September 10, 2017

Brushing Up On Tyre Safety

It’s nearing MOT time for us which normally means big bucks, I don’t think for the past 2 years the car has gone through without needing something done and really, we should probably take better care of the car. It normally gets loads of random shit left in it, it’s had builders scratch the shit out of it and coffee spilled in it. I think a lot of us do take our cars for granted despite the fact that those 4 wheels are an essential part of our lives these days.

Tyre Safety…

I recently took Kwik Fit‘s tyre safety quiz and got a surprising 6/10. I say surprisingly because when I answered the questions I had absolutely no idea what the answers were on most of them and did the thing we all did in high school and just ticked anything and hoped for the best. I was honestly expecting to get far less than that!

It got me thinking that although I’ve not passed my test yet and my family used to run a garage selling and fixing cars, I know very little about tyres.

Important things you should know about tyre safety –

Tyre tread

This is, in layman’s terms, the grooves on your tyres. The tread on your tyre is important for maintaining a grip on the road so too little depth and you’ll be all over the shop. The recommended minimum tread depth is 3mm as this depth would allow your car to have maximum grip in wet conditions. The legal limit is 1.6mm although anything under 3mm puts you at a higher risk of an accident in wet conditions.

Tyre Pressures

Maintaining your cars optimal tyre pressure ensures even wear on your tyres. Tyres with a pressure that is incorrect won’t last as long and also pose various dangers on the road. An underinflated tyre uses more fuel to turn. Overinflated tyres leave you with an increased risk of a blow out as they are unable to take shocks as well.

What should you look out for when checking your tyres?

You should make sure to check your tyres regularly and check the depth of the tread and ensure the pressure is at the correct level. You should also check for any damage such as punctures, nails, scuffs, uneven wear or gouges of any kind.

Click here to take Kwik Fit’s #TyreChallenge.

How did you do?

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