January 21, 2014

DIY // Banana And Oat Face mask

Let us just stop for a moment and admire how fabulous I look….Ha ha! I jest. The things I do for you guys. Now I’m over the fact I have just uploaded a photograph with what looks like baby food all over my face for the entire Internet to see I shall explain myself.

My skin does not like winter, it doesn’t like central heating, it doesn’t like the cold wind in fact, it doesn’t like anything about the cold full stop. It looks dull, dry and generally very sorry for itself and I am yet to find a moisturiser that can completely combat the dryness and not clog up my pores in the process. Usually I only go for a face mask during the summer when I need something to control the opposite end of the skin type spectrum and mop up excess oil. Anyway, here is what I did:

What you’ll need to make your own face mask is half a ripe banana and a tablespoon of rolled oats or oatmeal. You can also add olive oil if your skin is really dry or lemon juice if you want a bit more of a brightening treatment or go crazy and add both.

All you have to do is mash the banana up so it forms a paste, mix in the oats and slap on your face that’s really all there is to it! I left it on for 20 minutes the used a flannel to buff it in a bit as I removed it to exfoliate my skin a little.

To say I was surprised with the results would be an understatement and I’ve tried pretty high end moisturising masks in the past with little or no effect but my skin looked brighter, felt moisturised and even my pores were dramatically reduced (they weren’t big to begin with but I could still see a difference) all from putting a bit of banana and a few oats on my face which are as cheap as chips (or cheaper in fact!)

Have you got any other DIY face mask recommendations you’d like to share?

8 responses to “DIY // Banana And Oat Face mask”

  1. Soňka says:

    You look so cute! I need to try the mask 🙂 Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  2. Kat R says:

    Ooh this is a great idea and cool that it actually worked too! xx

    Kat from Blushing Rose Beauty

  3. Amy Keeling says:

    oo this looks fun! I might give this a go and see how I get on, I doubt I will look as good as you though!
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  4. Gia says:

    Oh you're too kind! Thank you, you too! 🙂

  5. Gia says:

    I know! I was rather impressed what a banana can do! xx

  6. Gia says:

    It was fun! Super quick and easy too which was a bonus. Oh I'm sure you will look lovely! x

  7. What happened to the oatmeal, lemon and egg mask ??

  8. What happened to the oatmeal, lemon and egg mask ??

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