August 18, 2017


Now I’m not completely crossing these baby names off forever and ever because I actually really loved the name Lily but said I wouldn’t use it because it was so popular but then after watching an episode of Doctor Who I fell in love with it and that was that. Her middle name is Rose but that’s after her Great Nan though, not Rose Tyler! Haha.

I chose Eloise because it was pretty unique but then it seemed like about 453 people called their girls Eloise. Haha! A lot of names I love are ridiculously popular but I feel like I can’t use them because there would be about 5 other kids in the same class with that name and it’d get so confusing! Eloise is the only Eloise in her school and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that no one else with kids starting there in a few years called their daughter Lily. It’s a super tiny school so there is hope I reckon. Maybe.

Anyway, narrowing this down to just 10 was bloody impossible because I am probably the most indecisive person on the planet so there are a few bonus ones in there.


Basically Amelia with an E. I like Amelia too but I preferred how Emilia looked and it was the less popular choice which is a silly reason really because Lily is the second most popular name I think? I bloody loved this name for years and it was my favourite when I was pregnant with my angel and I just sort of associated it with that pregnancy if that makes sense? I don’t know if that’s weird…? We were going to call Lily, Emilia but it just didn’t feel right. I still very much love it though.


Another Doctor Who derived name but Ben hates it so this one is definitely crossed off the list. I do really like it though, I don’t know many people named Clara and I like quite unique names (says someone who called her daughter Lily).


I really liked this but I can’t get the song out of my head and I fear I would have it involuntarily playing in my mind every single time I told her to put her shoes on (and we all know that’s a hell of a lot of times). I also love names to have lots of nick name possibilities and I just couldn’t think of one for Delilah.


I love this and it’s a name I’ve considered for both Eloise and Lily and it’s still on my list but I think another flower name would be weird? I don’t know if I’m reading too far into it but I feel like if I used another flower name then Eloise would be on the side lines kind of thing. That’s probably just me reading into it far too much.


I love this name so much and I actually considered it for Lily but my Grandparents had a dog called Gracie so I thought it’d be a bit weird? Would that be weird?


Another name I’ve always loved but Ben didn’t like it and I think having a Lily Rose and a Primrose would be too many roses.

Amber Rain

We had pretty much decided on this for Lily but then we were told she was a porn star and that made it several shades of weird. We still really like Amber though.


I love this name for a boy but my sister went and named her cat James and after that I think it’d just be weird. Is it weird?


This is my all time favourite boys name, stolen from The Labyrinth. I imagined my little boy wearing a stripy red sleep suit and everything. I still think I want to use this one to be honest.


I love the idea of this being shortened to Gray and I just feel like it accommodates for all ages. I find with some names I think they sound really lovely when they’re little but aren’t so lovely when they’re older which has put me off quite a few boys names.


Stolen from Supernatural and we both actually love this name so much but I feel like this sounds really odd with Bayliss – too many s’s. We both really love this name though.


We both liked this, not after the fish but after Mr Nobody (it has Jared Leto in it and Jared Leto is basically the epitome of awesome) but we figured everyone would associate Nemo with the fish so we decided against it.

I filmed a Youtube video for this post too, so if you fancy watching me ramble about names head on over. I had a good hair day thanks to this bloody amazing hair mask from last months Pink Parcel, so didn’t want to waste it haha!



  1. Ben Bayliss says:

    I still say we have three more, all boys, Cass, Dean, and Sam. Cass Bayliss sounds decent. Although it is a lisp'ers nightmare.

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