August 27, 2017


If you are a sleep deprived parent who has resorted to google before and searched “how long can the human body survive without sleep” and have a baby who thinks they’re an owl, then you have probably noticed the viral stories about this Sleepy Body Lotion from Lush being the answer to all your prayers.

I managed to grab the last pot of this from my local Lush because I too, am one of those sleep deprived parents with a toddler who thinks she is some sort of nocturnal woodland creature, so I trudged all the way through town in my Mombie state to buy this.

I decided to take it through it’s paces and keep a log of Lily’s sleep because we all know babies are unpredictable and I wanted to be sure that it really was Sleepy that was helping her sleep. So here is the run down of the last week:

Day 1 (no cream): She took close to an hour to settle and woke so many times I lost count but at least every 1.5 hours. This is pretty standard.

Day 2: I gave Lily a bath with a bit of Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb (about 1/5) and used a 5p amount of Sleepy and put it on her arms and chest. She fell asleep before milk, woke up as I put her down in bed but settled quickly. Woke up twice throughout the night.

Day 3: Put another 5p amount of cream on her arms and chest before bed. She completely lost her sh*t because she was so sleepy and wanted to go to bed but I was taking too long to quickly pick up toys etc. Fed her to sleep and she was asleep within 10 minutes and didn’t wake up until the morning (actual morning, not baby morning).

Day 4: After a disaster wearing her sisters pants and an impromptu bath with another bit of the Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb and Sleepy cream after she went from this to asleep in less than half an hour without milk and slept through for 7 hours, had some milk and went back to sleep.

Day 5: I only managed to get a bit on her chest post complete meltdown about her teeth. She’s cutting a molar and we had to crack open the calpol and bonjela before bed. She took a little longer going to sleep, maybe about 20 minutes this time but I had taken her straight to bed after putting the cream on rather than waiting a bit this time. She woke a fair few times throughout the night which I have put down to teething but she settled back down relatively easily.

Day 6: Bath with Ickle Baby Bot again with Sleepy put all over her chest and arms and she went to sleep without milk again. She woke at about 7am but went back to sleep until 9am.

Day 7: Another bath tonight, normally we avoid bathing her more than a few times a week because of her eczema but she was covered in raspberries! This time we didn’t use Ickle baby Bot but put Sleepy on her arms and chest after. She slept through until about 5 or 6 and then went back to sleep after milk.

Day 8: No bath tonight and she fell asleep before I got to put some on. I just about managed to pop the smallest bit on her arms though but I could hardly smell it. It also seems to be helping the eczema in her arm crease, she’s been itching again lately but this appears to be healing it up a treat so far. She slept a solid 4 hours before becoming restless. She was frantically itching the eczema on her hand so I think that was bothering her more than anything but her sleep was less relaxed having not been able to put much on.

Day 9: I smothered her in cream tonight, chest, legs, arms, back. She even put it in her mouth (wouldn’t recommend that though) and she fell asleep without milk and slept until around 7am.

Day 10: Again, I smothered it everywhere. She didn’t fall asleep without milk today which I anticipated because she’s had a busy day full of hearing tests but she did fall asleep quickly and slept until 7am, more milk and she’s still asleep at 10am.

Day 11: I gave her a bath with Ickle Baby Bot and smothered her in Sleepy again, bit of milk and she was out for the count until a sociable hour in the morning.

Is it a miracle product? Well, I’ve been using it on Lily for over a week now and while I wouldn’t go as far to say that it will 100% get your baby to sleep through the night, but since using it Lily has definitely settled a lot better and despite teething and eczema related wakings, it has improved her sleep duration and made the transition into her bed a lot easier too. The extra bathing has irritated her skin though and she has patches of eczema on her legs again.

So in conclusion it certainly helps her settle down at night but I think it’s a bit ambitious to say it will make your baby sleep through the entire night. However, I have definitely noticed a big improvement in how quickly she has been settling to sleep and the wakings are hit and miss really depending on teething pain etc at the moment although absolutely not as frequent as before!

I have also noticed that the nights I’ve used Ickle Baby Bot she sleeps even better so a huge shout out to the little blue guy too which is probably one of the most underrated (and cheapest) bath bombs ever. I used it everyday with Eloise and she slept so much better than Lily so that’s got to mean something right?

On the whole she has definitely been sleeping better since I’ve been using it and I will continue to buy it once this tub is finished because of how well it relaxes her. That and the scent (which is identical to the bath bomb Twilight) is just bloody amazing.

This tub is 215g and cost £13.95.


  1. Nadine Tee says:

    I could have done with this product a few months ago when my little one refused to sleep! Thankfully, he's more settled now but I know where to turn if he relapses!

  2. I've heard about this and think I could do with trying this myself before bed. It's great to see your thoughts on how its worked for your little one.

  3. That sounds amazing! My little one sleeps fine but I don't, I think I need it for myself!

  4. I've heard nothing but good things about this product. I
    Think I need to use this for myself…

  5. EssexKate says:

    I find it interesting that this cream has got such great press. Lavender is well known for aiding sleep, and massage before bed is meant to help babies. I absolutely think it can help improve sleep, but suspect this cream isn't much better than using similar products. As part of our change to get our baby to sleep we used a diffuser with essential oils including lavender, it can be a challenge not to fall asleep in her room at bedtime!

  6. Oooh interesting, sooo curious about this after reading all the press, def need to try it out here

  7. DebSharratt says:

    Very interesting – going to try this too.

  8. I'm going to try and get a tub of this – my two year old still doesn't sleep through so if this helps I will be one very happy mummy!

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