Ah weaning, yet another stage of parenting where you sit there, mouth wide open in complete confusion wondering where the hell to start and coming up at a loss at every corner. Baby things are confusing enough and there are a thousand different ways to do things which makes things even more confusing. Baby Led Weaning or Traditional Weaning or a mixture of purees and finger foods? You find yourself drowning in sippy cups, suction bowls, heat sensitive spoons and other things you never knew existed.

Here are a selection of foods from Ella’s Kitchen that I have reviewed with the help of my youngest squish, Lily bean.

We have always been big fans of Ella’s Kitchen in this house, I remember the Pack-o-snacks and Puffits that Eloise used to love back when she was weaning (6 or so years ago, damn I feel old). I went down the BLW route with Eloise so I didn’t use the pouches with her but we decided that we wanted to go down the TW route with Lily when she hit 6 months, so it was pouch and mashed up veggies galore to begin with.

She is now 15 months old and moved onto finger food completely at 12 months old although we did sort of introduce them at about 10 months old. I wasn’t confident enough to introduce them properly earlier because she tends to gag and choke on things a lot due to her lip tie and even now I still cut most things up into bite sized pieces.



These are a firm favourite and probably Lily’s favourite from the Ella’s Kitchen collection. They’re a little bit bigger than a cereal type hoop and melt quickly when introduced to the slobbery gum fest that is the mouth of a babe. Lily loves them and finds them very easy to pick up, she has even developed her very own style of eating these where she sticks her finger in the middle like a ring and then sticks it in her mouth faster than lightening with an “om”. I did think the vanilla and banana ones sounded a bit weird to start with and after trying one I’m still not sure but Lily loves them and I guess that’s what matters. The cheese + tomato ones on the other hand are what I call “adult level nice”, I could eat a pack myself and don’t mind so much when Lily shoves a half chewed one in my mouth/eye/general facial area.

The packet comes with a resealable sticker to stop them going soggy (not that they last that long in this house). I particularly like how they show the actual size of the hoops on the packet, it makes me feel more confident buying them knowing exactly how big they are and makes it far easier to judge whether they will be right for your baby etc etc. All the paranoid Mum questions are answered. I like it.


These scared me to begins with because they look pretty big, I was quite worried she would try sticking the whole thing in her mouth (which she did end up trying) when we first tried these quite a few months back I would cut them up (I’m uber paranoid). She has these whole now and nibbles them (three at a time). They are very “puffy” so melt really quickly in the mouth which makes me panic sightly less when she tries to shove 6 in a once.

Again, they show the actual size on the packet. Top marks for helping the panicky ones Ella’s Kitchen. They’re basically a taller, fatter, healthier, cheese puff. The bigger size means they’re easier for littler babies to hold so would be good for those wanting to go down the BLW route.


These really surprised me in terms of shape. I’m not really sure what I was expecting but they’re a bit like fig rolls shape wise. They’re softer in texture than a normal biscuit which means it’s easier for them to chew with no molars/teeth in general. About the same height as the melty puffs but not as melty and they come in little individual packets which is super handy for chucking into the depths of a changing bag for use as tantrum distracters. The packet is also bright yellow so there is a strong chance you will actually be able to spot it amongst the random baby crap (literal and otherwise) that’s been thrown inside and forgotten about for over 6 months.

Everything from Ella’s Kitchen is made from organic ingredients, super healthy and we are yet to find something Lily doesn’t like which is a winner in my book. Plus most supermarkets tend to run offers across the range quite frequently, there is always at least one shop running an offer so it’s extra easy on the pocket. All the points from me!

Lily gets through quite a lot of baby snacks so you can probably expect some more reviews like this in the future. She actually likes helping me do blog stuff when it involves food, a girl after my own heart.


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