like because I feel like it’s not even noticeable so I don’t tend to use it.

You can but it for £6.49 here.


I bought this a while ago and reviewed it here expecting it to be as amazing as everyone said but I found it a bit “meh”. It’s a peachy pink with a golden shimmer which I do like but I feel it’s a bit too shimmery for my skin tone at times. I put this in here just so I would use it as it wasn’t cheap!

You can buy it for £21.50 here

So that’s pretty much all i’ve been using! I occasionally dig out my original Naked palette which I have rekindled my love for over the past few months. I think it’s time for a mix up!

What products do you always go back to?

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  1. Jessicalaar says:

    ahh the natural collection concealer is amazing, especially for the price.

    Jess x

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