Welcome back to another “What My Toddler Ate Tuesday”, I thought it would be fun to share what sort of things Lily eats in a day! Although technically not all of the things are eaten on a Tuesday, just on whichever day I remember to take photos haha!


// Cinnamon Porridge

Looks Pinterest worthy right? All I did was whack a bit of cinnamon and brown sugar on top of some porridge! I am also ridiculously excited about having milk delivered by the milkman! It’s the kind of milk that come in bottles with cream on top aka the best thing ever.



// Cheddar Cheese Sticks
// Quorn Cocktail Sausage
// Little Dish Chickpea Pop Pops
// Cottage Cheese
// Strawberries
// 1/2 Plum
// Heinz Farleys Rusk Biscuit

// Smoothie (Which Eloise stole haha)

Bit of a random picnic lunch but Lily’s are a lot like this really. She loves having lots of different choice and also smearing the cottage cheese (which was her favourite here) everywhere haha. She prefers the normal rusks to these little biscuit ones because they’re quite hard in comparison and she’s teething at the moment.



// 1/2 Spicy Cheesy Enchilada
// Cottage Cheese
// Blackberries
//Little Dish Coconut Go Gos

I went a bit (okay, very) overboard with the spices in these enchiladas and I actually couldn’t finish mine they were so hot! Lily on the other hand wolfed down the lot! Mouth of steel that one! I gave her some more cottage cheese in case the spice was too much but she was fine and ate the lot. The Little Dish Go Gos are adult level nice too, these are the coconut ones and Lily loves them!

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