We are very big fans of Little Dish in this house, from their Chickpea Pop Pops and Go Gos to their Classic Tomato Sauce as you’ve probably seen already on my What My Toddler Ate Tuesday posts as Little Dish goodies frequently pop up there!

This new range is packed full of hidden vegetables which is great for those days where you’re too knackered to cook anything that takes longer then a few minutes. Healthy, proper food, with lots of veggies, in minutes. Sounds fab right? That’s because it is.

Price wise, these offerings are pretty bloody good with the sauces coming in at £1 each and the pouches at £1.25. A bit more expensive than your regular beans and soup but with less salt, sugar and more vegetables I’d say they’re worth the few extra pennies. Not only that but most supermarkets tend to have pretty good offers on these quite frequently making them even more great!

Little Dish also do a lovely selection of kids ready meals packed full of veggies again so you can let yourself off knowing that you may not have made it with your own, exhausted hands but it’s still packed full of goodness. This Shepard’s Pie contains 2 of their 5 a day! These are brilliant little pots for those days where you just can’t be arsed. Top marks!

This pasta sauce was one of the first things we tried from the new range and Lily loved it. I normally end up giving her something different if we are having ready made pasta sauce because the salt content is high and all of the other pre made sauces aimed at children are either massive or expensive which is why I loved this one by Little Dish! They portion size is perfect for one child and no worrying about the salt and sugar content! I did a full review not long ago on this one! Click here to take a look!

*post contains PR samples

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