June 28, 2017


The first issue we had with Lily’s skin was soreness around her neck. At first we thought perhaps milk was getting in the creases are causing the soreness that way but she’s breastfed and I find that there are hardly any milk dribbles at all. We tried various creams and they helped a bit but never got rid of it completely. We took her to the doctors and one of the first things we were prescribed after trying everything else, including natural products such as coconut and olive oil, was Aveeno. It was great and cleared up the soreness around her neck completely. 
Lily was eventually diagnosed with eczema and gets it pretty badly on her arms, chest, legs, hands and face. When its bad its red raw and bleeding, and when it’s good it’s still pretty bad. We currently have a prescription cream which still only manages to half heal it.

We picked up this cream before getting the more hardcore, prescription stuff and it’s brilliant for soothing the skin and we use it whenever she has patches that look particularly sore and after baths as I find that the Colloidal Oatmeal in it really helps stop the itchiness. It hasn’t cured her eczema but it’s well worth investing in some purely as something to soothe the itch. I do prefer the smell of the adult one (which works just as well), but the baby one has a “baby” smell to it. Not baby smell as in poo and milky sick but more like a classic baby lotion scent so it makes for ultimate baby snuggling! I must say though that the original Aveeno is my favourite, I think the scent of this may be a little strong for super sensitive skin.

I paid £5.99 for this from Boots. 


  1. Do you think this would work as a nappy cream as well? My daughter has bad nappy rash at the moment and nothing seems to be helping? Fab post and hope your daughter's eczema can be managed soon. It's so hard though as what works for one person won't always work for someone else x

  2. Alice Spake says:

    Aveeno is going to be number one in our house I think, my partner swears by it as it's so well formulated for Asian skin so will definitely be buying the baby range xx

  3. Gee Gardner says:

    Thank you and absolutely yes! When she has a very sore bum we pop this on and it definitely helps her. x

  4. Sophia Ford says:

    We tried this earlier in the year and we really, really liked it. It's one I'd repurchase in the future!xo

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