I’ve been getting the Variety Box from Graze for the most part of 5 years now and in those whole 5 years I don’t think I’ve had one box where someone hasn’t stolen one of my snacks. That’s how good they are, or how greedy my family are…
The Graze website gives you an option to select the different snacks as “bin, like, love, try or send soon”.
Bin – pretty self explanatory, anything you don’t like or have an allergy to you can select ‘bin’ and they won’t send it to you ever ever ever.
Like – again, pretty self explanatory, this one is basically “hey lovely people at Graze, I quite like this one, feel free to send it to me”.
Love – they will try and send this one to you more often because they’re just that nice.
Try – Ones you’re not really decided on or haven’t tried yet. This is what all the snacks are set as default. Leave them like this and Graze will send you lovely surprise snacks.
Send Soon – for snacks you love and want right now. If you check send soon in time they will send them in your next box.
All Graze snacks are all super healthy, yes, even the brownies. This is my favourite thing about them, the snacks are all packed full of protein, vitamins and all the good things. Each individually named snack lets you know what sort of goodness you’re getting which makes me feel like I’m winning at the healthy eating game every time I eat one (four).

They have a good variety of both sweet and savoury options, my favourites being the Original Fruity Flapjack, Strawberries & Cream Protein Topper, Soy Roasted Seeds, Bonnie Wee Oatbakes, Summer Berry Compote, basically everything.

The Variety Boxes I get cost £3.99 including delivery and you can manage your subscription and frequency of your boxes whenever you like. Going on holiday? No problem, you can push the delivery date back to suit you. Find yourself eating all of the snacks in one go and wanting another box? Cool, you can have as many as you like delivered to you each week. You can even choose what day you want them to come on.

Graze also do Tea Boxes, Protein Top-Ups along with big bags of healthiness such as Chia Seeds, various nuts,  seeds, Acai Powder, dried fruit and lots of other super healthy bits and bobs.

My boxes did start to get a little “samey”, I have more popcorn than I know what to do with but a few minutes updating my likes and send soons I’m getting lots of variety again so it’s really worth keeping your thoughts on your snacks updated.

If you use this link, you get your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes free and I get £1 off my next box :).


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