This post is super late because I have been majorly slacking on my “Sunday Posts” and my posts in general and this particular post is over 2 weeks old. How many times do I want to say post? Post.
 I’ve just been pushing out my back log of drafts the past week or two, I blame that on the fact Lily is a sleep thief but also negative pigeons and sweltering heatwave temperatures for my lack of motivation. I’ve just been feeling really crappy mental health wise lately and been a bit “urgh”. Anyway, that aside, I thought I would share this little video of Lily enjoying her first ever time in a paddling pool! She was far too excited for me to change her into a swimming costume and swim nappy but that didn’t end up being too much of a problem as she spent the majority of the time just stomping her feet in the water haha!

I have a few things lined up and I hope to (successfully) start the 7 Day Blogging Challenge tomorrow despite the fact I have been really struggling to find the motivation to write lately, but hopefully the challenge will inject some much needed motivation into my blogging again!

My other half, Ben is re launching his Youtube channel now he’s left the website he co-founded and we are also talking about starting up our family vlogs again at some point soonish. I must admit, despite the complete and utter shit storm that led to him wanting to leave and all his hard work going down the pan, it’s been so nice to have him back!

I’m also in the process of going through my old cringey Youtube videos and re uploading any that don’t make me cringe so hard I lose my head. I’m currently editing one I filmed the other week which should be up soon if it turns out semi alright. I’ve made some soundtracks for future videos and some channel art etc etc and it’s been nice to step away from writing for a bit and concentrate on the more creative side of things whilst melting in this heatwave.




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