I’ve loved Method products for years now with my first venture being the Squeaky Green Bubbly Bath I used to buy for Eloise when she was tiny (still sad they stopped selling it over here 🙁 massive hints there Method!).  I always tend to go for the ‘greener’ products if I can and Method is by far my favourite cleaning brand at the moment and the cupboard under my sink is practically overflowing (I am a cleaning product hoarder, I have a problem).


I love anything rhubarb and bought this on a whim. Got home and died slightly when I used it because it smells absolutely amazing! I cannot stress that enough! It smells just like those rhubarb and custard sweets, it’s basically heaven in a squirty bottle. It’s a bit “soapier” than other sprays I’ve used but it certainly gets things cleaner with less effort too which I’m sure is down to the consistency. It’s not like using a sponge and washing up liquid type soapy but if you spray quite a bit and rub quite hard it will go ever so slightly foamy.

It cost me £2 as it was on offer at the time and it’s lasted ages! I’m just coming to the end of the bottle and I got it a good few months ago (I had to check that, I don’t randomly remember when I buy certain cleaning products haha). Definitely buying more because it smells bloody amazing.


This smells like a flower garden, almost spa like. I find with a lot of hand soaps they dry my skin out because I wash them so often but this was really gentle and didn’t irritate my skin at all. The bottle lasts for ages and it’s beautiful, so much so that I have actually kept it to re fill.


I have used their Shower Spray years ago and wasn’t too keen on the smell, it just wasn’t bathroomey enough for me so I got this and it’s perfect. Not a fan of mint but the eucalyptus disguises most of it and the spray is brilliant. I had been using bleach in the bathroom because I’m a germaphobe but worried about everyone having to breathe in the fumes so opted for this as a more natural alternative. I wasn’t disappointed, it gets things as clean as bleach does and doesn’t leave streaks on my mirror. We have a lot of chrome on the shower attachment and it was a literal nightmare trying to get water marks that had been on there since before we moved it. I’d scrubbed the sh*t out of them and nothing shifted them properly until this. I just sprayed, left it to soak in for a few minutes and wiped off. Water marks and all.


I bought this for the draining board in the kitchen, I was fed up on just using soapy water and getting smear marks and general grossness. This smells like apples and leaves it relatively smear free. Not 100% though but that may be down to my lazy wiping skills when it comes the the bloody thing, I wouldn’t say it’s anything particularly special though as I have other sprays that do a similar job. I do actually use this on my ceramic hob though and its brilliant on that, no streaks at all.


This is bloody amazing and if you have anything wooden you need to buy it. It smells like marzipan. Actual. Marzipan. Whenever I use this my house ends up smelling like Battenburg cake and I love it. I use it on taps too and the shine it gives is amazing. I would honestly use it on myself if shiny was a good look because it smells that nice.

What are your cleaning gems?




  1. July 12, 2017 / 6:34 pm

    I am in love with the wild rhubarb Method spray. It smells so delicious for a cleaner! I bought the anti bac water mint bathroom cleaner and the smell is quite overpowering. I might try the eucalyptus one instead.

  2. July 12, 2017 / 9:04 pm

    Will definitely be checking these out as alternatives to our usuals! xo

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