April 17, 2017



Me and Ben were lucky enough to be able to attend a premiere on Saturday night for Dead at the Gates which is the first instalment of the amazing new zombie series, Patient Zero by Pathogen Film Productions. It was also our first time being adults that do adult things without kids pulling at us, since Lily has been born.
“Hey, there’s a magnolia tree. Lets take a selfie.” 

The premiere was held in the beautiful Alcester Town Hall which is also where a part of the episode was filmed which I thought was awesome as it really got you feeling like you were in the midst of the chaos with zombies among the guests too.

The evening started off with champagne, zombie photoshoots and bloody amazing music from Ghosts in the Photographs (who I am now completely obsessed with and have had their newest EP A Murmur, A Charm, A Murder on repeat all day).

The actual premiere was held upstairs with popcorn and sweets on every chair (food is always a winner). I, like the cool Mum I am, saved my sweets for the kids. Mum points for me. No Dad points for Ben because he practically tipped the lot down his throat before his arse even touched the chair. He also chews boiled sweets, who does that?!

Look at us, adulting. Without children screaming our names every 2 seconds.

I won’t give too many plot details away or go full on college analysis but the I will say the story line is gripping, think The Walking Dead but local and cooler because you’re at the premiere haha. The acting was fantastic from the entire cast (who are also lovely) and I cannot wait for episode two!

After the viewing it was selfies (Ben’s selfie game was WEAK) with the Pathogen cast and then back downstairs for food and merchandise (which included postcards with Ben’s photography!!!).

We left shortly after this because Lily was being Lily (grumpy) and Eloise was still awake reading Horrid Henry Jokes to my Mum. I had leg room on the way back in the car and it was glorious. Lily greeted me by crying (she probably wasn’t sure if I was her Mum because I was wearing actual clothes with make up that wasn’t about a week old on my face and I’d also managed to wash and curl my hair on the same day). Eloise required a full run down of the episode before she would go to sleep and about 7496 hours later they were both finally in bed. Lily woke up at 2am because stupidly I thought I could get away with hugging her without waking her up. I was wrong.  She cried some more until she was presented with Wotsits and Teletubbies and we eventually got to sleep around 3am. Eloise then woke up at the arse crack of dawn. Bloody fabulous night with some amazing memories.

Watch the trailer here.

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