May 14, 2017




I’m a week late on this post but last Wednesday my biggest, Eloise, turned 7 years old. I say it every single year, ‘how on earth is she __ years already?! But it’s true, I really cannot believe how quickly the years seem to go by since having children. I had Eloise quite young and I remember the academic years crawling by and it just seemed to take forever for a new year to come by. When I was 18, I fell pregnant with her and once she was here it’s like someone suddenly pressed fast forward on my life (and my body).

I have also worked out that I wont have her at home for her actual birthday until she is 10 *cue ugly crying*. It felt so weird not having her at home for her birthday and I propose that school on birthdays should be illegal. I do genuinely think they should be allowed the day off. Experiences and family are just as important as education as far as I’m concerned but my feelings on that are a whole other topic.

We had pizza and ALL the sides for her dinner and we danced to Little Mix with disco lights and glowing unicorn balloon.

She requested a cake like this, with the big lollies and “pink drips”. She was very specific, she required 2 layers, lots of sprinkles and said I could choose the colour of the butter cream icing and she wanted jam AND butter cream inside. She chose the candle and the little flowers too. I don’t think it turned out half bad considering the bank holiday cut my cake making time by an entire day but it turned out better than the obese Pinky Pie I made for the MLP cake her Nanny made for her party last year.

I will leave you with a flashback of my beautiful Eloisey on her first birthday and a photo of her now whilst I go and cry in a corner at how grown up she is.



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