I normally use Method products to clean the house these days but they are normally very highly scented and quite “soapy” so I have been avoiding them on the highchair as I feel the soapiness may transfer to the food. I ordered this Nuk Hygiene Spray from Ocado on a whim because I’m a sucker for trying things I’ve never seen before and I liked that it was specifically aimed at baby things.

The bottle was quite a bit smaller than I anticipated which I’m secretly thankful for as it fits better under my sink (I’m a cleaning product hoarder). Despite this it appears to have lasted longer than the one I normally use on the highchair which is a bonus. It contains no alcohol, solvents, preserving agents or allergens and is made from naturally derived ingredients which I like, it makes me feel less worried about using it on things that are going to come into contact with mouths and food surfaces. 

What I particularly like about this is that it have 2 different spray options. There is a little flap over the nozzle which you can flip up for regular spraying or down for a foam which I find much easier to clean the highchair with. It also doesn’t have that horrible chemical smell to it which is a much welcomed change for me.

I bought it on offer for £1.99 but it’s regular price is £3.99 so quite a bit more pricey than other brands but I feel the kinder ingredients make up for that.

What’s your favourite anti-bac spray?


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