20 months ago I was having a hormone soaked tampon thing (technical term, totally) shoved up my vagina, so that can only mean that my little Lily bean is 20 months old today! How?! She is currently suffering with back to school germs, has had a fever for the past day and a half and has been miserable in general. She went to sleep at 10:30pm last night which is early for her especially considering she slept most of yesterday too. She is still quite warm this morning but she seems a little bit perkier than she has been so fingers crossed she shifts this soon.


She was 21lbs last weigh in which was about a month ago.
Clothes size 

Still around the 9-12 mark although 6-9 are getting a little on the short side now. 


She’s still having boob but we are much more spaced out these days. She will occasionally have a feed before a nap in the afternoon but that’s hit and miss and she can go the entire day without asking for milk quite easily now. Night time she still feeds to sleep and whenever she wakes during the night and then if she wakes before we have taken Eloise to school or she will lose her shit.


I’m really pleased with how she’s progressing food wise, I’m cutting things up less and less and she can eat things like mini waffles and toast cut into halves or quarters no problem. She is getting really good at using spoons and can self feed yogurt/smoothie bowls/soup  pretty well, it’s still a messy affair but most of it goes in her mouth these days!

Her favourites are still baby crisps and Wotsits haha. They are always what gets eaten first unless there are berries. A new favourite of hers is Lasagne and marmite.


We have 12 teeth now, she has cut 4 molars over the past couple of months and my goodness have we known about it.   


Sleep is still very hit and miss but for the past few nights she has slept through really although she’s still not going to bed until late and then not wanting to wake up until about 10am. She will then have a nap around school run time which works out well really but I’d like it if she went to bed at a semi reasonable time. She is also now in a cot, it’s still sideless and shoved up against our bed but she finally out grew her side on crib thing.


Last time I spoke about my concerns with her speech and we still don’t have any new words. She’s had another hearing test which came back absolutely fine so at least I don’t need to worry about that but she’s still not attempting words at all. The only word she really uses is “kitty” (see here) and the occasional “iya”. Everything is a kitty and she will point out anything that loosely resembles a cat and will “kitty” at it, which is so cute. She shouts in her own little language all the time but nothing that resembles anything else word wise though yet.


Cat, ducks, Baby Shark, bubbles, crayons, playdoh and kinetic sand are among her current favourite things. She also loves drawing in books…and on walls. And my MacBook. Basically everything. 


Having her nappy changed, being hangry and not being allowed to stand on the coffee table. 

How am I feeling?
I’m feeling a lot better about the breastfeeding since she cut down massively and feel able to cope a bit better. She still has her off days where she wants to feed ALL THE TIME, and the aversion makes me feel terrible, but for the most part it’s been alright. We did try her on a bottle of formula and cows milk but she didn’t really take to it so we have left it and will come back to it again in the future when we wean her off breastfeeding completely which I’m hoping to do when she’s 2. Whether she will be happy with this is a completely different story but I’m hoping that she will steadily decrease her feeds sometime soon. 

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