I’ve loved art for as long as I remember. Being an artist was my first passion right back to 4 year old me answering the question children always get asked – “what do you want to be when you grow up?” My first favourite artist was Vincent Van Gogh who remains so 21 years later along with Salvador Dali, Audrey Kawasaki and Georgia O’Keefe.
I have briefly studied Art and Design but found it quite constricting so went off and did my own thing. I’ve also previously worked on commissions but my own perfectionism led me to stop because I quite simply didn’t think I was good enough.

I’ve always been very meticulous when it comes to my own work and very rarely am I happy with my finished pieces and more often than not they get tucked away in my sketchbook for years because I wasn’t happy with them. But then it occurred to me, art isn’t perfect and there will always be something you can add or something you could change. Art is an extension of your personality and just as so, not everybody will like it. And that’s okay. So here is a small collection of my newer pieces, some finished, some not.









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