September 20, 2017


Ever wondered what can be done with pouches of baby food other than the obvious? For some reason it took me over a year to finally have a light bulb moment and combat fussy eaters whilst packing as much veg into my girls’ food as I can.

Pasta sauce particularly is a hard one, I don’t know about you but 90% of the time I cannot be bothered to make a sauce from scratch that only Lily will be eating and the it occurred to me – I can use baby pouches!

This is a little Mac & Cheese type concoction I whipped up for Lily’s lunch. Normally I make my own cheese sauce but as Lily is the only one eating this as the fussy one was at school, I decided to wing it and give this a go.



// Pasta (I’m using Tesco Soup Pasta here)

// 1 Pouch of Babease Butternut Squash, Carrot and Broccoli

// A Handful of Cheddar Cheese



  1. Cook the pasta as you would normally and drain
  2. Squeeze the pouch of Babease Butternut Squash, Carrot and Broccoli into a pan and heat it up
  3. Mix in the cheese and take off the heat
  4. Pour in the pasta and mix it all up
  5. Leave to cool slightly before giving it to baby
It took literally 10 minutes to make and the Babease pouch bumped up the veg count of Lily’s lunch and she loved it!

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