I’ve seen loads of people do these monthly updates on their pregnancy/baby/child/etc and I actually intended to do this back when I was pregnant with Lily but I generally suck and so here I am over a year later actually doing it. 

Technically Lily is 8 and a half months old but I’m already late on the bandwagon so I’m not going to let that bother me. 

Weight – 16lbs 4oz
Clothes size – 3-6 months although the feet on her sleepsuits are too small now 
Milk – she’s still having a few breast feeds throughout the day and whenever she wakes at night. She has also started to “ask” to be nursed by cruising over to me and pulling at my top. 
Food – we have just progressed onto finger foods! Not a lot is going in the mouth quite yet but she’s doing well and coping with the new textures. She has a preference for Organix baby crisps, I think because she finds them easier to hold more than anything. Her favourite food though is definitely yoghurt followed by banana as a close second. 

Teeth – we still have only 2 teeth although I have a suspicion that her top ones are on their way. 

Sleep – Hahahahahahahaha! What’s that?! The past month has been THE WORST in terms of sleep. She will have a few naps during the day on average then she will wake about 5930603059 times during the night. Sleep wise this month has been the most challenging by far and it doesn’t show signs of improvement any time soon! 
Milestones – Lily has been pretty early with everything so far and she started cruising at 7 months but the last months she’s really started to be more confident and will swap from the sofa to the coffee table. She will occasionally have a little panic midway and need one of us to help her down but all in all she’s doing amazingly! Although he does look incredibly small to be doing these things already! She is a confident crawler now and has also started to clap and respond to her name. She is “talking” more! She says dada, gaga, baba and aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh (at the top of her lungs might I add) 
Likes – she likes everything that isn’t a toy. More specifically my crochet hook, iPhone, Snapchat filters, remote controls, paper (she ate most of a hospital letter the other week), various Tupperware, bottle lids and the light on the front of the Youview box.

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