July 29, 2017


Hipp Organic is a brand I always thought only did formula and baby food but recently they’re released a whole range of free from range of baby care products including these sensitive baby wipes.

Hipp Sensitive Baby Wipes themselves are quite strange feeling compared to the wipes I normally use, they’re quite thin and flimsy. The best way I can describe them is that they’re quite like disposable cloth nappy liners in terms of thickness and they do the annoying stretchy thing although they do come out of the packet intact and separately unlike certain other wipes (looking at you Huggies).

They claim to have new microfibre technology to make they softer and more efficient but I didn’t really notice much of a difference. They are gentle and didn’t irritate Lily’s skin at all and contain a mild cleansing lotion and organic almond extract which makes them super gentles for even eczema prone bums but they’re quite dry compared to other brands so take a bit more effort to get toddler poo (and make up) off.

They cost £1.29 from Ocado so not too pocket denting, especially taking into consideration that they’re organic.


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