August 3, 2017


These Strawberry Wafers are another new offering from Kiddylicious, I posted a review about their other new product, the Mini Coconut Rolls a little while ago! Much like the other snacks Lily has tried from Kiddylicious, these were a big hit!

We have tried all of the flavours now and these ones are way up there with the blueberry ones which are her ultimate favourite. They are absolutely fantastic for weaning as they melt in the mouth, the shape is super easy for teeny tiny hands to keep hold of and she loves them still at 18 months old.

They’re also gluten and dairy free opening up snack possibilities for babies with these allergies and they also have no added artificial rubbish so a triple win there. One thing I really like about these is that you can actually see the strawberry seeds in them which proves they use actual strawberries rather than just flavourings which is always good to know.

They come in little individual packs of 2 which make for fantastic distracters to give you 5 minutes to actually sit down and drink your microwaved coffee whilst they gum them to death.

They cost £2.20 for a pack of 10.


Lily with a load of wafers she won back in March!

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