July 23, 2017

10 Tips to Help You Save Money

Saving money is something that is pretty damn important but often people aren’t quite sure what to do and find themselves living off 23p noodles and googling no credit check loan options. There are a huge amount of steps you can take to save money and although it can be quite overwhelming at first, getting into the habit of being more careful with what you’re spending.

10 Tips To Help You Save Money

01. Konmari your house – I think we can all hold are hands way, way, waaaaay up high when it comes to keeping hold of random stuff we probably won’t ever need. Whether that be childhood PS2 games or that massive bag of TY beanie babies or toys your kids don’t play with anymore. Clearing all this unnecessary junk can help make you a few bob on eBay or even the Facebook Marketplace.

02. Up cycling – Jazzing up things you already own by up cycling them can end up saving your hundreds. I recently went on a bit of an upcycling spree and painted a lot of our furniture. This added a lot more joy to pieces I’d fallen out of love with an ordinarily would have replaced.

03. Switching brand names for stores own – 9/10 the cheap, store brand essentials are just as good as your regular branded food. Baked beans, for example, I much prefer the cheapy ones to Heinz. Same goes for dried pasta, cheese, and orange juice. These sorts of things taste just as good but come with a heck of a price difference.

04. Switch to solid shampoo  – I love the solid shampoo bars from Lush and although they’re a little more expensive than your average bottle of shampoo they last a hell of a lot longer.

05. Meal plan – I think we are all guilty of hungry shopping and buying half of the supermarket’s junk food aisle, getting the checkout and dying inside a little at the sheer cost of 20 different packets of biscuits. I save about £20 if I meal plan before doing the weekly shop so it really is worth doing!

06. Keep hold of baby stuff – Every parent knows the initial sting of buying everything needed for a new arrival is preeeetty painful but saving the big things for future children can save you a nice wedge. I will be saving Lily’s cot and have clothes I have loved for both girls stored in the attic for future babies.

07. Switch supermarkets – Switching to places like Aldi or Lidl can end up saving you a bomb on your weekly shop!

08. Do your shopping in the evening – This is around the time most stores will reduce a lot of their products, particularly meats, fruit, veg, ready meals etc. These can either be used quickly or frozen to eat at a later date. You can pick up some amazing bargains this way! On Dealsdaddy.co.uk, they have a discount code for clothing, accessories, shoes, home decor, furniture, pet supplies etc

09. Put a little bit away every month – Setting up a standing order for whenever you get paid and pop away a small amount into a savings account. You will thank yourself when the washing machine breaks down.

10. Freeze leftovers – We are massively guilty of not doing this, if I make too much I tend to just pile it on Ben’s plate because I know he will eat it all but really, we could have an extra meal or 2 from most things I cook from scratch. Not only that but bunging some leftovers in the microwave uses less power than a big oven cook so you save some pennies there too!

What is your best money saving tip?

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