July 31, 2017


Lily loves pasta but I don’t like giving her regular sauces too often because of the salt content in them so this Classic Tomato Pasta Sauce from Little Dish is perfect. I have bought sauces aimed at young children before but always find that I waste so much because it’s only Lily eating it. The thought of not having to make sauce from scratch for her was so appealing, when I saw this on offer in Tesco for just 50p I pretty much ripped it off the shelf. I have no shame.

Here, all I did was cook some wholemeal pasta shapes and frozen mixed veg in a pan, drained the water out and whacked in the sauce and topped with some grated cheddar cheese. The whole meal took me about 10 minutes!

Each Little Dish Pasta Sauce coming in a 80g pot which is the perfect size for one toddler sized portion of pasta and it has hidden veg too which is a bonus as getting 5 a day into kids can be pretty bloody hard sometimes so this whole bowl of pasta contained about 3 of Lily’s 5 a day. Not bad!

The sauce is a bit wetter than I’m used to so I did have to drain it a bit after mixing it with the pasta although the frozen vegetables could well have contributed to the wateriness there. The sauce has got quite a strong red pepper taste to it rather than tomato which took Lily by surprise at first but after a few curious licks she piled it in!

It’s normally £1 which isn’t too bad I reckon! They also do a Mild Korma Sauce which is next on our list to try!



  1. Emma Heapy says:

    These are such a great idea! Johnny loves pasta so I'll have to get a few of these in! Xx

  2. Emma Lambert says:

    Their new range of sauces etc look great. My daughter loves their meals and they're so convenient x

  3. Scandi Mummy says:

    These look great. Caspian's taste keep changing but a good tomato pasta sauce seems to always be a hit so will check them out. x

  4. Alice Spake says:

    Oh yum! Such a classic dish! I'd totally eat it too haha xx

  5. Gee Gardner says:

    Definitely do! They're fab you won't regret it! x

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