August 31, 2017



This smells amazing and is everything you want in a body lotion. It’s also the most beautiful purple colour! I bought this for Lily because of how many people were raving about how amazing it is at helping babies sleep and I have to agree that it certainly does appear to relax her. Full review here.


Most of my favourite things are generally food so I thought sod it and included these. I do like regular sausages but I just like these better. They’re less greasy and don’t have the gross skin on that normal sausages do haha. Although, when it comes to pigs in blankets it’s another story. 

I love most Quorn stuff and use it all the time, top 3 not including these would be the 

Vegan Burgers – I’m not vegan but I do love a lot of vegan stuff. These have a nice kick to them! 

Cheese & Broccoli Escalopes – They’ve recently changed the cheese on top of these and it’s no where near as nice anymore but these used to be my favourite.

Last but not least the Tikka Sliced Fillets which are AMAZING but nowhere ever has them. They were one of my many pregnancy cravings with Lily and I could eat an entire packet right about now. 

Oh, and the Chicken & Bacon Lattice is amazing too. And the pies. Basically I like 99% of their stuff.


More food favourites. I’ve had the Enchilada and Fajita Kits before by Old El Paso and they were nice, although the first time I made the enchiladas I put so much spice in that my mouth was basically burning. I love nachos, normally I just get Doritos or the cheap 40p ones from ALDI, chuck on some salsa and then some cheese and whack it under the grill but these are next level. Even writing about them makes me want them.


Lily has cut a total of 3 and half molars this month with the last one up on the top left being the biggest bastard ever that seems to be taking forever to come through bringing with it loads of drool and finger chewing along with screaming galore. Bonjela has been a lifesaver this month so I felt I needed to include it, plus it definitely works because I have also had a beast of a wisdom tooth coming through which is so painful it swells the side of my mouth up and I can’t eat properly (literal hell) but Bonjela numbs it for a bit. I sympathise with teething babies everywhere right now. 

I also included it in my Teething Essentials earlier this year.


Dry shampoo is a Mums best friend. This past month has been pretty hard in terms of my mental health and when I’m feeling shit the last thing I will be doing is washing my hair. In fact, I haven’t even been to the hairdresser since Eloise was 6 weeks old although that’s mainly down to my anxiety. My hair is permanently in a Mum bun these days anyway so it doesn’t matter that it’s 60% filth and dry shampoo right?


I have about 600 notebooks that I’ve hoarded over the years, if I see a good notebook I can’t not buy it basically. Most of them are in boxes at my Mums house actually, I legit have too many to fit in my house. This particular journal is for goals, I thought it was about time I broke it’s pen virginity and actually wrote in it. I also bought a lovely marbled one for my blog stuff to go in, I love technology for blog planning but putting my ideas in drafts was driving me nuts because I have about 74 drafts to date and it overwhelms me so now I plan in a notebook and my blog is slowly getting less cluttered.


This is way up there with The Comforter in terms of bubble bars for me. The bubbles these bubble bars make are by far the creamiest and a little goes a very long way!  This one smells like oranges and is wonderful on all the levels. It’s also one of the biggest bubble bars Lush do and lasts me a good 4 baths. 


American Dreams – Parachute

Walk On Water – 30 Seconds To Mars

TV SHOW: Atypical on Netflix! I am a few episodes in and I’m hooked already! It follows a boy called Sam, who has autism, and his family through general family trials and tribulations. So far it shows a pretty accurate depiction of autism and is really well thought out. Definitely recommend!


This is not so much a quote this month but rather an extract from one of my all time favourite, most beautifully written poems called Still I Rise by Maya Angelou.

“…And still, like dust, I’ll rise”


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  1. A lovely selection of favourite. Oh Bongela was a god send with my little lady!

  2. I've heard such good things about that Lush Sleepy product, I think I'd definitely try it! LOVE those Nachos too.. now I want some haha x

  3. I haven't bought anything from Lush in ages but I need some help dropping off to sleep!

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