August 15, 2017


// Sugar Waffle w/ Coconut Yogurt and Berries
Massive hit with everyone except Eloise who picked the fruit off and left the rest because for some reason she thought I had put it on a bloody potato waffle….
Coconut yogurt is my new favourite thing and Lily ate 80% of this so massive winner! The fruit and yogurt totally cancel out the sugar in the waffle right? Cool.


//Cheese Sandwiches
//Ella’s Kitchen Cheese + Tomato Melty Hoops
//Fromage Frais
//Fruit Bowl Mango Flakes

Lily loves these little Melty Hoops and they have been a favourite for a while now. She also loves the mango flakes, they’re 1 of your 5 a day so she tends to have them as a snack or a pudding quite a lot.


// Sweet Potato & Spinach Patties
// Homemade Garlic and Herb Wedges
These patties were a doddle to make and Lily loved them! Absolutely perfect for weaning too, definitely a recipe I’m going to keep for future babies too! She also had some garlic and herb wedges but I forgot to take a photo of them somehow.
To make the patties all you need to do is:
  1.  Cook the sweet potatoes and spinach
  2. Mash the potatoes and mix with the spinach
  3. Take a spoonful or so of the mixture and make into a patty shape
  4. Fry the patties until they are beginning to go golden (I used a drop of coconut oil spray to fry mine in but if you have a good pan you may not need to)
  5. Leave them to cool slightly before serving and voila!
The recipe for the patties was kindly given to me by Little Olive Wonders over on Instagram! She posts beautiful photographs of her daughters meals and she has some absolutely brilliant ideas so head over for some top class weaning inspiration!
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6 responses to “WHAT MY TODDLER ATE TUESDAY [15/08/2017]”

  1. Mmmmm the patties sound so delicious!!!!! I love your elephant plate too! The waffles sound so yummy too. What a lucky toddler. x

  2. Scandi Mummy says:

    Can I come live with you?! 😀 That all looks so yummy especially the waffle. Caspian never has much breakfast (probably because he fills up on milk before getting up)

  3. Wow, I want to eat your toddler's diet! That waffle looks amazing, I wish I could eat it right now! 🙂
    Love the patties too, I might try and make something like that when Violet is a little older.

  4. I love coming to you for food inspo! You're so creative!

  5. I honestly envy your food choices so much – yours are all so unique, I need to up my game!

  6. I love posts like this! I am always so boring and samey with the foods I give them! Will definitely try those patties ox

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